Meaning of PULSE in English

I. noun


sb’s heart/pulse rate (= the number of beats per minute )

A miner’s resting heart rate can be between 40 and 60 beats a minute.

your heart/pulse/breathing quickens (= your heart beats faster because you are afraid, excited etc )

She caught sight of Rob and felt her heart quicken.




SaO 2 and pulse rate data were analysed by two methods.

In most patients, it is desirable to use dosages that maintain a pulse rate greater than 60.

After a while your pulse rate slows and you come to think maybe these ordinary law-abiding folks ain't zombies after all.

I check out her pulse rate with my lips.

During the procedure pulse rate , blood pressure, and oxygen saturation were recorded every minute by the research nurse.

The next question is, what type of training routine do you use to increase pulse rate ?

A simple paired comparison of mean pulse rate data obtained immediately before and during the procedure was also carried out.

Take your pulse in the same way that you calculated your resting pulse rate earlier.



A second nurse takes my blood pressure and checks my pulse .

I check out her pulse rate with my lips.

Every so often, the stones would quieten while a doctor would check the women's pulse .

There was no electronic monitor, so Shelley would just have to check pulse and blood-pressure regularly.

After giving four breaths, check the pulse .

There, she checked for a pulse , fearing for a moment that she had killed him.

The moment he arrived back at the flat, Adam checked his pulse: 150 beats a minute.

Sandison did not even bother to check his pulse or try to revive him.


He lay still, feeling the warm pulse of her body neatly folded against his.

She could feel her pulse pounding in her ankles, wrists, and throat.

After taking off his topee and wiping his head, he felt the boy's pulse automatically.

The sound of the death of R &038; B.. Jack Gibson could feel the pulse weakening.

And they had come to feel that pulse .

I could feel the pulse in my throat.

If I didn't move some one would come and feel for a pulse and, finding one, finish me off.

The finger was removed almost immediately, but not before Isabel had felt the throbbing pulse against her lips.


Doctors had been unable to find a pulse as they hurried to their next Medicash-insured mugging victim.

He pulled the heavy leather of her flying jacket from her arm and tried to find a pulse .

It may be difficult to find the neck pulse in a baby because the neck tends to be short and chubby.

Practise on your own child since it is often difficult to find a pulse in an emergency.

If you can not find a pulse , you must begin chest compression, also known as heart massage.


The ability of a resort to quicken the pulse as I approach.

But the movie never quickens the pulse .

How can words stir anyone to action or even reflection if the accompanying music fails to quicken the pulse ?


The masters of noir are obvious influences on Nova; his prose races with a fast pulse .


I took his pulse , then sat back in the chair by his bed, my hands in my lap.

Gutfreund took the pulse of the place by simply wandering around it and asking questions of the traders.

She took the pulse again, listened to the heartbeat, and took the blood-pressure.

Polls have become not only an instrument for taking the momentary public pulse but a servant of political spin.

Once satisfied, she took his pulse again, then watched him for a while.

The December quarter also will be a chance for investors to take the pulse of the Internet craze.

After you have been walking for about ten minutes take your pulse .

Usually they don chest-high wading boots and plow into water to take the pulse of the rivers.


have/keep your finger on the pulse (of sth)


An electrical pulse sends the atom to the tip of the microscope needle.

Stock brokers with a feel for Hong Kong's financial pulse were worried.

the pulse of steel drums in the parks

The man on the ground had no pulse .


But physicists believe a pulse of light-a group of massless waves-can.

Gingerly, Jack took his stepfather's wrist and felt the light fluttering of his pulse .

Same with the second beam pulse - the one behind the first.

Take your pulse in the same way that you calculated your resting pulse rate earlier.

The masters of noir are obvious influences on Nova; his prose races with a fast pulse .

The spectrum during this fraction 0.35 of the pulse period can be fitted with a power law with in MeV.

Then up again, all in oxygen so thin that your pulse rate is 50 percent higher.

II. verb


Often you can feel the brake pedal pulsing when the ABS system is operating.


But on the biosensor display the languidly pulsing curves had begun to change their tempo.

Closing his eyes momentarily, he felt a rush of ecstasy pulsing through his body.

He was paralysed with the pain of the wound which pulsed in time to his heartbeat.

I could feel the pulsing of veins that usually precedes entry into a forbidden, private realm.

Meredith's mouth felt dry from the waves of sheer sensuality pulsing towards her.

The foundation organized thousands of town meetings around the country to pulse people on public policy issues and possible solutions.

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