Meaning of RESEARCH in English

research verb, noun BrE AmE ri ˈsɜːtʃ rə-, § -ˈzɜːtʃ; ˈriː sɜːtʃ AmE ri ˈsɝːtʃ ˈriː sɝːtʃ —the -ˈsɜːtʃ AmE -ˈsɝːtʃ form appears still to predominate in universities, although ˈriː sɜːtʃ AmE -sɝːtʃ has increasingly displaced it in general usage both in Britain and in America. Some speakers may distinguish between the verb •ˈ• and the noun ˈ•• . —Preferences polls, British English: •ˈ• 80% (university teachers: 95%), ˈ•• 20%; American English, noun: ˈ•• 78%, •ˈ• 22%.

▷ research|ed t

▷ research|es ɪz əz

▷ research|ing ɪŋ

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