Meaning of PRELIMINARY in English

/ prɪˈlɪmɪnəri; NAmE -neri/ adjective , noun

■ adjective

preliminary (to sth) happening before a more important action or event

SYN initial :

After a few preliminary remarks he announced the winners.

preliminary results / findings / enquiries

the preliminary rounds of the contest

pilot studies preliminary to a full-scale study

■ noun

( pl. -ies ) preliminary (to sth) a preliminary is an action or event that is done in preparation for sth :

Research will be needed as a preliminary to taking a decision.

I'll skip the usual preliminaries and come straight to the point.

England was lucky to get through the preliminaries (= the preliminary stages in a sports competition) .



mid 17th cent.: from modern Latin praeliminaris or French préliminaire , from Latin prae before + limen , limin- threshold.

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