Meaning of SELF in English


n. & adj.

--n. (pl. selves)

1. a person's or thing's own individuality or essence (showed his true self).

2 a person or thing as the object of introspection or reflexive action (the consciousness of self).

3 a one's own interests or pleasure (cares for nothing but self). b concentration on these (self is a bad guide to happiness).

4 Commerce or colloq. myself, yourself, himself, etc. (cheque drawn to self; ticket admitting self and friend).

5 used in phrases equivalent to myself, yourself, himself, etc. (his very self; your good selves).

6 (pl. selfs) a flower of uniform colour, or of the natural wild colour.


1. of the same colour as the rest or throughout.

2 (of a flower) of the natural wild colour.

3 (of colour) uniform, the same throughout.

Phrases and idioms:

one's better self one's nobler impulses. one's former (or old) self oneself as one formerly was.

Etymology: OE f. Gmc

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