Meaning of RESEARCH in English

I. noun


a management/research/sales etc team

The design team has come up with a few ideas.

a research centre

the new research centre at King's College Hospital

a research council

the Medical Research Council

a research degree (= a higher degree for which you do your own research )

a research grant

He received a research grant to study the effect of pollution on the environment.

a research library (= one that is good for doing research )

The university has one of the best research libraries in the world.

a research project

The aim of this research project is to study modern food habits.

a research proposal

Applicants should submit a short research proposal on their chosen topic.

a research student (= doing research in a university )

When I returned to Cambridge, I continued this work with two of my research students.

a research study

Research studies have found that young people are drinking no more than they were 20 years ago.

a research/rescue/health etc worker

Rescue workers searched the rubble all night looking for survivors.

academic research (= study of a subject, in order to discover new facts or test new ideas )

Many academic research projects take years to complete.

basic research

We need basic research into the causes of mental illness.

carry out research

I was in Italy carrying out research for my book.

carry out research

I was in Italy carrying out research for my book.

conduct research

He’s conducting educational research at the University of Washington.

financial/educational/research etc institution

the government and other political institutions

for business/research etc purposes

About one in five of all trips are made for business purposes.

historical evidence/research etc

in-depth study/research/analysis etc

an in-depth study of patients’ needs

longitudinal study/survey/research etc

a longitudinal study of unemployed workers

market research

They had to conduct market research, then advertise the product.

operational research

pioneering work/research/efforts etc

the pioneering work of NASA scientists

research and development

research laboratory

a research laboratory

research station

an Antarctic research station

space research

The institute is a world leader in space research.

studies/evidence/research etc shows

Several studies have shown that aggressive toys lead to bad behaviour.

undertake research/a study

Students may undertake full-time supervised research leading to the award of a Ph.D.




Microelectronics; and Basic research Actions.

The issue of conducting basic research at Carville remained unresolved.

One needs the basic skills of research , including the ability to use the full resources of a research collection.

Taylor offered his group a rare opportunity: the freedom to do basic research for a handsome corporate salary.

Our mission is three-fold: To undertake basic research to advance knowledge for its own sake.

It does, however, present a number of operational difficulties that require basic research before it can be widely used.

This need not apply to basic research and design.

How does basic scientific research fare in the face of so much application interest?


Illmensee and Hoppe concluded their astonishing report in Cell with recommendations for further research .

But further empirical research has revealed considerable diversity in the roles of particular political structures.

The range of possible interpretations of these ratios is quite wide, however, and could provide material for further research .

They published a list of eleven questions, each describing an area in which they felt the need for further research .

The second-level decision required is whether or not to authorize further research or to abandon the project at decision node 2b.

It has also suggested many lines of further research .

These questions in turn suggest further lines of research that deserve serious attention by historians of both science and art.

At postgraduate level the Bucher and Fraser Scholarships provide opportunities for further research or for advanced studies in composition or performance.


Many staff have interests in the application of social science theories and methods in historical research .

While based upon an extensive data base and significant historical research , this Rand report has been criticized as being too pessimistic.

Labour history too has developed into a recognizable historical research area and women's history is following suit.

This is an extraordinary situation, perhaps unique in the entire spectrum of modern historical research .

Such catalogues include accounts of relevant historical research , and may cause new original historical work to be done.

Data archives store, catalogue, index and disseminate the data for further contemporary or historical research .

Over the past 30 years, musicological, historical and biographical research have all led towards a new Mozart.

He wants my library toi stop my historical research .


Agriculture, as the industry producing plants and animals as good or raw materials, is a major sector for research .

In the case of survey research , that title should express the major research question.

You should then aim at getting into one of the major research companies.

I would suggest that ten or twenty questions would be satisfactory to cover the subject area framed by the major research question.

When completed, the project will have brought into being a major research resource for the academic community.

A major research hypothesis is a restatement of the major research question.

Finniston converted it into a major international research organisation that still exists today.

Discussion Endothelin-1 has become a major research topic since its discovery and characterisation as a potent vasoconstrictor.


But they're worth doing: the program has suggested whole new directions for medical research .

Data for nutritional care audits are derived from written documentation in the medical research and dietetic card file.

You can help by joining the Research Defence Society and supporting our work to safeguard the future of biological and medical research .

Most medical research probably will be spared, Vest said.

Firstly, many junior doctors have little understanding of what medical research is all about.

It could potentially improve care, assist in medical research and help in detecting patterns of insurance fraud.

Medical practice and medical research Ethics affect both medical practice and research, but research usually falls under the closest scrutiny.

It doesn't just have Peavey - it has freight yards, shopping malls and medical research .


Articles by well-known political scientists discuss the central concepts and recent empirical research in many important subfields.

The major thrust of this recent research has been in four directions.

We leave the more recent research which has challenged their findings to the following chapter.

They are, according to recent research , bringing up the next generation of offenders, truants, divorcees and generally inadequate people.

Welfare and social services Recent research has demonstrated that people with severe mental handicaps can undertake productive work, with adequate support.

The description of speech and language difficulties which draws on recent psycholinguistic research will be referred to as the process of assessment.

Some recent research has given us synthetic fats which are not utilized by the body as an energy store.


The machine, which comes in seven standard configurations, was originally developed for in-house scientific research .

In its spare time, Teraflops will work on civilian projects and scientific research .

We are left in no doubt that fund-raising, and knowing the right people, are essential skills in scientific research .

The Renaissance did not neglect scientific research , but it by no means gave it top priority.

How does basic scientific research fare in the face of so much application interest?

This anticipatory power of the imagination has been utilized in many sports, and scientific research has established its effectiveness for athletes.

Our image information is an under-used resource of enormous potential value for scientific research , public enquiries, and commercial development.

The success of a scientific research establishment is directly related to the number of useful ideas that are generated by its people.


Arrangements can be made to provide basic and more advanced tuition in the use of computers in legal and social research .

Inc., a social research firm for Domini.

They are free to ignore social research , and often do.

A third reason has to do with the non-experimental character of most social research .

This has moulded a dominant conception of what social research should be.

In any event, the idea that Lazarsfeld had discovered a ubiquitous method of social research has to fall by the wayside.

The Environment and Planning Committee will continue to be responsible for the development of social science research in transport.



Where quantitative analysis requires mathematical and computer skills, area studies require language training and extensive field research .

Extensive field research can mean long periods living under adverse conditions to which the researcher is unaccustomed.

Moreover, funding organizations may be less inclined to support projects that envision long periods of field research .

His contribution lay firstly in his intensive field research , quite novel by the standards of his time.

Secondly, this list of headings conveys a quite false impression of how field research is conducted.

The approach to pro-active searches is well established and involves a combination of desk and field research .

What is the role of field research within the market research process? 4.

The achievement of these aims imposed certain restrictions on the methods used during this stage of the field research .


Staff and researchers are encouraged to present research findings to conferences both at a national and international level.

Research and literature being published now are based on these new techniques and provide us with greater confidence in research findings .

Some of these fears were allayed by scientific research findings , such as laboratory experiments with rats.

These projects encourage a questioning attitude, and the application of nursing research findings to patient care by the ward team.

The process of reviewing research and research findings will eventually lead you back to the same references.

The research findings will provide practical assistance for teachers in the running of schools.

For example, research findings suggest that children of families under stress are more vulnerable to accidents, such as ingestion of poisons.


The writers had developed bibliometric indicators for analysing research group performance within two large faculties of the University.

But two years later, an independent medical research group confirmed the link.

The chapters range from general reviews to those with a heavy research group bias.

All research groups will continue to be based in their present locations.

Three research groups , employing three different methods, are now on the case.

One in four is preparing to pay between £50 and £100 on Christmas presents for each child, according to research group Nielsen.

Our example was prepared with the help of Reward, the pay research group .


Opportunities exist in University departments and research institutes , in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and medicine.

There are also posts in various environment-oriented research institutes and other organisations for which a knowledge of meteorology is advantageous.

I would have been working in some library or some research institute in the Army.

The application of the wife of a politburo member to study at a research institute would never have been easy to reject.

He will not in the long run profit from arrangements that turn the surviving research institutes into training grounds for emigrant specialists.

Her work experience has been various, including that of Director of an environmental research institute .

The mechanics lost out, and the place became a research institute funded by subscribers who attended lectures.


This is normal procedure inmost research institutions .

They recognize that co-operation between industry and research institutions is beneficial in raising productivity and enhancing competitiveness.

It is rapidly becoming one of those elite research institutions some academics are looking for to improve the quality of research.

His sights also are set on putting Clark Atlanta University on the global map as a research institution .

The objective is to re-position the University as a strong teaching and research institution .

Each country runs a national network that links to a host computer in a research institution that acts as a national hub.

The university and other local research institutions have been a breeding ground for many of the new companies.

These networks connect universities and research institutions at data transmission speeds ranging from 64 kilobits per second to 2 megabits per second.


A panel of 10 scientists drawn form universities and private research laboratories will advise Bienenstock.

That sort of thing is annoying, but the main product of a research laboratory is ideas.

Tests on the items at the Oxford research laboratory for art and archaeology revealed them to be modern.

We are really a basic research laboratory in a clinical department.

We are housed in a modern, purpose-designed building, with extensive teaching and research laboratories and computing facilities.

The utilization of consumer electronics-related ReD results, from government research laboratories , is one of the highest in the country.

We've had it into the major research laboratories around the world who specialise in security.

But his research laboratory colleague Tom Hedman can-thanks to generous people who donate their bodies to science.


There are special collections of country information, newspaper cuttings, market research reports and theses.

After much testing and market research , the chain may adapt its food to local tastes.

What is market research , and why does it play an important role in the marketing function?

What major factors are relevant to the design and construction of a market research questionnaire? 6.

Shaw hires mostly female salespeople because market research suggests that carpet shoppers are primarily women who prefer to buy from other women.

This type of survey is part of market research .

A final point of note here is that the purpose of market research in consumer and industrial markets is the same.


Modifications or additions to the protective belt of a research programme must be independently testable.

The department has a vigorous research programme .

A two-year research programme is currently in progress which is examining the outcomes of these courses.

The Social Science Research Council initiated a research programme .

The Committee is currently reviewing its policy on research grants in order to produce a better defined and more coherent research programme .

There were also a number of minor studies in connection with the main research programme .

The Northern Ireland Panel was dissolved in December 1984 after making arrangements for the evaluation and dissemination phase of the research programme .

The Bureau's comparative research programme comprises a continuing analysis of model properties and forecast performance.


A number of research projects have now examined this question, and a number of conclusions have begun to emerge.

A calendar of events is a time schedule for carrying out the required tasks of the research project .

The Board decided to sponsor a research project by Mellanby to ascertain the true incidence, given the controversy that was developing.

Long-term research projects within companies will most likely be abandoned altogether or sharply reduced.

Fourth-year students carry out an original research project under staff supervision.

Deciding on optimal resource allocations for different research projects is a serious issue.

Usually I have at least one long-range research project going.

If she is successful, final approval for the research project will be delayed or even rescinded.


These pilot projects represent in principle a transition phase between research station and the real world.

It was founded in 1937 as a private, non-profit archaeological research station .

Part of the money will also be used to refurbish the Signy research station .

After their divorce Jane worked on, helped by students at the growing research station .


The point appears to come through even more strongly in the role of the postgraduate student , particularly the research student.

A department-wide graduate seminar is held during each Michaelmas and Hilary Term for the benefit of research students .

To see research students in that way is educationally shortsighted.

The analysis and discussion are, therefore, based on the completed questionnaires of 139 research students .

All research students are required to take the courses in research methods and skills which are specified by their departments.

Table 6.2 shows the distribution of research students across the different departments.

The admission of research students is delegated by the Physical Sciences Board to the head of department.


Jean Packman concludes by showing that new policy embodied in future legislation owes something to child care research studies in recent years.

It can be found in news reports and research studies .

Every research study needs to be assessed on the criterion of whether it measures up to its own stated objectives.

It became obvious from a number of research studies that employees enjoyed keeping score.

To help tackle the problem, the park authority is carrying out a research study .

The first of these criticisms was by fur the strongest made by solicitors interviewed for the research study by Baldwin and Hill.

A second report on the same research study gives further information about clients' use of the fund.

Two patients in each treatment arm refused to accept the treatment assigned or participate in the research study or both.


Or at any rate, he is with one of the research teams working on the man project.

Unlike most members of his research team , Cantor was not a nocturnal creature.

The research team monitored 61 catches at 18 North Sea ports over a two-week period.

Initially, two assemblers who were good friends were chosen by the research team .

This model has been developed and validated over the past four years by a research team at Loughborough University through extensive experimentation.

The Clarins research team successfully created two ultra effective products.

They also liaised with each other, their supervisor and the research team .

Building such research teams is essential.


The Avon Papers are now available for study by research workers on application to the University Library.

Take care that your teaching is not guided by your preferences as a research worker .

There are plenty of good recent reviews aimed at research workers covering at least some of the issues I was starting to address.

Each research worker took part in a different sphere ... The published records about Banbury were analysed.

And without the new grant for golden hellos the World would have lost its research workers .

First, research workers must be absolutely sure they know what the statistics are about.

At this stage, then, the general position has been stated as to how research workers should approach their task.

Unlike Fleming, Florey found the atmosphere of a London teaching hospital uncongenial and the conflicts between clinicians and research workers discouraging.



Doctors at the National Epilepsy centre at the Park hospital in Oxford carry out research into what can trigger epileptic fits.

This in turn will generate an online archive for those keen to carry out research .

In the interim, they agreed to carry out further research into land-based disposal.

Teams from Teesside, Durham and Newcastle universities are carrying out the research .

This report contains three keynote speeches on commissioning, carrying out and disseminating research .

This was considered generally impractical and in view of the particular difficulties of carrying out social research in Belfast, probably unattainable.

She urged health authorities to carry out urgent research into the problem.

On several occasions, however, delegates have faced obstruction and harassment in carrying out their research .


One participant had conducted some research into small businesses in West Belfast for a research report.

Secondly, this form of research endeavour can all too easily produce a state of alienation in those conducting the research.

The area utilized to conduct this type of research and evaluation must have a low radio noise interference level.

Stoves conduct exhaustive in-depth research to find out exactly what customers want from their cookers.

We conduct extensive consumer research in which a large number of women are interviewed about their preferences.

She conducted research in schools investigating the assumption of strength and competence, and the assumption of ineptitude and incompetence.


There is increasing emphasis in the development of innovative methodologies in order to secure funding for research .

The first is the significant drop in nationally funded research grants that has occurred over the past 10 to 15 years.

It also contains a coupon that readers can send to Specter to show their support for increased funding for spinal cord research .

He not only developed sociological research but encouraged a culture of funded research throughout the institute.

Since funding existed, research was generated: tons of it.

We will bring in much tighter labelling requirements for all foods, and make funding available for food research and scientific establishments.

However, most foundations and governmental funding agencies will supply a list of recently funded research projects.


Financial difficulties and childcare / domestic responsibilities, have been shown in other research on participation to be fundamental barriers.

It also provides a way of showing economic research in action by sketching the ongoing debate.

Chapter 13 examines 4 projects in detail, to show how research is carried out in practice, from start to finish.

Mental repetition has been shown by research on basketball players to be as effective as going through the actions.


How can university personnel be involved to support research carried out in schools by teachers?

Since then, Quaker has continued to support university-based research into the substance.

The Faculty has a number of scholarships which are used mostly to support research students.

An especially large debt is owed to the Bunting Institute of Radcliffe College for supporting my research at a critical time.

Furthermore these are claims that have actually been supported by empirical sociolinguistic research .

Congress's armed services committee recently allocated US$180 million to support research work.

The existing pool offered too little genetic diversity to support energetic research , they said.


It included assumptions about the purposes for which universities are encouraged to teach and undertake research .

Alison Petch has undertaken research in a range of social policy areas, in both local authority and university settings.

These surveys are invariably undertaken by specialist research organizations, since the construction and administration of questionnaires is a highly skilled operation.

Our mission is three-fold: To undertake basic research to advance knowledge for its own sake.

Firstly, undertaking the research represented one of the only positive steps available to respond to such an increased demand.

Nevertheless, many agrochemical companies are undertaking extensive research programmes on biological control.

It is the only institute in Britain with a specific remit to undertake research on land use.

Its main object is to undertake research into survey methods and problems.


He hopes that his book will inspire more research on alcoholism.

Many of the questions can be answered without carrying out any new research .

More research is needed into the ways in which this virus is spread.

Recent research has shown that human language is much older than we previously thought.

She's doing research into the connection between crime and poverty.

The book draws on Gardner's own research .

There is no scientific research to back up the company's claims.


Analytical work carried out as part of environmental research often falls into this category.

Current research , however, indicates that the cleavage cut through class lines.

It defines producer services, and by reviewing existing research produces a better understanding of their role and growth.

Many science courses involve elements of library research as well as its laboratory equivalent.

Much research is carried out using secondary or library data.

Shaw hires mostly female salespeople because market research suggests that carpet shoppers are primarily women who prefer to buy from other women.

There are also posts in various environment-oriented research institutes and other organisations for which a knowledge of meteorology is advantageous.

II. verb




Such representations have to be very carefully researched , ensuring that as far as possible every detail is correct.

Such models have to be carefully researched and done accurately to scale.

This is a relatively short broadcast time, but programmes are carefully researched and prepared by volunteers from the neighbourhood.

Each holiday will be carefully researched and put together in conjunction with a reputable tour operator.

So a twice-weekly soap opera such as EastEnders, which started in February 1985, was as carefully researched as any commercial programme.


The Gillmans have produced a respectful and thoroughly researched account of Mallory's life.

He thoroughly researched many business opportunities.

Once you've thoroughly researched and analysed the facts, they should speak for themselves.

Each will have a detailed invented past, thoroughly researched and crafted.


The prevalence of depression among the elderly in institutions has been less well researched .

In general, novels of this type are well researched and exhibit a relatively high quality of writing.

Encyclopedias are generally well researched and reliable, and the answer is probably correct.

The problems faced by dual-career families have been well researched since the Rapoports coined the phrase in 1969.

The cultural impact of this has been well researched and extensively commented upon elsewhere.

This one is well researched , but I question whether it adds much to the sum total of our knowledge about Wellington.



She has spent her free time researching the book and is now looking for a publisher.

I came to research a book about my great-aunt Teresita, the Saint of Cabora.

He'd met Romano de Sciorto through researching the book he'd been planning on the history of the islands.


Dreger now spends his free time volunteering in the Chorus office and researching the Chorus' history for the anniversary celebration.

She looks forward, in retirement, to researching local history .

Indeed, when Sophia persists in researching family history on her own, she uncovers much more than she had bargained for.


Although I began to research the subject , I never wrote that book.

We, therefore, have an excellent way of researching any subject within the hospitality industry.


Doctors researching into the causes of the disease believe they may have found a cure.

He spent four years researching material for the play.

It is important to research the market fully before offering a new product for sale.

Joslin's legal documents were praised for being well researched.

Vargas began researching his family's history 12 years ago.


At one time we had about eighty people here who did nothing but research into various family genealogies.

He researched alone at night, and by day discussed his findings with no one.

Scientific Officer required to assist with a project researching intracellular events in scrapie-infected cells.

That was 10 years ago and since then I've researched and developed that simple dieting principle.

The couple still maintain close links with local schools, where they spend hours researching, sketching and absorbing jokes.

They want to research the features and the prices and they want to get the information from some one they can trust.

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