Meaning of SCREEN in English

I. noun


a 6-screen/12-screen etc cinema

The new leisure complex includes a 12-screen cinema.

a 6-screen/12-screen etc cinema

The new leisure complex includes a 12-screen cinema.

a cinema screen (= the large white surface on which films are shown )

The film was much better on the cinema screen than on TV.

a computer screen/monitor

Make sure your computer screen is at the right height.

a flat screen television

a buyer’s guide to the latest flat screen televisions

a movie screen

It was strange to see herself up there on the movie screen.

a movie/film/screen/Hollywood actor

the movie actor Brad Pitt

a star of stage and screen (= a star who has been in plays and films )

Now this much-loved star of stage and screen has been made a Dame.

a television screen

Bella’s eyes were fixed on the television screen.

big screen

She was last seen on the big screen in the comedy ‘Jawbreaker’.

call screening

help screen

plasma screen

rood screen

routine monitoring/screening/inspection

the routine screening of milk for contamination

sb’s screen image (= how someone seems in films or on TV )

He had cultivated a screen image as a ruthless tough guy.

screen door

screen dump

screen printing

screen saver

screen test

show/screen a film

The film is being shown in cinemas all across the country.

show/screen a movie

What movies are they showing this weekend?

silk screen

silver screen

stars of the silver screen

small screen

a film made for the small screen

split screen

a split-screen movie

the bottom of the page/screen

There should be a menu bar at the bottom of your screen.

touch screen




Monica is due to hit the big screen in January with the release of Dracula.

Say your television is a big screen and takes up a good amount of wall space.

At the advanced age of 71, Charles Bronson's wizened features are returning to the big screen .

The only thing less suited to the big screen would be a movie set in a bomb shelter.

Andrew himself is no stranger to the big screen and has featured in several commercials.

People sit silently, faced forward toward a big screen .

Were you disappointed not to be chosen for the big-screen Tomb Raider role?

We watched it on the big screen .


A huge office, full of computer screens and flashing lights.

With the program running full screen some students had difficulty finding the Windows calculator.

Data volumes can also be cut by not using full screen video.

The video playback area is fully resizable-even up to full screen mode.

This menu allows you to move, minimise to an icon or maximise the window to full screen .

It still has to be used full screen , or at least with a fixed window size.

This is the rate of data transfer needed to produce television quality video in full motion on a full screen .


A thousand copies of the New York Times run past me on a giant screen .

So you're talking about setting up giant screens and elaborate video and sound systems.

Slick political ads play on a giant screen .

The stage will be built facing the main stand and will be flanked by giant video screens .

This year, three giant television screens have been installed to show all sides of the track.


The software can now display full-screen presentations and drive large screen displays.

They get their football fix from two large-screen televisions while drinking specially-priced Bud Light.

The picture quality, even on a large screen , is surprisingly good.

They produce displays that are about 30 percent larger than 15-inch screens , which may not seem like a big difference.

Photos of Jack were shown, each thrown up on a large screen with a running commentary.

Those watching the All-Star Game at the FleetCenter can do the same, alternating between the large screen and reality on ice.

Fans watched highlights of the season on a large video screen as they waited for the players and marching bands.

As one song bounced quickly to another, the words flashed on to two large screens placed on either side of the stage.


She dies in 1963, years before the critically acclaimed work was being adapted for the silver screen .

He snatches the issue from politicians and makes it as grand and simple as a silver screen story.

Pembroke's major cinematic achievement to date was introducing Koo Stark to the silver screen .


A hard act to follow, but its stars are confident that the small screen version will prove just as popular.

Lamar Alexander, he has not let it affect his self-confidence on the small screen .

Tobacco is barred from the seductive small screen while spirits are subject to a voluntary telly ban.

It flips open to reveal a small video screen and a computer-style keyboard.

The main advantage of Sidebar though, she says, is its ability to present information efficiently on small screens .

A small television screen covered its upper half.

Cigar advertising is some of the funniest on the small screen .

Most of the men stared at small green screens full of numbers.



The colour screen sits amongst the crippled, dust-flecked furniture like a rhinestone bauble.

The colour screen was then replaced in contact, and fixed together permanently for viewing as a colour transparency.

Thus for 16 colour screen , where each pixel requires four bits, each byte would describe two pixels.

Monitor options include a 19-inch grey-scale or 16- or 19-inch colour screens .

The addition of the colour screen meant a great increase in the exposure time.


A huge office, full of computer screens and flashing lights.

The software appears as a floating palette on the computer screen .

Just above the milometer was a small computer screen , and Jack guessed that she would find that pretty disconcerting.

Richard Chang slides an electronic pawn across the chess board on his computer screen .

Jim sits in front of four computer screens , controlling de-inking equipment that cost $ 42 million to install.

Gazing intently into her computer screen , Christine Montgomery has set her sights on the next generation of electronic language translators.

The face on the computer screen is seen through a grid which divides into 512 horizontal and 480 vertical squares.

Thousands of kids have used the computer mouse to click on objects on the computer screen and watch them move.


Alternatively, a numeric pager can be used, having its own small display screen .

The SkyCorder stores information for up to 20 jumps; a display screen and buttons let users check information for previous jumps.

Full records were selected by line number from a brief display screen .

The game starts when an egg on the display screen hatches and a chicken is born.

The edit display screen can only be used, for all practical purposes, for cutting and pasting.

On the display screen appeared a perfect half-moon, very brilliant against a background almost free of stars.


That was as far as the conversation went, for I decided to end it by pushing open the screen door .

He poured himself a double whiskey and stood looking at a fly on the front screen door .

He saluted her, went through the screen door , vaulted the balustrade protecting the steps, and swaggered down the garden.

Suddenly Cybil Ackerman appeared at the screen door .

The back screen door slammed and a second later her son Hank padded silently into the kitchen.

He rattled the screen door and pounded as hard as he could.

Back at the house I found a note had been folded into the handle of the screen door .

A large figure stood behind the screen door , a silhouette in front of the glow of living-room light.


Her island had a twenty-foot movie screen , a pantomime parade, carnival.

Walk into a dimly-lit gallery and approach the welded steel device fitted with a battery of fan-shaped movie screens .

On a movie screen , close-ups of a good actor speaking dramatically can sometimes be interesting to watch.


The single-engine Socata vanished from radar screens after taking off for Mull from Blackpool on Saturday.

Without this information, the controllers only see a radar screen with signals that indicate planes.

The weatherman's just lost it off the long-range radar screen .

The aircraft had begun its descent to Houston Intercontinental Airport when it disappeared from radar screens .

The pilot said he was changing direction - and vanished off radar screens .

Our spirits surged when senior forecaster Llyle Barker pointed at a radar screen .

So you figure that he either hit his approaches stiff - or off the radar screen .

Some scholars say it will be regarded as only the slightest of blips on the radar screen of history.


They all squatted on the paving-stone before the rood screen .

He had built this out on the steps of the church and placed it on trestles before the rood screen .

We walked down the dark, dingy nave under the simple rood screen into the sanctuary.

He leaned against the rood screen and stared up at his newly repaired roof.


Facilities like the screen saver that's built in are redundant with Windows 3.1, but with version 3.0, are useful.

But they also appear on a screen saver that PointCast includes with its software.

Screen Antics Windows screen savers don't generally stop people from working, at least they didn't before Johnny Castaway came along!

In addition to ads, the screen saver features the information crawl at the bottom of the screen.

So screen savers are, as you might say, a bit of a luxury.

One path to self-indulgence lies in having just the right level of tastelessness for a screen saver on your computer.

It's a screen saver , yes, but that's only where it starts.

Snap, Crackle and Pop lore, Kellogg screen savers , etc.


Today the new Little People, those who dance nightly on the television screen , have ousted the old.

The bar is spacious and handsome with two television screens .

She shook her head and stared into the fire and then at the television screen .

The television screen became a rectangle of icy aquamarine.

A sort of box with dials on and a little television screen .

A small television screen covered its upper half.

He was physically attractive and highly photogenic; on the television screen he came across as a man of warmth and charm.

Petrocelli began his remarks with photographs of the victims in life and in death that were displayed on an oversized television screen .


But the repetitions of the screen tests cause the story to stall.


Opening it, she found herself in a large room in which row upon row of men sat behind video screens .

In the front, on another video screen , three well-built specimens cavorted on the tailgate of a pickup truck.

Giant video screens were erected, for example, to greet passengers arriving at the main London rail termini.

Huge video screens profile each new batter and replay how he fares at the plate.

None of the surface panels is visible in either this or the photograph taken from the video screen .

The stage will be built facing the main stand and will be flanked by giant video screens .

The backs of the heads of the first and second officer and engineer flashed on the video screens .

Through cobwebby windows I saw a relief model of the surrounding mountains and a large vacant video screen hanging from the ceiling.



Choose a character who is central to the story, and pause as soon as this character appears on the screen .

With this version, a single line of dashes appears on the screen when Wordperfect ends a page for you.

The cursor is the point where text appears on the screen .

The prompt appears on the screen .

The image will seem to magically appear on screen from nowhere.

The first gay characters appeared on the silent screen 70 years ago, when archly effeminate sissies were exploited for cheap laughs.

Finally the digitised, manipulated television picture appears on the screen of the computer.

But they also appear on a screen saver that PointCast includes with its software.


The number of lines refers to the lines of text which fill the screen .

A stage-a melee-heaving bodies-and then a huge hand filled the screen and blotted out everything for an instant.

In this way exhibitors were forced to fill up their screens for months ahead with pictures they had never seen.

A Huey flying low level filled the screen .

The planet grows to fill the screen , the saucer glows as it passes into the atmosphere.

Menacing photographs of opposing candidates fill the screen .

The pixels can be enlarged until a few of them fill the screen and detailed manipulation can be done.

Next, a dozen barn-owls, pale masks, almost filling the dark screens .


Otherwise the Birmingham I knew only flashed briefly on screen .

When Bowman asked Hal for the telescopic display, a sparsely sprinkled star field flashed on to the screen .

A minute later a picture was flashed on the screen .

A Hindu deity with many arms flashes up on the screen .

In 15-minute snatches an assortment of murders, crash deaths and apartment infernos is flashed across the screen .

He remembers thinking in amazement that his name also was being flashed on screens in thousands of other movie theaters.

The Tory recapture of Kincardine and Deeside flashes across the screen .

As one song bounced quickly to another, the words flashed on to two large screens placed on either side of the stage.


A cadmium sulphide paste is printed through a screen on to a glass substrate.

These, along with dates and locations, will be printed out on the screen to help identify them.

For example, will cause subsequently printed characters to be printed to the screen in flashing inverse video.

The character generator operates like an electronic typewriter, printing titles on the screen .


Here you can set the speed of the transition effect and the length of time each graph is shown on screen .

This display is updated constantly so that the information shown on the screen is as accurate as possible.

Your child must press a letter on the keyboard that matches one of the letters shown on the screen .

For two days nothing beyond the ghost of the walnut tree showed through the flickering screen of brownish-yellow light.

The clock to record response time starts at the same time that the probe digit is shown on the screen .


We stared gloomily at the screen .

I would turn and stare unblinkingly at the screen for the duration of the commercial.

Kelly switched on the television and stared blankly at the screen as some mindless cops and robbers show unfolded.

Most of the men stared at small green screens full of numbers.

Justine finds me staring at the screen .

You would walk into the bar to find everyone staring at the screen above your head.

I stare at the screen while they show a grainy old black-and-white photo of me, younger, with longer hair.

Lake perched on the arm of Morris's chair and stared at the screen .


Heartened, she watched the screen with new eyes.

The disk just sitting there, its mysteries yet to be unravelled ... Watch the screen , er ... space.

I circled around a group of men who were watching the screen and began investigating the length of the room.

Still I ignored her, watching the screens .

The last two days, I just watched the screen fill with Melrose, Melrose and Melrose.

David Dorn takes time off from watching the screen antics to bring you the details.

When the curtains part and you see a white screen you know you're watching a screen and it isn't real.


on sb's/the radar (screen)

screen goddess

But when Meryl Streep tumbled off a plane at Heathrow yesterday, the screen goddess looked every inch a mortal.

the big screen

Filmmakers are hoping to bring several of Sandlin's works to the big screen.

Her play was adapted for the big screen.

Andrew himself is no stranger to the big screen and has featured in several commercials.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, man of action and few words on the big screen.

Rosheen watched as Postine came into view on the big screen, her massive frame picked out in infra-red against the night.

The only thing less suited to the big screen would be a movie set in a bomb shelter.

We watched it on the big screen.

the silver screen

stars of the silver screen

the small screen

I had seen the movie before, but it didn't look as good on the small screen.

It's one of the best shows ever seen on the small screen.

The story of Hearst's life made it to the small screen last spring.


She was well-known as a star of stage and screen .

The company has recently introduced free health screening for all its employees.


Conference-goers, though, brushed aside the news as a blip on the political radar screen .

He also throws open the rear door, revealing a video screen .

I rediscovered them on the screen in the close-ups of objects which impressed and influenced me.

If the images in Myst bog down your screen , pony up the bucks for more memory or a faster video card.

The distinction between idea and expression has been applied in the context of screen displays.

The example below uses a macro to pass a character to the screen or printer.

The material from the iron mortar boxes was washed out on to a screen and the oversize returned to the stamps.

There are various power conservancy options like three levels of screen brightness, and variable times for screen and disk power-down.

II. verb




They are then sent on placements to local firms who are carefully screened before being chosen.

Because of the risk of potential toxicity, patients have to be carefully screened so that the drug is not inappropriately prescribed.

The nesting trunk in the aviary is carefully screened to avoid disturbance.

Lockyer advocates less expensive alternatives to prison, such as longer county jail terms and carefully screened and monitored parole.

There are barriers in front of the centre, and people going in are carefully screened .


Two bays in Sutton depôt were screened off and such office work as still had to be done locally was done there.

This shooting in the head was what Sammler had been attempting to shut out, screen off .


High up in the sky was a protective layer of gas that screened out dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun.

The nitrogen oxides are almost as effective as dust at screening out sunlight.

The human brain evolved to survive in such a world; it is stimulated by change and it screens out repetition.

When you have written fifteen or twenty questions, you are ready to select and screen out those questions least relevant.

Most blinds other than a roller blind will screen out too much light.

Those high failure rates make it an efficient way of screening out teenagers who might later fail a university course.

The use of medical examinations as a means of screening out disabled persons from employment would need to be regulated.



She must be screening her calls .

But if you want some privacy, using one another way lets some people screen their calls .

But do you mind if I connect the machine anyway, it screens calls .


Identification of this gene provides an opportunity to screen for disease within polyposis families at birth.


All videos and movies are screened .


It has therefore been accepted that the urinary albumin concentration or albumin:creatinine ratio can be used to screen patients .

After school hours, a large room that opened on to a verandah was converted into a makeshift screening centre for tuberculosis patients .


Doctors now routinely use super-sensitive blood and urine tests to screen women suffering from any lower abdominal pain.

A mobile screening unit is currently in Darlington and aims to have screened all women over 50 in the area by 1993.

Many physicians have been trained to screen women for domestic abuse.

After £100 million spent on the screening programme 1,500 women will still die each year of cervical cancer.

There has been much debate on whether to screen women who are between the ages of 40 and 49.



It has therefore been accepted that the urinary albumin concentration or albumin:creatinine ratio can be used to screen patients.

Thin layer chromatography or spectrophotometry is used for screening .

This cDNA fragment was used to screen several murine cDNA libraries.

These fusion proteins could be used similarly to screen expression libraries.

Subjecting applicants or employees to medical examinations is not the only means that employers have used to screen out disabled employees.


"Border War" is to be screened by Channel Four later on in the week.

Because breast cancer is common in older women, we screen all women over 50.

If you receive blood in the United Kingdom it will already have been screened for HIV.

In the back yard, a hedge neatly screens the vegetable plot.

Management has announced new procedures for screening applicants.

Spielberg's 1995 blockbuster is being screened on network TV for the first time tonight.

The film was under attack before it was even screened.

The house is screened from the road by a row of tall trees.


High up in the sky was a protective layer of gas that screened out dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun.

The human brain evolved to survive in such a world; it is stimulated by change and it screens out repetition.

They were selected by a screening panel of professional, business and community leaders.

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