Meaning of SCREEN in English

n. 1 partition, (room) divider, paravent, wall In their one-room flat a bookcase serves as a screen to separate the living area from the sleeping area 2 shelter, protection, shield, cover A row of poplars acts as a screen against the wind 3 curtain, blind, shroud, cloak, cover; concealment, camouflage The gauze fabric was too transparent to act as a screen 4 sieve, mesh, strainer, filter, colander, riddle The sand has to be shovelled through a screen to get rid of the stones 5 motion pictures, movies, silver screen; television, small screen, home screen, Colloq box, telly, US boob tube She is a star of both the big and small screens

v. 6 partition (off), separate, divide, wall off Why not use a beaded curtain to screen the kitchen area from the dining-room? 7 shelter, protect, shield, cover, guard, conceal, camouflage, mask, veil, hide A decorative pierced wall screens the ladies of the harem from the prying eyes of visitors 8 sift, separate (out), sort (out), filter, select, cull, process, interview, evaluate, grade, gauge, qualify, examine, scan, Chiefly Brit vet The agency screens all candidates before sending them to see a client

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