Meaning of SHOULD in English

modal verb


should have known

I should have known it wouldn’t be easy.

should know better

It’s just prejudice from educated people who should know better .

the punishment should fit the crime (= it should be appropriate )

The public believe that the punishment should fit the crime.

you should have seen sb’s face (= used to say that someone was very angry, surprised etc )

You should have seen his face when I told him that I was resigning.


I should have thought ...

And marriage, I should have thought , is a false step you must have been well warned against.

Any leader, I should have thought , would have demanded loyalty and support from a vice-president as a basic minimum.

It's very important to me - and, I should have thought , to you too.

She's a pretty child, but hardly his intellectual level, I should have thought .

That is rather obvious, I should have thought .

The royal crest is used on the front of the annual report, which I should have thought was improper.

The scent of the tea as I poured it ... I should have thought .

This seems an odd argument for smoking to me and, I should have thought , to smokers, too.

I should hope so (too)

I/you should be so lucky!

Sleep past 6 a.m.? I should be so lucky !

If I should die, think only this of me:/That there's some corner of a foreign field/That is forever England

children should be seen and not heard

how should I know?/how am I to know?/how do I know?

must/should etc be pushing along

sb will/would/should etc go far

A man of his abilities should go far in the Party.

And the effects would go far beyond the natural world.

Ghost: Oh, very droll, dear lad - you will go far .

Her decisions would go far toward shaping the postwar world.

It remains to be seen whether such measures will go far to avoid a repetition of the basic abuses, however.

She'd been sure her daughter would go far .

This will go far beyond pep talks and motivational speeches.

Whether the stadium logs another round of lease-backed debt will go far in determining the fate of other major capital-improvement projects here.

should the need arise

He knew that should the need arise for him to burst into consciousness, he would.

The network topology is such that new file-servers can be plugged in at any time should the need arise .

What she needed was a weapon of some sort, something that would keep him at a distance should the need arise .

should/ought really

A party which feels obliged to pitch such climbs in good conditions should really go and choose something easier.

I hoped that would help me through the omnipresent feeling that wherever I am, I should really be somewhere else.

Only it should really have been the other way around, when you get right down to it.

Only when the natural world begins to fight back will we know how frightened we should really be.

Participants should really have attended the previous weekend workshop but please call Pegasus for more information.

To protect Britain's biggest manufacturer by making it less efficient: now that should really worry the public.

You should really ask a grunt.

that should do it

Slosh on a bit of this, and that should do it.

what sb should do with sth/what to do with sth etc


Children shouldn't take candy from strangers.

The city should clean the streets more often.

They should be here by 8:00.

What should I do?

You should have called me right away.


Annual revenues should be about $ 600 million.

Counselors should request that each teacher of academic subjects provide a list of students who often fail to complete assignments independently.

Last year the taxman pocketed 550 million from people who should not have been paying tax - or who paid too much.

Once the glue is dry you should place the photograph in the correct position, securing it with masking tape.

Slowly a knot of men formed around us, anxious that we should hear their problems.

There are doubts now as to whether these should be continued.

Why should spirits aid living beings?

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