Meaning of PULSE in English

/ pʌls; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ usually sing. ] the regular beat of blood as it is sent around the body, that can be felt in different places, especially on the inside part of the wrist; the number of times the blood beats in a minute :

a strong / weak pulse

an abnormally high pulse rate

The doctor took / felt my pulse .

Fear sent her pulse racing (= made it beat very quickly) .


a strong regular beat in music

SYN rhythm :

the throbbing pulse of the drums


a single short increase in the amount of light, sound or electricity produced by a machine, etc. :

pulse waves

sound pulses


pulses [ pl. ] the seeds of some plants that are eaten as food, such as peas and lentils


see finger noun

■ verb [ v ]


to move, beat or flow with strong regular movements or sounds

SYN throb :

A vein pulsed in his temple.

the pulsing rhythm of the music


pulse (with sth) to be full of a feeling such as excitement or energy

SYN buzz :

The auditorium pulsed with excitement.



noun senses 1 to 3 and verb late Middle English : from Latin pulsus beating, from pellere to drive, beat.

noun sense 4 Middle English : from Old French pols , from Latin puls porridge of meal or pulse; related to pollen .

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