Meaning of SOLAR in English


I. solar ˈsälə(r), ˈsōl- noun

or sol·lar ˈsäl-

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English soler, solar, from Old English soler, solar; akin to Middle Dutch solre loft, flat roof, Middle Low German solder, Old High German solāri loft; all from a prehistoric West Germanic word borrowed from Latin solarium part of a house exposed to the sun — more at solarium

1. : an upper room or apartment (as a solarium, a chamber, a rood loft, or a garret) ; especially : an apartment for family use in a superior medieval residence

the ladies gathered in the solar while the lords drank in the great hall of the castle

2. usually sollar , or sol·ler ˈsälə(r) : a platform in a Cornish mine shaft and especially between a series of ladders : a longitudinal partition forming an air passage between itself and the roof in a mine working

II. so·lar ˈsōlə(r) sometimes -ˌlär or -ˌlȧ(r adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from Latin solaris, from sol sun + -aris -ar; akin to Old English & Old Norse sōl sun, Gothic sauil, Greek hēlios, Sanskrit sūra

1. : of, derived from, or relating to the sun and its effects especially on the earth and other celestial bodies

2. : born under or subject to the influence of the sun

3. : produced or operated by the action of the sun's light or heat ; also : utilizing the sun's rays or heat

a solar engine

— see solar salt , solar telegraph

4. : of, like, or connected with the sun as a deity or symbol of deity : descended from or sacred to a sun god : devoted to sun worship

solar myths

a solar hero

III. solar adjective

Etymology: alteration (influenced by solar ) (II) of sola (II)

1. : made of sola

a solar topee

2. : intended for use in tropic regions

solar clothing

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