Meaning of RIVET in English


I. verb




To rivet all attention on herself was, to Lally, as natural as breathing.

The contrasting forces, ranging between solo countertenor and lute and full orchestral complement, rivet the attention .

But it was the second man who riveted Joan's attention .

The mood, however, is consistently elegiac, without the contrasts that might rivet the attention throughout.

Not that the new development was entirely bad, for it certainly riveted the attention of the pirates and Famlio.

Every now and then nature conspires to rivet homeowners' attention on a particular maintenance problem.

It was his eyes that riveted their attention .


A rash of high-profile crimes riveted the city's attention this summer.


A ranting, riveting ball of phlegm made flesh?

And whatsername with the plaits and the horns on her helmet was absolutely riveting.

The riveting tale of suspense and mystery revolving around an inheritance and the pottery industry.

The complex plot is riveting and entirely believable.

The legal standoff is another twist in the case that has riveted the United States.

To rivet all attention on herself was, to Lally, as natural as breathing.

Underneath was a rock with a brass plaque riveted to it.

What surprised and perplexed me was how authentic, and therefore how riveting, it turned out to be.

II. noun


Chord sequences register like rivets hammered into girders.

Fewer rivets were needed because rolled iron sheets could be made in larger sizes.

He saw all the rivets and the little oily spots, the weld marks and the silencer mountings.

Just because a product was not made with rivets does not mean it is not a valuable export.

No rivets could be used that had been out of the refrigerator for more than two hours.

Palings are welded through rails, with no rivets, no visible joints or bolts.

Rivalry was a rivet piercing through their bones, uniting those in a dansemacabre, a shifting pas de trois.

The torpedo door opens, its closing spring operates and all the hull rivets are tight.

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