Meaning of ROTATE in English





Because of the direction in which the Earth revolves, the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west.

rotate the crops (= regularly change the crops grown on a piece of land )

Crops are sometimes rotated with grass.




Very deliberately, Ricci slowly rotated it into the best position for nut-cracking.

Slowly rotate your torso to the left, then hold the position a few seconds.


It is then rotated through approximately 180 degrees to find the largest negative output.

Inspectors spend 30 minutes on the line, then rotate to Secondary Inspection for 30 minutes, Bradley said.

It is then rotated 90 degrees clockwise about its lowest corner.

The cross-rails are then rotated soas to tip the samples into the resin pots.

This involves holding out a bar at arm's length and then rotating it.

Lay the two sheets over one another so that the dots coincide, and then rotate one copy slightly.

The mirror would then rotate in proportion to the strength of the current.



The Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours.

In theory, the model should rotate about its vertical axis until the control is released and then stop.

The series is set on a giant space station shaped like a cylinder rotating about an axis along its length.

Pictures can be rotated about any axis .


The Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours.


I rotated my head back and forth between them, never knowing who was doing better.

And they make up for a curtailed visual field by being able to rotate their heads through 180°.

Once in the set-up position, you will need to check your alignment by rotating your head towards the target.

Once you have established your body posture, remember to rotate the head to see the target.


Rotate the handle a half turn to the left.

Rotating the tires every few months helps them last longer.

Cleaning duties are rotated among the various groups.

Night and day are created by the Earth rotating on its axis.

The players rotate before each serve.

We rotate -- I teach French grammar one week, and she teaches it the next.

We usually rotate the worst jobs so that no one gets stuck with them.


A better solution may well be to pick up the idea of rotating the audit partner every five to 10 years.

He saw the propeller contact something and then appear to rotate in the opposite direction as the engine stopped.

The escape pod was rotating so rapidly that its four occupants were pinned against their couches.

The Moon rotates so slowly that synchronous orbit is not achievable.

The result, says the inventor, is that the wheel is permanently out of balance and forced to rotate .

The stage was illuminated by a stroboscope, a light which flashed at regular intervals by means of a rotating shutter.

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