Meaning of SECURITY in English



a false sense of security (= a feeling that you are safe, which is not actually true )

They were lulled into a false sense of security.

a false sense of security (= a feeling of being safe when you are not really safe )

a false sense of security

a maximum security prison

He was sent to a maximum security prison where prisoners are kept in their cells almost 23 hours a day.

a safety/security check

The security checks at the airport can take a long time.

a security device (= designed to protect against crime )

Cars today have better alarms and security devices.

a security measure (= something done to keep a place safe from danger or crime )

Video surveillance cameras have been installed as a security measure.

a security precaution

The threat of terrorist attacks has prompted some elaborate security precautions.

a security tag (= to prevent something being stolen )

Expensive items such as leather jackets have security tags which have to be removed at the till.

a security/surveillance camera (= a camera that takes photographs of people in buildings or public places )

He was seen on a car park security camera.

a sense of security (= a feeling that you are safe )

A lack of trust in the parents can undermine the child's sense of security at home.

an alarm/security system

A new alarm system has been installed.

an intruder/a security alarm

The house has a system of security alarms.

be/live on social security (= be receiving money from the government )

for security reasons

The road will be closed for security reasons.

from a security point of view

The system is seriously flawed from a security point of view.

homeland security

internal security

the threat to internal security

job security (= how permanent your job is likely to be )

As an actor, he has very little job security.

lax security

lax security

lulled...into a false sense of security (= made people think they were safe when they were not )

Earthquakes here are rare and this has lulled people into a false sense of security .

minimum security prison

national security

The number of people who join the army is so low that it is beginning to threaten national security.

peace and security

The UN was designed to uphold global peace and security.

security arrangements

He was in charge of security arrangements for the President’s visit.

security blanket

security clearance

Morris did not have a security clearance .

security clearance

security conscious

Most airports are extremely security conscious.

security cordon

the security cordon around the capital

security deposit

security forces (= who protect a country against people who are fighting the government )

The government claimed that the security forces had destroyed the rebels’ headquarters.

security guard

security guards

There were two security guards on duty outside the building.

security light

security mom

The soccer moms of the 1990s have become the security moms of today.

security personnel

Security personnel have become more thorough in checking passengers' bags.

security risk

After the bomb threat, it was considered too much of a security risk to let the races go ahead.

security service


Security is always tight for the opening day of parliament.

social security

social security benefits

the safety/security aspect

the safety aspect of nuclear power generation

the security situation (= how safe a place is )

Until the security situation improves, it is far too dangerous for staff to work there.

the UN Security Council (= for protecting a country or group of countries )

the Security Council's peace plan




A tall order, but the price of failure could be the end of collective security for the West.

It urges organized international action for disarmament, collective security and world peace. 3.

To counteract Western influence Soviet officials advocated a system of collective security .

The idea of collective security had emerged as a theme in Soviet policy in the 1950s.

This put paid to Baldwin's attempt to pose as a champion of collective security .

Peace, in other words, depends solely on collective security .

Nation states could only coexist peaceably if a strong collective security arrangement were respected by all.


At present, managerial decisions are guided by the quest for economic security .

The increase in economic security and the increase in economic product are accomplished facts.

What economic security there might be depended on a strong overlordship.

As noted above, a high level of production is essential for the economic security of workers, farmers and businessmen.

She is the link between economic survival and the meaning of life, between economic security and emotional security.

Savings provide individuals with economic security and provide capital for growth.

Other agreements concluded at the summit covered economic and joint security issues.

And a high level of production is indispensable for economic security .


Gone is the wide fast road and its dangerous crossing, where the stripes gave walkers a false sense of security .

We had been lulled into a false sense of security .

An attempt to lull him into a false sense of security .

The entire procedure would give a false sense of security .

They preferred their little aerosols of teargas which gave them a false sense of security .

The false security offered by a gang?

The reported wind speeds gave everyone a false sense of security .

But, encased in the false security of her new-found happiness, she had never guessed.


We like to know that we have financial security , family security and health security.

There is no quick or easy way to financial security or success.

But it could mean the difference between financial security and financial disaster for you and your family should a serious accident strike.

In the long haul, Rex wanted what we all want, a measure of financial security .

And these are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself if you want to be sure of financial security !

What kind of financial security could he offer?

A marriage begun without financial security looks hazardous to the poet, let alone where the man seems cunning and manipulative.

He was seeking financial security for Connie and the family, but he was seeking so much more.


Rogue nations, it is clear, are the cornerstone of Mr Bush's still unstable foreign and security edifice.

All of them are dismissive of the foreign and security policy of the Clinton years.

But eight foreign securities firms are already operating in Seoul.

At the same time the Finance Ministry had started to sell its holdings of foreign securities in order to finance imports.

The need both for foreign and domestic security was evident to all.

That role involved two primary and overriding responsibilities: to guarantee domestic and foreign security .

Closer co-operation is also sought in foreign and security policy, although this is given a rather low priority.


Financing buyouts has, however, retained its popularity given the greater security involved in such a deal.

It also provides greater security against cloning and eavesdropping than the traditional cellular, which uses analog signals.

It would carry rather better terms and far greater security and job satisfaction than the association could offer at that time.

Consequently, their search for greater security has been notorious.

On the other hand, well paid or not you will not enjoy great security .

In addition, fiber optic transmission offers greater security from illegal signal tapping.

Bondholders have begun demanding event risk protection or greater security in the form of asset-backing.


The landowners were able to express their views on problems of internal security , foreign affairs, and taxation increases.

As the confederation moved toward constitutional government, issues of internal security were found to require careful consideration.

The lord lieutenancy was originally devised by the Tudors as a means of internal security .

An initial preoccupation was co-operation over economic development, but later priorities were internal security and defence.

The second was the problem of internal security .

He graduated from Moscow University with degrees in psychology and political science and joined the internal security .

The Governor, representing the sovereign, is responsible for external affairs, defence and internal security .

Calcutta was then beset with unrest, and Hoppy was kept busy on internal security .


We have the latest in security barriers and close circuit cameras for your car's maximum security.

It finds her in a maximum security prison on a far-off planet.

The film is in two sections - the population section and the maximum security section.

The transmitter offers thousands of radio frequency coded options for maximum security .

The Skibo Castle nuptials are surrounded by maximum security and secrecy.

She looked tiny, sitting between two female staff from Rampton maximum security hospital in the middle of the large dock.

For maximum security , a matching hardwood door frame is recommended. our feature shows the fitting of both frame and door.

The maximum social security payments for older people living in residential care homes are lower than for younger, physically handicapped people.


That seems absurd. National security is terribly important.

Far from diversity diverting our focus from national security issues, it strengthens us as an agency.

Did an accumulation of arms contribute to national security or undermine it by encouraging opponents to follow suit?

Nor, despite its supposed importance in terms of national security , is it very well paid.

Not only is it an urgent national security issue, it must be treated as such.


Whatever the difficulties, I wanted the social security review off Thursday's Cabinet agenda.

My resolve to set up an inquiry into the social security system was strengthened by one other important factor.

Thirdly the recession has created high unemployment, with an increase in demand for social security and unemployment benefit.

He has struggled on social security to bring up Louis with girlfriend Debbie Blount.

Many social security benefits are also taxable.

Further impending changes in government legislation may make the pressure experienced during the social security changes seem almost normal.

The system of social security which varies widely from country to country is another important influence when international comparisons are made.

They get £54 social security , plus £10.50 child benefit.


The promoters are promising tight security to prevent ravers leaving the site.

He was also starting to rebel against the tight security .

The confusions of war, the tight security covering the country, made communication difficult.

As I look back on it, the whole episode showed the need for tighter security screening.

Amid tight security , Francis Mullen and his younger brother James appeared before Liverpool city magistrates.

Statewide, $ 13 million was appropriated for tighter security at existing prisons.

Critics include the panel charged with reviewing how tighter security measures might affect freedoms and civil rights.



Condoleezza Rice, as national security adviser , can supply both.

His national security adviser , Mr Brent Scowcroft, is the Midgetman's father.

But the newly appointed national security adviser has been assiduously built into a prominent player in the Bush team.

None the less, Zahedi had easy access to Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carters national security adviser .

Deputy national security adviser Sandy Berger and deputy chief of staff Harold Ickes also are candidates.


It can not be excluded from regional security arrangements if stability is to be achieved in oil flows from Gulf oil producers.

Apart from the basic security arrangements that we're probably all familiar with by now, he offered some interesting information.

A radio link kept them in touch with the police emergency centre and the Superintendent in charge of the security arrangements .

It also argued for collective security arrangements as a means of building confidence and security in the region.

Patrick escaped from the party on the excuse that he needed to check up on some security arrangements .

The planned security arrangements will make Prague look as if a state of emergency has been introduced.

In effect, however, it can not continue to exclude non-Arab states from the security arrangements it hopes to create.


Table 3.21 gives a picture of the expenditure on the various social security benefits in Great Britain for 1980.

The government is also forcing ranchers to pay promised wages and social security benefits .

The ones listed below give more detailed information about social security benefits .

Many social security benefits are also taxable.

Fourth, social security benefits are so generous that many people are financially better off out of work than at work.

The proposed reforms in the delivery of social security benefits to customers is a case in point.

Consider in Figure 6.4 the situation where all of the social security benefits are financed by payroll contributions by the employee.

In Jobling, the plaintiff might have been able to claim social security benefits to partially compensate for his losses.


And there is speculation that crucial evidence may also be gleaned from a security camera in operation close to the scene.

Several doors had been propped open with garbage cans, and footage from the security cameras was missing.

This series of photographs was taken by a security camera at the Leeds Building Society.

Prosecutors never showed jurors the pictures taken of the suspect by a bank security camera , saying they were too fuzzy.

The roster, till rolls and security cameras were examined in Thresher's own internal investigation.

Door buzzers and security cameras , rusty from 17 months' of disuse, are ringing and clicking again at bars.

The pictures were captured by the city centre security cameras installed in Gloucester earlier this year.

There was no evidence of security cameras , fire extinguishers, or emergency procedures.


The challenge had come from Justice Department lawyers with top secret security clearances and from civilian Army drug counsellors.

The secrecy touches all who work there; even the cafeteria staffers must have security clearances .

Excuse me Major but I don't know you or your security clearance .

Thompson still is hiring and getting security clearances for his investigative staff and finding space for them to work.

A visitor without security clearance must be signed for by the sponsor and accompanied at all times.

In preparation for his job at Commerce, Huang received an interim security clearance while he was still working at Lippo.

He has dropped homosexuality as an impediment to security clearances .

Another son, Ron, is a Lockheed employee with a security clearance .


We're prepared to cooperate fully with any security council inquiry.

No other permanent security council member is likely to want to get involved.

The national security council heard calls for resources to be redirected from the elite nuclear forces to beef up conventional arms spending.

The security council members took care to meet over the crisis in secret session.

The affair has revealed new diplomatic developments outside the security council .

The United Nations security council has set up a commission of inquiry.


At the interview Buckmaster had explained he was founding a new security firm specializing in protecting high-risk and valuable cargoes.

All of those charged Wednesday work for small securities firms , many of which have had several run-ins with regulators.

Conflict: Because the bank is affiliated with the securities firm it has an interest in the success of the underwriting activity.

My guess is he's moved across to some private security firm - the sort they use for unattributable jobs like this.

That would have fueled a disastrous crash that would cripple banks and securities firms and lead to a deep recession.

The Secretary of State should make a statement about private security firms guarding the nation's military establishments.

The amount of bonds being offered for sale by securities firms in the secondary market remained low.


Part of the reason is the government's effort to strengthen the security forces .

La Tribune and Le Matin said security forces later in the day had killed all the gunmen responsible.

Frequent curfew and the security forces make trade almost impossible.

The most important thing for me is building our state and our security forces .

All the Kashmiri guerrilla groups denied any involvement in the assassination, and many blamed the government security forces .

We kept guard against the security forces and helped in the communal kitchen which was set up for the support committee.

The amendment also specified that candidates had to have resigned from the armed forces or security forces.

The key players in the destruction are the security forces and local government officials.


He said security forces were out in strength but did not intervene.

La Tribune and Le Matin said security forces later in the day had killed all the gunmen responsible.

Frequent curfew and the security forces make trade almost impossible.

I was right on schedule, and so were the security forces .

All the Kashmiri guerrilla groups denied any involvement in the assassination, and many blamed the government security forces .

In these states, the security forces enjoy legal immunity from prosecution for offences committed while on duty.

Four people were reported killed and hundreds wounded in violent street battles between miners and security forces .

When the security forces had tortured these peasants, she had stood by them and denounced the crimes.


Their aim was to subdue security guards and cut paintings from their frames.

But Thursday morning beaming managers were replaced by stern security guards who refused to even let workers into the building.

He devoted weeks to spying on security guards and doing trials with weights and parachutes.

One of those hostages was James Lopez, a Marine security guard from Globe.

The sun is burning, the crowd is going noisily mental and the security guards are looking anxious.

The president of Shawmut Bank gave her a badge and made her an honorary security guard .

Last autumn some one slashed hydraulic hoses on logging equipment inside the ranch, even though private security guards were on patrol there.

Then came the barbed wire, the security guards .


Although some trade frictions were discussed, the agenda was dominated by security issues .

But Internet sales are being delayed until kinks can be smoothed out, as well as security issues .

Chapter 4 showed that television's issue agenda was generally biased towards security issues when compared with the electorate's own agenda.

Certainly none of these can be accused of being soft on national security issues .

Nevertheless, national security issues and the incidence of military conflict remain highly significant.

In fact, security issues go far beyond what is technologically controllable.

Then there are anxieties over harder security issues , although these may well have less foundation.

Not only is it an urgent national security issue , it must be treated as such.


I have a poor salary, no job security , and scant recognition of my skills.

But workers here are accustomed to lifetime employment and see the provisions as a major threat to their job security .

The issue - over working hours and job security - remains unresolved.

A swingman has to earn his job security .

It was the only way he believed that both company performance and job security could be assured.

If he has no regard at all for the welfare of patients, does he have regard for his job security ?

Highest priority would be placed on maintained job security .


Both the driver and the passenger were armed and fired several rounds before being shot dead by security men .

The feelings in the hall were so intense that a wall of security men had moved around the Illinois delegation.

He glanced towards Rain but she took the lofty view that bribing security men was not her concern.

He sat against the wall, fifteen feet behind the prisoner, with a security man in plainclothes.

As Brassard was leaving, he warned the security man at the front entrance that Celia was expecting a visitor.

Had the security men allowed it, he would have been mobbed once more by delighted crowds.

They surged forward but were held back by two very large and determined security men .

Well, that security man was Leonard, and he liked and trusted her.


New security measures , including video surveillance cameras, come into force on the city's bus fleet this week.

After an inspection, federal officials ordered additional security measures , including moving Guzman to a higher-security area.

Although we are all aware of relatively simple security measures such as password controls, doing a thorough job requires experience and expertise.

Its legacy: changes in employment policies, more security measures and more money from the legislature for improvements.

Shoplifting and robberies forced the company to spend heavily on expensive security measures .

Critics include the panel charged with reviewing how tighter security measures might affect freedoms and civil rights.

Simple security measures - such as fitting good locks to doors and accessible windows - can cost as little as £150.

He says that they've hired security guards, and taken other security measures .


Do not overlook porters, caretaking staff, security officers , and so on.

Another money-saver will be a single dispatching service for base security officers .

Social security officers can discriminate negatively because they are encouraged to be vigilant to prevent fraud and abuse.

The women signaled for security officers , who arrived after he left.

Suddenly, cars swerved to block the road, and dozens of security officers fanned out through the crowd.

Such a nightmare was enough to make even the most fearless security officer break out in a cold sweat.


Social security officials suggested that they sell some of their furniture and the television before receiving help.

But security officials also noted several signs of amateurish work.

We only broke for the night on the promise of a further meeting next day together with social security officials .

Casino security officials said their forces were beefed by a third, but they had little trouble during the game.

And people believe security officials closely monitor the speeches.

But he bears the responsibility for hiring Livingstone in the first place instead of a career security official .

Co-ordinated attacks on security officials and politicians over the past few weeks indicate that the once-bumbling extremists are growing more sophisticated.

Authorities also have interviewed 71 prison employees, mostly security officials and guards.


Where were all those people in charge of security policy here.

In short, many corporations and data centers have computing security policies and practices that dictate how data must be protected.

For the past 23 years Unionists have been saying exactly the same thing with regard to both security policy and political policy.

A firewall is an embodiment of this security policy .

Indeed, security is a primary concern of most users, but all free email services offer some form of security policy .

All of them are dismissive of the foreign and security policy of the Clinton years.

We will intensify the co-ordination of security policies within the Twelve.

Neither can we accept that Community foreign and security policy should be decided by majority voting.


Also missing is the Hope diamond, for security reasons .

Therefore, there was a national security reason for the committee to determine membership in the party.

The date of their overnight trip to Sonoma County will not be announced in advance for security reasons .

For security reasons , he insisted that Coleman change his telephone number and arrange for a new mailing address.

For security reasons , the government is not saying anything more about the profiling system, she added.

He can't be identified for security reasons .

The Irises was left on show for an extra fortnight but removed last week for security reasons , according to Mr Cross.


Bobby Kennedy declared Sinatra's home a security risk , and the President had to cancel his stay at the Sinatra mansion.

Windows 95 users will want to explore some built-in security risks in that software.

Decorative projecting bricks, alcoves, wrought iron gates, and so on, are a security risk .

It is hard for me to imagine how you could say they present a security risk .

The Northern authorities confirmed tonight they wouldn't be switching the tie despite the obvious security risk .

The investigations are intended to prevent spies, criminals, security risks and other undesirables from entering government.

Apparently they regarded Churchill as a poor security risk .

On paper, Jack Edward Dunlap was the ideal security risk .


The most troubling of these measures is the first, which is presumably for the benefit of the security services .

Citibank is the largest provider of securities services in the world.

But this resistance is weakened in the present context by allegations of misuse of power by the security services .

It recommended merging the three, often competitive, branches of the security services , as well as disarming the gendarmerie.

Politically, power drifted toward the security services ... while the inner life of the Communist parties petrified.

There was, however, no quota on the number of warrants issued to the security services .

You move into a group of houses within a walled compound, provided with all the security services you require.


On July 29 a general amnesty was reported for detainees accused of harming state security .

Defendants have no right of appeal at state security courts.

It also defined the judicial rights of citizens in respect of unjustified actions by state security bodies.

Men well established in state security .

Gen. Khan Aqa, deputy head of state security , was killed by a car bomb in Kabul on Nov. 3.

Absence of the human in daily transactions -- having been replaced by soulless rituals of technocracy, institutions, and state security .

Instead of money, it would give the banks new state securities that were supposed to be even more valuable.


Remember - the best security systems only work when you use them!

The techniques he used to breach computer security systems remain available to others.

The incomes thought to be needed exceeded the amounts available under the social security system by 61 percent.

We made it clear that what we wanted was a better social security system and not just a cheaper one.

It was a simple social security system .

Will he confirm that many aspects of social security systems in other countries compare unfavourably with ours?

Third, the major impact of disability on older people must be recognised within the social security system .

We've fitted a compact disc player and protected it with a new security system .


In a large fenced-off security zone , drums pile up to the level of a two storey house.

Meanwhile, Sharpness Docks themselves became an annual security zone after the dockside cranes had been occupied by opponents of the dumping.



The insider must deal in securities on a recognized stock exchange, which includes dealing in securities through an investment exchange.

Farrington Stead dealt in gilt-edged securities , investments also offered by Barlow Clowes which went into liquidation in June 1988 owing £190million.


The subsistence economy, however, provides security for irregular workers.

The Army has boarded over windows, installed motion detectors and lighting, and provided 24-hour security .

The aim is to provide security of capital with an attractive and rising level of income.

In theory, we were providing security .

It will provide security and real-time features required by government intelligence and defence agencies, Department of Defense contractors and others.

If we ask you to provide security , the cost of completing the legal formalities, will be passed on to you.

Social insurance fully developed may provide income security: it is an attack upon Want.

Second, the charge provides security against unsecured creditors.


Wardair yesterday accepted responsibilty and disclosed plans to tighten security .

This move to tighten security is good news for card users.


Social Security

an increase in spending on Social Security and Medicare

Can you write your Social Security number in the box please?

How'd you find it, living on Social Security?

Once I've paid for my rent and food, most of my Social Security is used up.

The government faces strong opposition to its proposals to cut Social Security payments.

After two years of being on experimental drugs for her epilepsy, Harlan got on Medicare via Social Security disability.

Decisions of tribunals may be appealed to the Social Security Commissioners on a point of law.

However, I have an equally strong conviction that a balanced-budget amendment is a threat to Social Security and our economic health.

Last but certainly not least, Social Security and Medicare have been very good deals for participants.

breach of security

Who was responsible for the breach of security that alerted the garrison at Benghazi has never been established.


Security has been increased at all airports in the wake of the attacks.

a high security prison

A salesclerk called security .

A uniformed security man met them at the gate.

For the security of passengers, all hand baggage is carefully checked.

His wide-eyed innocence had lulled me into a false sense of security .

Parenting is about giving a child security and love.

Strict security measures were in force during the President's visit.

There is tight security at the airport and all baggage is being searched.

They need to improve security here - anyone could just walk in.

Your paycheck is deposited directly into your account for greater security .


He missed, killing a security guard.

If we get a place, we got ta pay maybe three months' rent, security .

Instead of a real agenda, Dodd offers generalities about opportunity, job security and growth.

Social security , unemployment compensation, welfare, Medicare, food stamps, and public housing are examples.

The insider must deal in securities on a recognized stock exchange, which includes dealing in securities through an investment exchange.

Their ordeal ended when a bank security guard spotted something suspicious on a television monitor and raised the alarm.

We applied the same principles that would apply to these securities regardless of who issued them.

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