Meaning of SUBJECTIVE in English


I. adjective Date: 15th century of, relating to, or constituting a subject: as, of, relating to, or characteristic of one that is a subject especially in lack of freedom of action or in submissiveness, being or relating to a grammatical subject, of or relating to the essential being of that which has substance, qualities, attributes, or relations, 3. characteristic of or belonging to reality as perceived rather than as independent of mind ; phenomenal , relating to or being experience or knowledge as conditioned by personal mental characteristics or states, 4. a. peculiar to a particular individual ; personal , modified or affected by personal views, experience, or background , arising from conditions within the brain or sense organs and not directly caused by external stimuli , arising out of or identified by means of one's perception of one's own states and processes , lacking in reality or substance ; illusory , ~ly adverb ~ness noun subjectivity noun II. noun Date: 1817 something that is ~

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