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Reactions can therefore be highly subjective and we may find ourselves disagreeing strongly with what the artist is saying.

Evaluative core beliefs, however, are often highly subjective .

Each year, a decision is taken, often on a highly subjective basis, on our continuing worth.

Data on the market value of autos and houses can be highly subjective .

In the final analysis a judgement on the political stability of most countries must be highly subjective .

Secondly, many of the symptoms produced are highly subjective - headache, confusion or nausea, for example.

To start the Christmas debate, the following are highly subjective and totally personal suggestions.

However, this is a highly subjective area in which the rules themselves can only be guiding principles.


A subjective view Choreographers can also take a more subjective view of their work.

Hedonic value is more subjective and personal than its utilitarian counterpart and results from fun and playfulness rather than from task completion.

Some ethologists favour a purely quantitative approach, while others prefer a more subjective treatment.

Price is easy to measure; service is far more subjective .

Chapters 5 and 6 explore the more subjective , sometimes unpleasant, aspects of power.

Judgment of humorous writing is even more subjective than with any other kind.


It has an irritatingly small backspace key and I think it has a horrible plastic feel, but this is purely subjective .

The truth is, he just grosses me out -- this is purely subjective .

This attitude was, of course, purely subjective , and their appreciation of primitive art was almost entirely emotional.

It is difficult to avoid the feeling that this, one of his first university essays, is purely subjective .


At times she was very subjective , at others quite detached as if floating outside her body.

Martin Scorsese is a very subjective artist, if not one with much sense of perspective.

Sometimes the approach is very subjective , but the result is entertaining and informative, easy to read and full of insight.

Odours are very subjective in nature and affect people in different ways.

This is very subjective and I question whose past he's referring to.

They are very subjective , unlike shoplifting.



Some have been used informally for many years, subjective assessments such as those made by parents, teachers, and librarians.

As a practising scientist, I could not allow such subjective assessments of the human condition to influence my work.

We were particularly interested in the practices' subjective assessments of the impact of this change on practice management and patient care.

That exercise, inevitably based on superficial and subjective assessments , allows too much scope for prejudice and irrationality.


She ignores the usual boundaries drawn between these factors, and subjective experience .

The subjective experience of individual actors is brought together with the objective reality of public issues.

We just need to add something else, some new fundamental principles, to bridge the gap between neuroscience and subjective experience .

If we believe that humans have evolved, we are liable to assume that our subjective experiences are shared by other animals.

My point is that the form that an animal's subjective experience takes will be a property of the internal computer model.

Clearly, this emphasis on subjective experience and meaning can help to further an understanding of ageing with a disability.

Our objective measures of light intensity would be discarded if they universally gave answers that contradicted our subjective experiences .

They were also starting to analyse subjective experiences of gender, and were finding traditional psychological accounts of them inadequate.


The emphasis is on objective analysis of evidence rather than on a subjective impression of any single witness.

Beyond this, however, many of the claims were supported by anecdotal and subjective impressions only.

The findings of this questionnaire do not unfortunately enable us to assess such subjective impressions .

The subjective impressions experienced by the observers were influenced by their expectations.

However, there is no data to show that first babies really do cry more - it is just a subjective impression .


We wanted both detailed accounts and subjective interpretations , and we were given both.

Smith told me that his opinion was based upon his subjective interpretation of the statutes.

Age is the most obvious factor that will change the subjective interpretation of events.

This relates to both the farm worker's own expectations from life and his subjective interpretations of what he sees around him.

This humanistic attention to the subjective interpretation by prisoners of their situation marks a distinct departure from the orthodox account.


The individual's employment involves a subjective judgement on the part of some one else.

However, there are serious drawbacks to this approach which relies very much on the analyst's interpretational skills and subjective judgement .

Perfection is relative and, for potato lice or anything else, depends on subjective judgement .

Our subjective judgement of what seems like a good bet is irrelevant to what is actually a good bet.

The subjective judgement of an alien with a lifetime of a million centuries will be quite different.

In fact our subjective judgement is probably wrong by an even greater margin.


Accruing depreciation, stock valuations, provisions for doubtful debts, etc., are subjective judgements which make historic cost profit subjective.

Comparing these subjective judgements with actual costs might suggest that people are wrong about, for example check trading being cheap.


This is usually done by the subjective judgment of the officer concerned.

Reasonableness, however is a subjective judgment , which in turn can lead to differences of opinion.

Marking the tests calls for a dangerous amount of subjective judgment .


The task of the social sciences is seen by Schutz to be the understanding of the subjective meaning of social action.

Nor are subjective meanings or rational choices independent of public social rules for doing the right or rational thing.

If action stems from subjective meanings , it follows that the sociologist must discover those meanings in order to understand action.

Studies of action are concerned with the subjective meaning attached to actions by human beings.


Another major limiting factor in excavation is the subjective nature of the excavation process.

Inevitably this leads to the question of injecting matters of a subjective nature into the account.

This has generated considerable concern about the ethnographic experience itself, and specifically about the subjective nature of the process.

The subjective nature of measuring program effectiveness may lead to irreconcilable differences between the review staff and program management.

It is the subjective nature of ethnicity which can make it tricky to handle as a speaker variable.

The strength of the Marxist approach was its acknowledgement of the subjective nature of historical reconstruction.

Because of the subjective nature of the experience, pain tends to be enhanced by anxiety and stressful situations.


In general, young children may not distinguish between judgements about reality and judgements about appearance or subjective opinion .

The owners' subjective opinions are borne out by objective facts.

If sociologists produce their own statistics these too are the product of subjective opinions , in this case the opinions of sociologists.

Comparisons can be made and standards judged on quantitive data rather than on subjective opinion .


As stated earlier, subjective responses to ageing are also shaped by social and material resources.


A person's perception of stress is often very subjective .

Hiring new employees can be very much a subjective process.


Beyond this, however, many of the claims were supported by anecdotal and subjective impressions only.

It is the subjective voice, the primary experience of hunger.

Martin Scorsese is a very subjective artist, if not one with much sense of perspective.

Once again there is no hint of an overall inverted-U relationship or indeed any overall relationship between subjective risk and recognition sensitivity.

One of the questions most central to this research was whether drivers can generally report fluctuating levels of subjective risk.

The subjective theory, for example, when put to work on causation by a proponent, renders causation subjective.

The test is a subjective one.

These interpretations, however, are based on the assumption that there were no effects of subjective risk in Study 2.

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