Meaning of SHUTTER in English


I. noun




Otherwise use Venetian blinds in plastic or wood which can be easily wiped, or wooden shutters , or no covering at all.

The wooden shutters of the market booths were closing now.

Wishart rose and crossed the darkened chamber to secure one of the wooden shutters .

She went back to her room, pulled the wooden shutters across the windows and lay on the bed.

With the stairs enclosed by wooden shutters , they could operate in bad weather as single-deckers.

I stepped into a cool, dark room, where heavy wooden shutters kept out most of the daylight.



It takes too long to set up and the shutter speed is slow.

However, high shutter speeds reduce the exposure time and so are best used only in good light.

Its programmed exposure system then sets the most suitable shutter speed and aperture under the prevailing circumstances.

The higher the number, then the slower the shutter speed .


She was surprised to find that the room was in darkness, the window shutters closed.

Moving carefully, Benny stepped around the edges of the room, and opened the window shutters .

The frets of a guitar by the one echo the slats of a window shutter by the other.

In Tana shops were shut, streets were deserted and window shutters hurriedly closed as the time approached.



The townspeople sensibly stayed indoors and closed their shutters .

He practiced closing and opening his shutter .

One of the orderlies came round closing the shutters .


I had opened the louvred shutters and let in the real sun.

He practiced closing and opening his shutter .

Marie opened the shutters , letting light in on the devastation.

He stood up and opened the shutters .

They dropped their suitcases and Christina opened the shutters .

He was alone; he could let his face fall, and his eyes open and cast their shutters .

On the landward side, they had opened a shutter a little and she could see inside.


But penning in this raucous melee are buildings that seem all shutters and grids.

City walls, narrow streets, open shutters, old women sitting outside in the early evening.

Interior shutters, from a wide range to order, from about £70 for the natural finish shown.

Otherwise use Venetian blinds in plastic or wood which can be easily wiped, or wooden shutters, or no covering at all.

So, today, you might find taupe siding with creamy off-white shutters and a burgundy front door.

When he threw open shutters to let in air and light, pictures sprang at her from the walls.

II. verb


The snowstorm forced the company to shutter 100 of its stores.


All the windows were shuttered as if we were in the depths of winter.

Earl grabbed the girl, looked right then left down the row of shuttered summer cottages, and shoved the girl inside.

If found guilty, the offending brokerages could be shuttered and officials imprisoned, ministry officials said.

Kells itself was shuttered till the afternoon.

The Embassy is locked, shuttered, barred.

The firm shuttered its Hong Kong investment banking business a year ago, two years after opening it.

The true childhood home is roughly where the shuttered computer store stands, though the town has yet to acknowledge the mistake.

The windows were all shuttered and what paint was left was peeling off in huge flakes.

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