Meaning of PRELIMINARY in English

Synonyms and related words :

advance, advanced, antecedent, anterior, arrangement, avant-garde, avant-propos, basic training, beginning, breakthrough, briefing, chief, clearing the decks, coming out, curtain raiser, debut, embarkation, embarkment, equipment, exordial, exordium, exploratory, familiarization, first, first appearance, fixing, floating, flotation, foremost, forerunning, foreword, foundation, front matter, frontispiece, groundwork, headmost, inaugural, inaugural address, inauguration, induction, initial, initiation, initiatory, innovation, installation, installment, introduction, introductory, launching, leading, leap, maiden speech, makeready, making ready, manufacture, mobilization, opener, opening, original, overture, planning, postulate, preamble, prearrangement, precedence, precedent, preceding, precessional, precursory, preface, prefatory, prefix, prefixed, prefixture, preliminaries, preliminary act, preliminary step, prelude, preludial, prelusive, premise, premonitory, prep, preparation, preparatory, preparatory study, preparing, prepositive, prepping, prerequisite, presupposition, pretreatment, prevenient, prior, processing, prodromal, prodrome, prodromic, proem, proemial, prolegomena, prolegomenon, prolepsis, prologue, propaedeutic, protasis, provision, readying, spadework, training, treatment, trial, tryout, unveiling, verse, voluntary, warm-up

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