Meaning of REPLACEMENT in English




hormone replacement therapy

nicotine replacement therapy




With 40,000 hip replacements a year, making joints is big business, now mostly done by multi-nationals companies.

For those over 65, it is knee or hip replacement .

One person's hip replacement operation certainly prevents the busy surgeon from doing something else at the same time.

Just two months ago, he underwent bowel and hip replacement surgery that cost $ 120, 000.

She's due to have a hip replacement operation in a few weeks time.

She has undergone three hip replacement surgeries in the last three years.

I had been having trouble with arthritis for years, and nine years ago had a hip replacement .

A genetic disorder led to her using a cane and seeking a hip replacement .


Brian Tighe discusses polymers in ophthalmology and Peter Marquis describes the application of high performance ceramics in bone and joint replacements .

A prosthesis used in a joint replacement costs between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000.

More sophisticated computer-designed prostheses for joint replacements allow many more patients to benefit.

Examples are hip joint replacement , cataract extraction, prostate resection, and cardiac pacemaker insertion.

Thirty elderly patients are available for a study of hip joint replacement .


But permanent replacements for the other posts took longer to fill.

Library Commission President Steven Coulter said it would take at least six months to find a permanent replacement .

Many strikers had lost their jobs, through permanent replacements .

He waged a valiant fight against the permanent replacement of strikers.

And a temporary skipper was placed in charge of the sub until a permanent replacement was named.


Normally, cowls require considerable maintenance and possible replacement every ten years - a costly consequence of owning an oast.

Only text in the highlighted block will be searched for possible replacement .

We are currently examining a possible replacement for the storage facility.

Decisions relating to the possible rebuild or replacement of the aircraft have yet to be made.

In the longer term, the company sees the tags as a possible replacement for barcodes, with a multitude of applications.



This highly detailed yacht has been maintained to perfection and is for sale at less than half her replacement cost .

Bovard estimated a minimum of 10,000 volumes were flooded, at a replacement cost of $ 10 million.

Consultants undertook the highways valuation on a depreciated replacement cost basis.

In the current cost version, capital is measured in terms of its current value, which in many cases is its replacement cost.

Stocks are also most often shown at their replacement cost .

In times of inflation the replacement cost of an asset may be much greater than its original cost.

This is known as replacement cost accounting as opposed to historic cost accounting when the original cost is retained.

The answers using historic cost , replacement cost and net realizable value basis are as follows.


If they are elevated, you should consider alternative measures, such as hormone replacement , to prevent osteoporosis.

The controls were 713 postmenopausal women aged 45-65 not taking hormone replacements .

Some hormone replacement formulas now contain testosterone as well as estrogen and progesterone.


But under the Government's health reforms, routine surgery like a knee replacement , can easily be referred elsewhere.


More realistic estimates are based on the assumption that fertility will gradually decline to around replacement level .

Fertility in the vast majority of industrialized nations has now dipped to below replacement level .

Fertility has dropped to below replacement level .


Economic evidence, then, confirms the more direct pointers to population changes such as the study of replacement rates .

Does he realise that, given the present replacement rate , the average bus will be on the road for 30 years?

Thus the presence of helpers increased the replacement rate of the jay family by a factor of 2 - 3.

How these measures have affected the replacement rates can be seen in table 14.2.

None the less, women married for the first time in the 1930s actually had family sizes only just below replacement rate .


During the intervening seven years, he has become replacement therapy for little girls who have just donated their dolls to Oxfam.

In this instance, with intact parathyroid and renal function, replacement therapy with vitamin D2 is the therapy of choice.

The manometer readings provide the best guide to circulatory volume and thus allow fluid replacement therapy to be accurately calculated.

It may reduce the accelerated bone loss of menopause, even in the absence of estrogen replacement therapy . 3.

Clinical trials have shown nicotine replacement therapy is the only treatment which can effectively treat tobacco dependence.

Only the benefits of estrogen replacement therapy have been clinically proven: It guards against heart disease and osteoporosis in post-menopausal women.

If magnesium depletion is the cause of the hypocalcemia, replacement therapy with magnesium should be instituted.


It could cost from £1,200 for professionally installed secondary windows , and from £3,500 for replacement windows in maintenance-free materials.

Untraveledroadie: You listen not to the solicitations for replacement windows , with reasonable financing available.

This product split is regarded as well balanced, mirroring the demand for replacement windows in the market.

If yours are past their best, we offer help by taking a look at what's available in replacement windows .


It ended with replacement workers being hired.

Giant started the week advertising for temporary replacement workers for its warehouses.

Giant abruptly decided not to hire the temporary replacement workers .

They were in-stalling trailers to house replacement workers , and getting helicopters and squads of guards to police the area.

When they went back to their desks to collect their belongings, they found younger replacement workers already in their seats.



When his house burned down he bought a smaller four-bedroomed replacement .

It will do so irrespective of whether the buyer actually used the opportunity to buy replacement nuts.

I tried to get them repaired, but was told that it would be much cheaper to buy replacements .

Wilko bought Rocky as a replacement for Strach, when he had his back operation.

Sadly, this is a fact a lot of drivers seem to forget when they buy replacement parts.

Manager Ian Porterfield is to buy a replacement after Beasant had another nightmare match in the 3-2 home defeat by Norwich.

Sean had been bought a replacement knife by Wainfleet and had forgiven him the theft of the first.

Tie up the valve, unscrew the float, and buy a matching replacement .


He wasted little time in finding a replacement , choosing the widowed Mary of Guise.

This was a thinly disguised device designed to give Harleston the opportunity to ease Jeffries out painlessly and to find a replacement .

We had barely a week to find a replacement .

The commission now has to find a replacement for Dowlin and deal with the budget gap.

But as the search goes on to find a replacement for peat scientists are optimistic.

Library Commission President Steven Coulter said it would take at least six months to find a permanent replacement .

Unfortunately, Mr Clewes fell sick and could not find a replacement driver.

The school district found a replacement before school started but maintained that Walker was still required to pay damages.


His brief will include homelessness and the replacement for the poll tax.

This is three times as long as the Canon's heads, so I haven't included replacements in the page costs.

Several devices that have been successful in modern surgery include hip replacements , contact and intraocular lenses, heart pacemakers and so on.

The work will include replacement of traction motors, interior lighting, seats and air-conditioning.


The incident has also led to the replacement of the Minister's deputy.


Eventually a solid relationship emerged, and Mr Johnson was recently named as a replacement to his boss who was also promoted.


To keep the example simple, assume that there is no depreciation so that we do not need to worry about replacement investment.

Locomotives weighing thirty or forty tons caused havoc where wheel met rail, iron rails sometimes needing replacement every two years.

Wednesday lost 2-1 at home to Coventry and convinced Francis that he needed a stop-gap replacement for his crocked goal ace.

Kaiser hospitals in Northern California are about half full, and several of them need replacement or modernization.

She says she knows people who need hip and elbow replacements .

Once, recounted Charles Shartle, a gear broke and needed replacement .

He was going to need a goodly few replacement parts if he ever hoped to restore it.

Craddock in a year or two would be retiring and he would need a replacement .


They are the official repairers for most of the leading makes and can also provide original replacements for soles and midsoles.

Since Shimano is providing the replacement crank free, there should be no charge for it.

Thus, for example, when specific prices are rising, depreciating the historic cost of the asset will not provide for replacement .

Under the policy we are only responsible for providing a replacement item and are not responsible for supplying matching items.

Why is it unlikely that depreciation will provide for replacement of the fixed asset?

These proposals provide for the replacement of the present local authorities in the area.

To compensate for the inconvenience, the company will be providing two battery replacements .


The pipes or cables must require repair or replacement due to accidental damage not due to wear and tear.

Additionally, some of the chairs in use at workstations are not adjustable, and will require replacement .

Underlay will most likely require replacement following water damage.

Unfortunately the engine is beyond repair and requires a replacement .

Such items are obviously subject to wear and require periodic replacement .

Getting rid of PAHs requires the replacement of old cast iron mains lined with coal tar paper.

To sort and tabulate data, the devices employed delicate metal parts that required constant replacement .

He had lost blood during the operation and had required a replacement transfusion of 4 units of blood.


Did he really seek a replacement for his dead daughter, was he searching for comfort in his old age?

It means offering existing customers the new model two weeks before they seek a replacement from your competitors.

A genetic disorder led to her using a cane and seeking a hip replacement .


I'm just a temporary replacement for the receptionist.

Steve just announced he was leaving, but the coach has already started looking around for a replacement .

They asked Barbara to stay on until they could find a suitable replacement for her.


A little more than a week later, the Dodgers purchased the contract of Mike Busch, a former replacement player.

And when her Ford Capri was in a crash the replacement was a diesel-powered Ford Sierra.

At a surprise meeting before evening chow, he announced his retirement to Saigon and introduced his replacement , Major Williams.

Consultants undertook the highways valuation on a depreciated replacement cost basis.

If renal function is adequate, diuresis should be instituted after volume replacement , to induce urinary calcium losses.

She wondered what his replacement would be like.

Underlay will most likely require replacement following water damage.

Your business would probably soon begin to struggle, as the search for a replacement proceeded.

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