Meaning of SELECTION in English


sə̇ˈlekshən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Latin selection-, selectio, from selectus (past participle of seligere to select) + -ion-, -io -ion

1. : the act or process of selecting : the state of being selected

the selection of the school he should attend — Sidney Lovett

pilot selection in this country … is not perfect — H.G.Armstrong

friends applauding his selection as president


a. : one that is selected : choice

each has been a selection of one of the major book clubs — Current Biography

discussed with some of his cabinet selections the ways of increasing pressure — Nation's Business

b. : a composition or passage selected for reading or presentation

included … musical comedy selections — Current Biography

culled and copied selections suitable for coming obituaries — Agnes S. Turnbull

selections from the best writers of the era

c. : a horse, dog, or other contestant selected usually by a specialist for betting purposes

the trackman's selections often run in the money


a. : a natural or artificial biological process that results or tends to result in preventing some individuals or groups of organisms from surviving and propagating and in allowing others to do so with the result that particular traits of the latter are given pronounced expression — compare darwinism , natural selection

b. : the removal at relatively short intervals of mature timber so that continuous natural reproduction of a forest is encouraged and a stand of uneven age maintained — compare sustained yield


a. : the act of selecting land

b. : a piece of land taken up in Australian processes of land settlement

selections on which … women and children helped to grub the land — E.H.Collis

5. : the process by which an insurance company accepts or rejects risks

Synonyms: see choice

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