Meaning of QUEUE in English

I. noun


a bus queue British English (= a line of people waiting for a bus )

We were chatting while we stood in the bus queue.

joined the dole queue

As two factories closed today, 500 people joined the dole queue .

the front of the line/queue

It took ages to get to the front of the queue.




It says a long queue is forming.

Before long , lengthy queues began to form before opening time.

I took a tramcar a second time; when it stopped I saw a long queue of mostly Black men.

They're great long queues of people waiting to go into hospital. soc: No, they're not.

The queue in front of the bank hasn't budged since the beginning of June, and it's a very long queue.

Hopefully, there will be no long queues for refreshments as these will be available for sale all the afternoon.

In its heyday it was so popular long queues built up outside its shops.

The worse things got the longer became the queue .



Dragged off the dole queue and hating every minute.

The monthly publication of the unemployment figures provides a depressing barometer of the dole queue .

So here's the proof that not all one-miss blunders end up on the dole queue .

Secondary school classes have also grown, with more pupils staying on rather than face the dole queue .

Leaving work and consigning yourself to the dole queue is obviously risky.

Why does not he admit that since last year's Budget more than 500,000 people have been added to the dole queue ?

Cash reserves have been savaged by massive rises in social security benefits because of ever-growing dole queues and interest repayments on debt.

Whitehall officials were unable to explain it fully and refused to speculate when dole queues will start shortening.



He had brought no money, so he was not allowed to join the untidy crocodile of children forming the dinner queue .

Other passengers for the train were forming a queue .

They formed a queue outside the cinema, pockets of greasy overcoats and grubby kaftans bulging with flagons.


They had travelled to Berlin merely in order to join the queue of refugees trying to get home.

It's because I didn't join the queue .

Armed with a fistful of papers you now have to join the queue to fetch the elusive gadget.

I signed more pieces of paper and went downstairs to join the queue outside the clothing store.

Well-if I wanted to join the queue to sign on for work, I needed an address first.

Outright batsmen joined the queue , and the supposedly slow bowlers were marking out what looked like suspiciously long run-ups.

Edward Woodward is the latest star to join the queue for the confessional.

Maggie joined the short queue in front of him.


Such old-boy networks were one way of jumping the promotion queue , of obtaining sponsorship.

The duchess caused more ill-feeling and was jeered when she jumped hour-long queues on the slopes.

Why not save money - and jump the queue today.

Rayleen helped too, or rather her uniform did, giving us a pseudo-official status which meant we could jump the queue .

We can not jump the queue .


I'd stand in the lunch queue at school in my pegs while everyone else was in these horrible big flares.

No-one walked the corridors or stood in queues and the Headmaster almost seemed friendly, if this is possible to believe.

We stood in the customs queue , grasping passports in sweaty palms.

The hostess of the coffee place thought they were waiting for a table and corrected them for not standing in the queue .

Chapter eight Delia Sutherland stood in the immigration queue at Nassau Airport.

Stewart had filled in the V62 form while standing in the queue moments before staging the hold-up, the jury heard.

Why stand in a bus queue or sit in a traffic jam when you can walk almost as quickly?


Little chills ran up and down her spine, as she waited in the queue for her lunch.

Can you believe they make him wait in the queue , just like everybody else?


join a queue

jump the queue

My official uniform meant that we could jump the queue.

While ordinary citizens had to wait months to get hospital treatment, government officials were able to jump the queue.

Rayleen helped too, or rather her uniform did, giving us a pseudo-official status which meant we could jump the queue.

We can not jump the queue.

Why not save money - and jump the queue today.

the dole queue/dole queues


Excuse me, are you in the queue ?

I joined the queue for a taxi.

The queue went right round the block.

The women who were waiting outside the toilets began to form a queue .

There was a queue of about fifteen people at the bus stop.

There was a long queue for the toilets.


Another person joined the queue and the old lady immediately behind him began to look restive.

At one point the queue stretched four deep for more than a quarter of mile.

Before long, lengthy queues began to form before opening time.

Credit-checking agencies, credit-card processors and other heavy telecoms users have been at the front of the queue .

If you're heading for the Paris Disney during the Easter holidays, how can you beat the queues?

Meredith, recalling her brief conversation with Deanes in the queue , felt compelled to defend him.

Three girls lost two weeks for talking in the medicine queue whilst waiting for doses.

II. verb




Aspirants and aficionados alike ought to be queuing up outside bookstores to lay hands on it.

But, like turkeys looking forward to Christmas, industry heavyweights queued up to be part of the action.

What we didn't relish was queuing up again in the gloom of the stairwell to get it.

When the satellite is busy messages queue up and are sent out at a steady rate.

The road's real busy now - there's hundreds and hundreds of cars and buses all queuing up .

Tony Curtis wanted sausages, beans and mash and so he queued up with everyone else.

Clothes queue up in the wardrobe, an echo to the eye, or a jangle of Euclid.

You don't have to queue up at passport control.


the dole queue/dole queues


One of the other passengers who was queueing to get on the train suddenly had a heart attack.

Thousands queued for tickets to see the final.

We had to queue for hours in the rain.


Everyone would be trying to use the lift at that point - probably queuing for it.

Game players every where are now queuing up for a copy of this excellent graphical game with breathtaking colours.

He had half expected a divine pre-emptive strike, a thunderbolt maybe, as he queued for the body and blood.

The Caf Gandoplhi is Glasgow's cooling stream bit, assuming you don't mind queuing.

They are just queuing at the door, waiting to be let in.

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