Meaning of SUBJECTIVE in English


/ səbˈdʒektɪv; NAmE / adjective


based on your own ideas or opinions rather than facts and therefore sometimes unfair :

a highly subjective point of view

Everyone's opinion is bound to be subjective.


( of ideas, feelings or experiences ) existing in sb's mind rather than in the real world


[ only before noun ] ( grammar ) the subjective case is the one which is used for the subject of a sentence

OPP objective

►  sub·ject·ive·ly adverb :

People who are less subjectively involved are better judges.

subjectively perceived changes

►  sub·ject·iv·ity / ˌsʌbdʒekˈtɪvəti; NAmE / noun [ U ]:

There is an element of subjectivity in her criticism.



late Middle English (originally in the sense characteristic of a political subject, submissive ): from Latin subjectivus , from subject- brought under, from subicere , from sub- under + jacere throw.

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