Meaning of SELECTION in English




a huge range/variety/selection etc

a huge range of issues

a random selection

He looked at a random selection of the files.

a selection procedure

An interview is an important part of our selection procedure.

a selection process

An interview normally forms part of the selection process.

natural selection




Motivation is heightened, factual knowledge increased, and opinions may be modified. Careful selection of films therefore aids learning.

While real estate seems still to be undervalued compared to stocks and bonds, this is a year for careful selection .

They joined the six-day residential course after a careful selection process.

A tendency towards rather flighty behaviour in the breed is being overcome by careful selection .

The careful selection of the most logical buyers in order to reduce circulation size can therefore be a wasted effort.

Such intimacy requires careful selection of a detail that is representative of the whole.

With careful selection you can recreate your own wildlife haven.

The answer to this lies in careful selection of paper.


Before that there were many generations of cumulative selection , based upon some quite different replicating entities.

Tiny mutations would make cumulative selection too slow.

Could a form of cumulative selection get going?

It therefore is converged upon by cumulative selection from two very different starting points.

In our computer models in Chapter 3, we deliberately built into the computer the basic ingredients of cumulative selection .

The purpose of this chapter is to demonstrate the power of this cumulative selection as a fundamentally nonrandom process.

I shall introduce its fundamental essence in Chapter 3 under the title of cumulative selection .

Chance is a minor ingredient in the Darwinian recipe, but the most important ingredient is cumulative selection which is quintessentially nonrandom.


The final selection was slanted towards books with a strong social content and which explored political issues.

That cleared the way for the public release of the scores and scheduling of interviews and a final selection .

The final selection will be based on local requirements and the information returned from governing bodies wishing to be considered for inclusion.

However the racial makeup of the panel, which is anonymous, was unknown as final selections were conducted behind closed doors.

Kirov chose another snap which he had taken at a pavement cafe in Tbilisi, bringing his final selection to four.

The final selection of the investigation must rest with the student.

There then follow the more expensive stages of final selection which may involve testing and interviewing as described earlier.

All twenty-seven trainees survived final selection , despite some doubts about several of them.


There was a good selection of watches as well as evening handbags and many other attractive and original gifts, all at affordable prices.

Call it better stock selection or different criteria or different philosophy.

Naturally a haunt of rugger enthusiasts. Good selection of malt whiskies.

The Pub sounds like a place that might have a good selection of excellent beer.

The smart cocktail bar is an ideal meeting place with a pleasant atmosphere and the restaurant serves a good selection of food.

New Town Hotel Home cooked bar lunches. Good selection of blended and malt whiskies, and beers.

Was there a good selection of up-to-date magazines for style inspiration? 9.


Paris is a favourite destination, and Time Off has a large selection of packages to choose from.

And, with our Paper Plan, you can choose from the largest selection of paper in the state.

There is a large selection of animated cartoons produced for children.

Consumers are pushing retailers to the wall, demanding lower prices, better quality, a large selection of in-season goods.

Betty was given a large selection of presents, all carefully chosen.

The company, founded over 100 years ago, has a large selection of pieces at a wide range of prices.

The Kintyre bar has a large selection of mouth-watering whiskies and the meals in the restaurant offer high quality cooking.

Highfield Nurseries has a large selection .


It follows from all this that natural selection can not be the sole explanation of evolutionary change.

For most of the time natural selection must act as a policeman rather than as an architect.

Some interpretations, at least, of the hypothesis of natural selection do conflict with the theistic hypothesis on three main counts.

But we have now taught ourselves to see benefits to the organism as incidental, as far as natural selection is concerned.

But what about the caddis house? Natural selection favoured those ancestral caddis genes that caused their possessors to build effective houses.

That means this belief should be reinforced by natural selection .

And the pressure of natural selection on the cuckoo is considerably greater than that on the host species.


The random selection of units was vital.

Meanwhile, the cyber gods controlling the random selection virtually ignored some large districts in other areas of the state.

Test data was gathered by random selection from each domain until the target of approximately 17 sentences per domain had been met.

Pete Wilson and the state Lottery, which has some expertise in random selection .

It also ruled out random selection or co-option of experts.

Percentage measures of performance should therefore be compared to that expected from random selection .

For a random selection of 20 crops, the score was 5.

Instead an intelligence officer had ploughed through Mills' personal effects and leafed through a random selection of files.


Provide a wide selection , making sure there are lots of different colours, flavours and textures.

To see a video, consumers would pick one from a wide selection and would be billed later.

Most art shops offer a wide selection of mounting card in a variety of colours and thicknesses.

Instead the range will comprise a wide selection of components and fittings from which a design will be assembled.

He played a wide selection of roles again.

Lively, busy bar. Wide selection of whiskies and beers.

Epicure has a wide selection , from fruits and nuts to preserve and biscuits.



Comparing many countries is susceptible to statistical analysis, which helps eliminate possible sources of selection bias and spuriousness.

The strength of experimental studies is that randomisation removes selection bias .

Is there a problem of selection bias ?

We have an example of selection bias as described in Section 15.2.7.

This is thought to reflect a selection bias .

Chapter 2 provides an exhaustive review of problems with selection bias .

A good review of historical sources of selection bias .

Prospective information on cycle variability during treatment would have led to potential selection bias .


Sometimes there are also specialist stand in the department responsible for book selection and stock revision.

Probably the clearest statements on book selection are by Lester Asheim in a defence of book selection against the charge of censorship.

His paper provides clear distinctions between book selection and censorship.

To improve secondary school library provision and the quality of book selection . 3.

Hart's Book selection and use in academic libraries provides a useful summary of recent literature.

Of course the above differentiation between book selection and censorship is a simplification.


What would be gained by being a bother to the selection committee of a twenty-two carat Tory seat?

Generally, engineering contracts first go through a selection committee before being forwarded to Huckelberry's office.

Her sisters under the skin would man the constituency selection committees .

In the cases that Keenan complained about, Huckelberry admits changing the decision of the selection committee , but denies any wrongdoing.

McIntosh will also join the six-man selection committee .

The nine-man selection committee went for Ray Allen by a 6-3 margin.

On Wednesday after the selection committee meeting, I realized I'd left my fountain pen in here.

You see, Gonzaga did finish stronger, which is a factor the selection committee takes into account.


For instance, there will be sections on good interview procedure, objective selection criteria , lines of questioning to avoid etc.

The following are some selection criteria to be used in evaluating and choosing ISPs.

The validation of our model using the same selection criteria was also mandatory.

The same physiological selection criteria for operation were used for young and old patients alike.

He can provide details of the job, our selection criteria and career opportunities.

Just as selection criteria must be reasonable, so must they be rationally applied.

The selection criteria of children is laid down by the government department appropriate to education and health.


On the first day of jury selection , the Washington Post's man was disappointed.

The first begins Monday with jury selection .

It has already ruled that race should play no part in jury selection .

The judge said he hopes to begin jury selection next week.

Trial is set to begin Nov. 12, although jury selection is expected to last more than a month.

He also has sealed transcripts of the entire jury selection process, even the sessions held in open court.

Jury consultants say they now spend more time teaching storytelling techniques than on jury selection -- formerly their bread and butter.

The judge has dismissed at least a half-dozen defense requests for a mistrial since jury selection began last September.


Gooch has stamped his method and selection policy on this squad, and prior to this tour it had worked pretty well.

So long as selection policies did not come under scrutiny this was acceptable.

McBride can put his luck down to criticism from scribes down south earlier in the season, rather than bad selection policy .

Public statements of selection policy Atkins alludes to the danger of equating selection with censorship.

One other factor influences weeding policy , as it does selection policy.

Until the public is made aware that a selection policy directs and determines acquisitions, the misconception will continue.


In the main, however, the selection procedure is rigorous enough so that basic training does not have to be used for assessment purposes.

State judicial selection procedures are even more severely criticized.

For many courses a formal interview is an essential part of the selection procedure .

Such inquiries also occur face-to-face during the course of an interview or selection procedure .

Under the selection procedure the party bosses no longer have the power to carry out such a coup.

The use of tests is not, of course, confined to selection procedures .

But in practice, for the great majority of schools, the selection procedure acted as a straightjacket.

There were no joint selection procedures .


At the end of this year the selection process for BEng or MEng will take place.

All Peace Corps officials were considered potential screeners who had influence in the selection process .

Above all, they lend themselves to a study of variation and the morphological response of a species to environmental selection processes .

There was the selection process itself.

An interview normally forms part of the selection process .

Like any selection process , this one had its winners and losers.

The second stage in the selection process is to refine the match.

They joined the six-day residential course after a careful selection process .


The orbital selection rule may be stated in different ways.

The selection rules depend on the symmetry properties of the electronic transition.

Those with are formally forbidden under the fundamental vibrational selection rule .

Their appearance is connected with anharmonicity, which leads to a breakdown of the selection rules derived assuming simple harmonic motion.

This rule is known as the Laporte selection rule.

It is less stringent than the spin selection rule , partly because the mechanisms for getting round it are more effective.

However, even in a regularly octahedral complex there are ways of weakening the effectiveness of the Laporte selection rule .

In some cases overall selection rules leave little doubt.



You can even e-mail them your own design, or choose from an extensive selection of ready-made options.

And, with our Paper Plan, you can choose from the largest selection of paper in the state.

As suggested elsewhere, one of the problems with selection is giving up the attractive paths that are not being chosen .

Young guests up to the age of 14 can choose a special selection of dishes from the main menu.

Brendan Kelly, prosecuting, said the officers were invited to choose from a selection of women aged between 18 and 30.


The Hampshire-based iron-work firm has just extended its range of hammer-and-anvil pieces to include a selection of castings using original patterns.

Pre-take-off checks include the selection of fifteen degrees of flap and setting the tailwheel lock.

Please type your story, if possible, and include a selection of clear photos which will be returned to you.

The book also includes a selection of small-scale tasks to enable teachers to design and select effective listening materials for themselves.

This includes a selection of contemporary personalities, including the Emperor Karl Franz.


Rather, the authors have made a selection and described them fully in order to explain and illustrate several different military strategies.

As we made our selections , we little suspected we were in for a long and uncomfortable wait.

The only way to ensure randomness is to make sample selections independent of human judgement.

Along with the addition of this option, you must now press Enter after making your selections from this prompt line.

You may accept this choice, make another selection - or none at all if you prefer.

Downland Housing Association will be making their selection interviews during the first week in May.

It was not at all easy to make our selection , and some people are bound to disagree.

We might ask desk officers to make an initial selection of important records as they come off the live system.


Most art shops offer a wide selection of mounting card in a variety of colours and thicknesses.

There's only one choice in this case, but other programs offer a bigger selection .

Waiters offer a selection of waters to drink, served on a silver tray, but only the tap is free.

Janet Hinde Travel offers a wide selection of packages.

In the United States, Verio offers a diverse selection of Web-hosting services for small and mid-sized businesses.

Hagafen Cellars of the Napa Valley will offer a selection of premium kosher wines.


Additionally the full range from Marvic Textiles is now available from Sloane Avenue providing an exceptionally comprehensive selection of furnishing fabric.

For this type of table manipulation, WordPerfect provides the selection feature.

Agreement is extremely close and provides little evidence for selection between families or against new seedling recruits.

An, in-store bakery can provide many selections among sweet goods and breads.

I try and provide a good selection of music, and sometimes do my own calling.

This difference provides a basis for selection among classes.


Meanwhile, the town's Musée des Beaux Arts will be showing a selection of the Carré d'Art's permanent collection.

Bacteria show how natural selection builds its defences.

Screen 1 Here's a directory listing showing a typical selection of the files that make up an application Screen 2 Yuck!

The table below shows a selection of best buys.

Here we show a selection of the latest kitchen designs.

The table shows a selection of the top-performing funds.

The dive planning screen is a look-ahead facility showing a selection of depths and no-stop times depending on your current decompression status.

Darwin's vera causa argumentation shows that natural selection is not tautologous for one reason, ultimately.


come up for election/re-election/selection etc

At each two-yearly election one-third of the Senate comes up for re-election.

It affects us all and its practitioners do not come up for re-election every five years.


a selection of songs from 'West Side Story'

A wonderful selection of cakes and pastries was displayed in the window.

Customers are invited to view the selection at any time.

She showed me a selection of her drawings.

The selection of a politician as ambassador was highly controversial.

The library also has a selection of foreign language videos on the third floor.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of local dishes.

The shop offers a wide selection of glasses frames to choose from.


But we have now taught ourselves to see benefits to the organism as incidental, as far as natural selection is concerned.

Check all functions are operating correctly by pressing each selection button in sequence then close the cabinet and wipe the exterior.

For his first 11 major-league seasons, Dunston lived the charmed life as the Chicago Cubs shortstop and a two-time All-Star selection .

However, selection for opportunities outside affects what happens at school.

It also covers a selection of other contract clauses frequently encountered in many types of commercial agreement, for example confidentiality clauses.

Nine of those will be chosen in a state-wide primary election on March 12, the traditional date for delegate selection .

The most important thing is your firm knowledge that the selection is within your present range.

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