Meaning of SELF in English



be a shadow/ghost of your former self (= be much less confident, healthy, energetic etc than you used to be )

The team’s a shadow of its former self.

sb’s true self (= someone’s real character )

He had revealed his true self.




Butler does not argue for, but simply presupposes, that a person is conscious of his self .

Jaynes argues that at this stage in human history conscious examination of self was absent.

With his conscious self , Lewis had a very distinct loathing of Ulster Protestantism.


Their inner self will avoid exposure by controlling their feelings and emotions.

But we should not retreat into our inner selves .

I was a reverse chameleon, shedding my inner self while my skin remained intact.

But this was the first time he'd offered to share any of his inner self .

However, it does provide a unique guide to Leonardo's inner self .

We discover that the mysteries in others, which used to leave us baffled and frustrated, now enrich our inner selves .

Start listening to the subtle thoughts and feelings, the slight shifts in energy, which bubble up from your inner self .


I was not my normal self ... I felt very deeply for him.

With men other than Hank he was his normal self , or better.

She looked defeated, quite unlike her normal self .

Michelato seemed unmoved, his normal placid self , while Migliore sat in the car.

But when nobody was there she changed to her normal self again.

Dorigo has just been his normal consistent self .

She is her normal loveable self with the family.

He changed from his normal calm self into a frenzy.


His old self would have scorned such sentimentality.

The Raiders returned to their old , misbehaving selves , collecting 10 penalties for 90 yards.

Only Lewis, unshakeable symbol of dependability, stays his old self .

In June 1919, when he visited her in New York, Margarett found him near his old self .

Those who know her say the actress is transformed from a care-worn recluse into her old vivacious self .

He watched her closely, to see if she was her old good self , and she was-except for one new thing.

If I thought I could unmake my old self so easily I was a fool.

The new clothes became a clever foil for his old self .


Though his compositions won many prizes internationally, Tan says that gradually, he found himself unable to express his real self .

It is therefore something of real value although not part of the real self of man.

And later, his real self .

He looked just like Fand, his real self locked away so that his body could do nothing but Fincara's commands.

But right out of his real self .

My real self began to appear, I began to be afraid.

Our openness to them and to our real selves are brought to our celebration and ministry of the Eucharist.

The hypocrites take, or are given, all, and once they have it, show their real selves .


The true self must be understood as engaging in the world in a specific way as part of a community.

Or maybe my true self is yearning to be something like Mary Matalin.

They were never more their true selves than when they were together.

The true self goes into hiding to avoid the psychic annihilation caused by expressing itself without being able to get a response.

Yet again he has shown his true self when unharnessed from the mature guidance of his former wife and manager Cheryl.

Do I reveal my true self through my golf?

In the dark, Seth would be his true self , his human face off but his dark glasses still on.

What Pipher uncovers in her therapy sessions are girls who have drowned their true selves as surely as Ophelia did.


Ann was her usual quiet self .

For the first time Loi was not his usual cheerful self .

That of Cornelius was its usual angular self topped off with a twirling banner.

Being ecstatic means being flung out of your usual self .

Paula seemed to be her usual cheerful self .

Old Chao seemed to be pulling his usual self back on with his sock.

She woke and dressed, spraying on perfume in a manner quite unlike her usual self .

I hope your health will be back to its usual robust self soon.



Relatives of the men say they were wrongly convicted, as they had acted in self defence .

He backs up Mill's claim that he was acting in self defence .

They claimed that when they were surrounded by the gang they acted in self defence .

Relatives of Poole and Mills say the two men were acting in self defence .

She said it was self defence .

She threatened him with a knife ... he pushed her away in self defence and the knife plunged into her back.

Or are you innocent because you acted in self defence ?

The jury cleared him, deciding that Mr Waller had acted in self defence .


We must have enough self discipline not to repeat 1989.

Study Skills To help pupils study more effectively and encourage self discipline .


A three point scale was used for each of the 12 self esteem items.

A response indicating high self esteem was coded as 2, low self esteem 0, and not sure or missing 1.

How did having cancer affect your body image and self esteem ?

Do more prejudiced children differ in their popularity and self esteem ?

Questions designed to evaluate the educational objectives of the projects were derived from other studies assessing self esteem and locus of control.

By precisely wallowing in her own guilt and self pity she then needs to heighten her self esteem .

Clothes are important - you should wear something which enhances your own self esteem and creates the right kind of impression.


A friend recently told me her man didn't indulge in self help .

There is a strong element of self help in the programme.

He helps to run Body Positive a self help group for sufferers like himself.He welcomes any scientific advance but remains cautious.

Self help Many community care schemes have elements of self help built into them.

These will be grouped under four heads decentralisation, consumerism and participation, self help and joint action.

Independence, self help and active citizenship have all been praised.

Aims: to assist in the setting up of local self help groups and to provide information and counselling.

This is yet another Northern Ireland example of self help in a very needy situation.


Burman positions the body and the self image as one that is constantly being fashioned and remade.

The mental aftermath points up how body changes can significantly alter lifestyles, relationships and self image .

Ishmael the character is an objectified self , a projection of the self image and frame of mind of the narrator hero.


Besides, he says, the Democrats and the Greens only support it because of self interest .

Technically sweet and politically acceptable, it avoids accusation of moral hypocrisy by using economic arguments to appeal to self interest .

Statement E: Racism as rational self interest I think that's absolute nonsense.

They're much more likely to be acting out of self interest .

Does curiosity always hurdle self interest ?

Such distrust may extend to the suspicion that our decisions may be influenced by personal financial self interest .


Perhaps the gallery should add the exception Louisa's vital self portrait .


No, we are not skilled people as such, but we also have our dignity and self respect .

Above all what Cooley affirms over and over again is self respect and integrity.

Perhaps the authorities are fortunate that the people up here have a certain amount of self respect for themselves.

But whatever you do, maintain your self respect .

Unpalatable truths are a threat to our self respect .


Buffet-style breakfast and lunch; set menu for dinner; self service taverna.



In his poem Secrets of Self Iqbal had suggested self-search as the key to becoming an integrated self.

But lately, he is becoming his old self , aggressive and fearless in the middle.

In order that Compacts eventually do become self financing it is very likely that employers will be asked to contribute to central costs.

Thus, it became the first self to be born outside of biology.

In the years since then, antiracists have become a discrete and self contained political formation.

When Jack went away Piggy became more self confident and practical.

A specialist module which enables the student to extend his/her musical skills in voice and become self sufficient in rehearsal and performance.

He remembers the world before it became his world and himself before he became his self .


be a shadow of your former self

Following years of heavy losses, the company is only a shadow of its former self.

be/feel/look like your old self

After five months in the hospital, I'm feeling like my old self again.

not your usual self

sb/sth's former self

A man once famed for his intolerance, xenophobia and irrational rages has become a husk of his former self.

However, such plans would have required Melanie to want to preserve her former self.

Over the last few months he had become rather withdrawn and mistrustful; a subdued version of his former self.

Sharpness docks is now a shadow of it's former self.

Stark had taken me to a place where I could shed my former selves and start anew.

The 1984 Geyserville was a shell of its former self.

The trees were dusty and muscular; zealous visions of their former selves.

There he was with his cigar, a shadow of his former self.


He may be in danger of injuring self or others.


His old self would have scorned such sentimentality.

I know I should be making an effort to follow what Neil is saying. trying to integrate the self ..

In contrast, figures outside the high cultural sphere often consciously try to abandon their sense of self .

There he was with his cigar, a shadow of his former self .

Through metaphor Thoreau renders the self and nature in total interrelationship without slighting either half of the duality.

We have often a choice: self pity or spiritual power through suffering.

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