Meaning of SOLAR in English




a solar eclipse ( also an eclipse of the Sun ) (= one in which the Sun is hidden behind the Moon )

You need to wear protective glasses to view a solar eclipse.

solar cell

solar energy

The water pump is powered by solar energy.

solar heating (= heating powered by the sun )

They've installed solar heating in the new house.

solar panel

solar plexus

a blow to the solar plexus

solar power (= energy produced by sunlight )

They use solar power for all their heating.

solar radiation (= from the sun )

How can solar radiation be trapped and used?

solar system

solar year

the lunar/solar cycle (= relating to the moon or the sun )

the 28-day lunar cycle




The neutron observations may help cast new light on solar flares and solar activity .

An increase in the number of dark spots on the sun marks such a period of high solar activity .

They say that the concentrated magnetic fields in sunspots spread out all over the sun somewhat after the maximum of solar activity .

The effects of geomagnetic and solar activity over the long term are important factors in planning satellite missions.

The ability to forecast ionospheric conditions is related to solar activity .


Note that the solar cell has an efficiency of only about 10%.

Research on solar-cell design has recently shown us how to make extremely lightweight solar cells .

Alternatively, arrays of solar cells may be made on the Moon out of lunar materials and only the power exported.

He is planning another trip into the countryside to demonstrate his solar cells as well as a new solar cooker.

But solar cells are constantly improving, experts say.

These modular construction kits now include solar cells , rechargeable batteries etc.

A solar cell panel repays the electric power needed to manufacture it in its first few hours of operation.


A solar collector area of around 4m 2 to 5m 2 is usually considered the optimum.

Large solar collectors would be deployed, probably on roving processing plants, to focus sunlight on to the baking ovens.

The concept is essentially one of replacing expensive solar collectors and solar cells with tree leaves.

Suppose we have a processor with a thousand-square-meter solar collector .

They use solar collectors and windmills for energy supply and each region aims at self-sufficiency in proteins.

Would not these storms coat solar collectors and solar-cell panels with a thick layer of dust, shutting them down?

The main difficulty will be in installing the solar collector itself.


But a feature of each solar cycle is that the magnetic poles reverse.

The maximum in the current solar cycle has passed, but both solar and geomagnetic activity remain high.

During the 206-year solar cycle the sunlight received by the Earth changes by only 0.1 %.

In summary, our results provide circumstantial support for the hypothesized link between solar cycle length and irradiance.


That special trams were run to enable people to view a solar eclipse ?

No solar eclipses will be visible from the United States in 1996, and only two will be visible from Earth.

As the day of the solar eclipse approached, Ellie received many invitations from well meaning friends.

Twenty-one shots of the solar eclipse hang beside a woman bending over in the bath.

But when you have a solar eclipse in your sign at Christmas, things are going a bit too far.

This is a total solar eclipse .

Consequently the dates of total solar eclipses form a rather complex sequence.


Cheap solar energy conversion has been a dream of some scientists since the first oil crisis back in the late 1970s.

Furthermore, Conservation moves are very effective in this sector and solar energy is very suitable for water heating needs.

All these provide indirect means of converting solar energy to forms of energy which are useful to us.

We now know that solar energy is an idea whose time has come.

He wondered again about its black color; that was ideal, of course, for absorbing solar energy .

Grätzel has turned this precise, and expensive, physicist's approach to solar energy conversion on its head.

Also, the monsoon overcast tended to cut down the amount of solar energy available.


The neutron observations may help cast new light on solar flares and solar activity.

Unshielded, an astronaut could be exposed to hundreds of rads during a solar flare .

For solar flares , a system of early warning satellites around the Sun could detect the first sign of trouble.

This also shows that the ejections are not necessarily triggered by solar flares , a view that has recently been gaining support.


The windows are not designed for ventilation, but to admit daylight and control solar gain .

This assumption omits any effects from both solar gains and thermal mass.

All living rooms and bedrooms face south or west and have large windows for passive solar gain and planted pergolas for shading.


There are two techniques for using a wind generator or a solar panel .

Here, 300 workers are busy pumping out solar panels .

The result has been that solar panels are now comparable in price to wind generators.

The most obvious source of the necessary electrical energy would be solar panels set out on the lunar surface.

The major difficulty with comparing solar panels is that manufacturers' output figures can not be compared.

The batteries for the torches were recharged from the wind generator and the solar panels , as was the radio battery.

Most of the solar panels we came across in our survey used monocrystalline silicone cells.

Only the solar panels were kept clear so they could continue to generate electricity.


A drop of juniper can also be rubbed into your forearms and solar plexus .

You go crazy with the frustration and throw a bad punch and take his counter in your mouth or solar plexus .

He began to work on the body, aiming for the solar plexus all the time.

When I finally saw his face, the muscles surrounding my solar plexus contracted fiercely with the shock of recognition.

The impact of that failure must have been like a fierce left hook in the solar plexus .

You could then lean back and pick up the front foot, thrusting it straight into the opponent's solar plexus .

Had the batsman not ducked, the ball might have struck him in the solar plexus .

It was like a jagged knife, jerking in her solar plexus .


But the idea of full-blown solar power stations is unrealistic in the foreseeable future.

The belt provides vast material resources, vast amounts of solar power , and vast elbow room.

Publications for teachers and pupils on wind and solar power are available.

The Sacramento Municipal Utilities District has a similar program for solar power .

The second is that solar power can supply all of Britain's energy needs.

Thus, it is solar power that provides the energy to heat the exhaust.

The sun may not shine that much on Britain but that doesn't exclude us from using solar power .

But solar power remained a tantalizing lure to both environmentalists and entrepreneurs.


Crop yields would fall as a result of shorter growing periods, and reduced solar radiation due to heavier cloud cover.

They grow long tails as material streams away from their rocky cores driven by solar radiation .

But because ultraviolet radiation is a constant feature of solar radiation, the ozone layer is maintained.

Yet the solar radiation from the sun, then a faint, young star, was approximately 30 percent less.

How can solar radiation be directly trapped and used?

Capital cost is nearly £7 for every watt of electrical energy to be produced by solar radiation .

Indeed, infra-red light is chiefly responsible for the general warming effect of solar radiation .


The creation of this solar sail is something that should be done anyway.

What's the launch schedule of the test solar sail and how long will it stay in orbit?

We will broadcast messages from the solar sail which will be relayed to the toys in local languages.

There are many missions that only solar sails can do.

These solar sails would be slow to accelerate, but could eventually reach high speeds - at zero fuel cost.

I think the most exciting idea is to launch an Earth-Moon solar sail race.

So how did you get from airships to solar sails ?

In trying to learn about inflatable technology, I came across the solar sail concept.


A less-contrived example involves the relation between Kepler's theory of the solar system and Newton's.

The supposed permanent subsolar point would be the hottest place in the solar system outside the Sun.

Henceforth the whole cosmos or at least the whole solar system must be conceived as a process of constant historical change.

All the heavy materials came from junk spinning somewhere around in the solar system .

Female speaker Can anyone one tell me about the solar system , or anything they know about it.

Not long ago I had read that each atom was a sort of solar system .

If we could observe several different solar systems around other stars, the resulting constants would vary.

More than a million life forms have developed on this unique spot in the solar system .


The solar wind loses its identity in the interstellar medium at a distance no less than that of the outer planets.

It is true that the Sun emits helium-3 in the solar wind , and that in principle we could intercept it.

When the solar wind is strong the magnetopause retreats to about 50 R J upwind.

The lunar surface also contains the light isotope helium-3, which is implanted in the surface by the solar wind .

Between the bow shock and the magnetopause the solar wind is greatly decelerated.

An obvious question is whether the surfaces of the asteroids might be rich in helium-3 implanted by the solar wind .

Some theorists even believe that solar wind particles hitting the atmosphere may trigger cloud formation.

Kulcinski argues that the solar wind has implanted great quantities of hydrogen and helium into the lunar regolith.


Our calendar year is based on the solar year - the number of days the earth takes to travel round the sun.

But since then our calendar year has been the same as the solar year.

The nineteen-year cycle depends on the discovery that nineteen solar years are very nearly equal to 235 lunar months.


the solar system


a solar observatory


An increase in the number of dark spots on the sun marks such a period of high solar activity.

At times of strong solar heating there may be many active dust devils at the same time.

But because ultraviolet radiation is a constant feature of solar radiation, the ozone layer is maintained.

Furthermore, Conservation moves are very effective in this sector and solar energy is very suitable for water heating needs.

Girl, light the torches in the solar !

Guy took two steps away from the solar door and had to stop.

The first solar panels were developed by Bell Laboratories in 1954 as part of the space program.

There are many missions that only solar sails can do.

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