Meaning of PRIOR in English


I. adjective


a previous/prior conviction (= a crime someone was found guilty of in the past )

The man had five previous convictions for being drunk and disorderly.

a previous/prior engagement (= one that is already arranged )

I'm sorry I can't be there, but I have a previous engagement.

advance/prior warning

Workers were given no advance warning of the closure.

prior consultation (= happening before something is done )

New educational policies should be based on prior consultation with teachers.

prior/advance notification

I was given no prior notification.

sb’s prior consent (= consent before you do something )

Do not take photographs of people without obtaining their prior consent.




Then, just prior to that critical point, introduce the aversion relief element.



The law of conspiracy is aimed at group offending, but conviction depends on proof of some prior agreement .

He said implementation of prior agreements has been delayed, and that a later date would be more realistic.


Indeed, some insurance companies have tried to do this by requiring prior approval for treatment.

They cited internal government guidelines against talking to reporters without prior approval of agency public affairs officers.

But prior approval meant nothing when the four were bundled into lorries by 20 armed police.

Anyone should have the right to communicate in any medium without prior approval by the state.

Any proposals to grant rights to the Tamils have to get the prior approval of Buddhist monks.

The new law on association allowed citizens to form associations without prior approval of the Interior Ministry.

The new law on assembly allowed citizens to gather or hold demonstrations without prior approval from the local government.

They were angry because it was carried out unofficially - without the prior approval of the Party.


Light snacks or full catering by prior arrangement for party bookings.

House rules: Limited smoking; pets permitted by prior arrangement and $ 10 charge.

Vegetarian meals are provided by prior arrangement .

Although many of these transactions and services already occur electronically, they require dedicated lines or prior arrangements .

A four-course dinner is available, by prior arrangement .

This procedure will be run once in any 24 hour period, unless special prior arrangements have been made.

Back stage tours by prior arrangement .

Evening meals are by prior arrangement only, and generally Marypen likes to cook for her guests three times a week.


You have a prior claim on him.

Bondholders, on the other hand, have a prior claim on the firm.

Ace had a prior claim on the Doctor's affections.


All the trustee's significant administrative powers required the prior consent of the settlor.

A Class 4 transaction will normally require the prior consent of the company in a general meeting.

None of these will be documented without prior consent .


The Lord Chancellor's proposals to cut eligibility for legal aid were put forward with no prior consultation .

The federal government could be committed to a tax expenditure quickly without prior consultation .

The distinction is borne out by the Report's own reference to the disclosure of information, and prior consultation on redundancy.

But the local football authorities will protest at any attempt to transmit live football without prior consultation with them.


Scepticism is dogmatic when assent is withheld on the basis of prior conviction without considering the evidence.

Johnson had two prior convictions for residential burglaries and a history of petty crimes.


Mr Kissinger refused to appear in court, saying he had a prior engagement .

The minister kept him waiting two hours, then two days, then remembered a pressing prior engagement .


If at all possible, prospective students should have prior experience of veterinary practice and of agriculture.

Accordingly, differences in prior experiences can contribute to individual differences in intellectual development.

Newborn chicks will peck at an adult gull's bill - or even a model of one - without any prior experience .

It would force many local governments to enter technical and legal areas in which they had little or no prior experience .

This gave them a new experience of evaporation, as well as time to draw on their prior experiences.

For each executive, biographical statements may be available about various managers to reveal education and prior experience .

Yet given the strong influence of prior experience on our personalities, how flexible can we expect people to be?


In many academic disciplines no prior knowledge is required or assumed.

People are free to choose what they believe, but freedom to choose depends on prior knowledge of the choices.

Mr Mugabe has denied prior knowledge of the land seizures, although he said the government welcomed and supported the occupations.

Explanatory sketches, diagrams, and photographs substitute for equations and help make up for lack of prior knowledge of other sciences.

Although some prior knowledge of programming and/or statistics is an advantage, it is not a prerequisite for the course.

Attorneys for the two men said they left voluntarily and had no prior knowledge of the accounting fraud.

The police had been excluded from prior knowledge of the arrests, but quickly built up an accurate picture.

Which is to say, we had prior knowledge of those matters.


Applicants, providing that they are eligible to enrol on the programmes, may gain credits in respect of recognised qualifications and/or prior learning .


However, given prior notice , they will accommodate guests' needs.

Boudiaf had met the leaders of eight opposition parties on Feb. 9 in order to give them prior notice of the measures.

Packed lunches are available but please give prior notice .

I understand the Campaign for Real Ale Limited may change the amount only after giving me prior notice .

That is why he gave the City prior notice of measures that will come into effect in April, 1994.

That is the reason why I gave the Prime Minister prior notice of the question.


No food or drink is allowed into an examination without prior permission from the senior invigilator. 13.

In case of doubt, the prior permission of the employer, or his responsible manager should be obtained.

The United Kingdom does not require prior permission , if reciprocity is accorded.

With prior permission , access can normally now be gained to the aircraft by the general public.

Commercial photographers need prior permission from the Regional Office. 5.


In order to invoke the rule against prior restraint , the defendant must state on affidavit his intention to justify the allegation.

The presumption should be in favor of publication and transmission rather than suppression or prior restraint , no matter what the medium.

Otherwise, the rule against prior restraint must prevail in libel actions.

An injunction imposes prior restraint , by stopping presses from rolling and film from running.


However, Mrs. Buttigieg claimed that there had been no prior warnings to indicate that changes would take place over the weekend.

Living with giddiness An attack may be totally sudden or there may be prior warning .

This may take place during your stay and prior warning may not be given.

At present the Chancellor has nine days' prior warning of the crucial retail price figures.

You can imagine my surprise, then, when Pikey, without prior warning , started to hum like a top.


These losses largely relate to 1991 and prior years and to discontinued business.

Net losses from prior years may be carried forward. 5.

Previously these costs were charged to the provision set up in prior years for the write-down on the withdrawal from property development.

After all, the government issued those bonds in prior years .

I have talked to lady presidents of prior years who have said that they did not experience any difficulties.

Actual outlays would increase at about 20 percent as spending programs approved by Congress in prior years go into effect.

This deficit was funded by the use of surpluses earned in prior years .


Most applicants had no prior experience of working with children.

Pets are permitted only by prior arrangement with the management.

The airline says that some flights may be cancelled without prior warning.

The phone company is required to give you prior notice before disconnecting your service.

The tenant must get the prior consent of the landlord before doing any redecorating in the flat.


A Class 4 transaction will normally require the prior consent of the company in a general meeting.

Although Clinton won New Jersey in 1992, Republicans had carried the state in the six prior presidential elections.

Indeed, some insurance companies have tried to do this by requiring prior approval for treatment.

Johnson had two prior convictions for residential burglaries and a history of petty crimes.

The databases often contain Social Security numbers, dates of birth and current and prior addresses.

Vegetarian meals are provided by prior arrangement.

II. noun


After education at Oxford, he became the greatest of all the priors at Bridlington.

Ideally, eligibility for membership and the verification thereof should have been established prior to the process of resettlement commencing.

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