Meaning of SURVEY in English

I. noun


a comprehensive study/survey/assessment

The report includes a comprehensive study of the company’s training needs.

an Ordnance Survey map British English (= a map showing the roads, paths, hills etc of an area in detail )

carry out a survey

The committee has carried out a survey of parking problems in residential areas.

carry out a survey

The committee has carried out a survey of parking problems in residential areas.

conduct a survey

They conducted a survey of students’ careers one year after graduation.

longitudinal study/survey/research etc

a longitudinal study of unemployed workers

Ordnance Survey map

survey course

survey the wreckage (= look at it )

After the explosion, they got cautiously to their feet, surveying the wreckage.

survey/census data (= produced in a survey or census )

Survey data show that people’s participation in sports rises with their level of income.




From 1989 until then, the species' population had remained stable in annual surveys at about 450.

By the time of the last bighorn hunt, in the fall of 1992, the annual survey produced 15 sheep sightings.

Through an annual survey in each business area, we prioritize key customer requirements and measure satisfaction.

She has pledged to reduce pay differentials to single figures within five years by making pay more transparent through annual surveys .

To date mathematics, language and science have completed their initial round of annual surveys .


It contained a comprehensive survey of the world's countries and their populations and referred to earlier missionary endeavours.

It is not the purpose of this chapter to provide a comprehensive survey of the empirical work undertaken upon this topic.

The poll, for the Press Association, is the largest and most comprehensive survey of the campaign.

Clearly one can not hope to give a comprehensive survey of the history of metals and metalworking in a single chapter.

A comprehensive survey with this emphasis is very welcome.

With the remainder, a full, comprehensive survey of painting in this country during the last four centuries should be created.


It provides a detailed survey of pay, and therefore makes research possible into what determines pay in Northern Ireland.

This detailed survey is peppered with information on how the faunas came to be collected - often by amateurs.

After some detailed survey work members of the Glasgow South branch.

Seventy years later an even more detailed survey of another Dorset town was made.

In Northern Ireland, a detailed gravity survey was made in the Cushendall area.

A small, detailed survey found that older inheritors tended to put aside much of their cash to benefit their own children.

However, that property could have defects which could only be identified and reported by a more detailed survey .


Three national surveys were carried out between 1970 and 1981.

The latest national survey for the Pew Research Center found a majority of those questioned tend to disbelieve Clinton.

Each of the four countries is to submit a report based on national surveys in March 1992.

While Clinton has a comfortable lead over Dole in recent national surveys , the Kansas senator is expected to win Texas.

The government gets its data from a national survey conducted every five years.

More detailed information will be sought from national surveys of higher education, employing organisations and former students, supplemented by interviews.

In the national audience research survey I conducted in 1970-73, listeners were asked to state their favourite programme or programmes.

Going further back again, local authorities had made good use, on a comparative basis, of national reading surveys .


It is one of the findings of a nationwide survey carried out by the Bitumen Association.

A subject chosen following a nationwide survey . £60,000 advertising campaign.

Clinton enjoys a wide lead over Dole, according to the latest nationwide public opinion survey .

A nationwide survey completed May 16 showed that Clinton is reaping a political windfall with support from women.

Drug use among teen-agers rose 78 percent between 1992 and 1995, according to a nationwide federal survey released Tuesday.

The latest nationwide survey showed Clinton defeating Dole 56 percent to 39 percent in a hypothetical two-way race.


Data from the Higher Education Statistical Agency records and from new surveys are presented and analysed.

A new federal survey on the growing shortage of nurses portrays a stagnant workforce with a dramatic slowdown in nursing school enrollments.

But mum still knows the best way to a man's heart, according to a new survey .

But a new survey has revealed more problems at Park South Junior and Infants schools.

A NEW survey says people fantasise more about winning the Lottery than meeting their dream date.

A NEW survey says women spend up to 12 times longer on housework than men.


The very questions used in public opinion surveys indicate the importance of the assumption.

Clinton enjoys a wide lead over Dole, according to the latest nationwide public opinion survey .

Clinton remains far ahead of Republican rival Bob Dole, according to the latest public opinion surveys .

The independent experts uniformly discounted the accuracy of earlier public opinion surveys awarding Clinton an enormous lead.


A recent survey by Proshare-Mori reveals that there are now 9.26m shareholders in Britain.

About 34 percent of those who took part in the recent survey said they use a commercial online service.

A RECENT survey says workers are more likely to do overtime if their boss is handsome.

In a recent Industry Week survey , sixty-three percent of the respondents said that they did not get satisfaction from their work.

A recent survey showed that more than 7,000 people telephoned Colchester General in an average day.


As part of this a rather different kind of social survey emerged and with it new kinds of data.

The social psychological survey also left a legacy in the attitudinal questions which are very often contained in questionnaires.

This was stressed in all the social surveys of the period.

The research uses a variety of social survey methods.

Furthermore social surveys had shown that early marriage, by unskilled workers could lead to poverty and destitution.

So, in social surveys the limitations can be very severe, yet it would be foolish to try to avoid them.

By contrast, the social survey was developed as a more generic method.

Would social surveys be better understood if both approaches to data analysis were to be adopted?



This survey data is cross-section data taken from a sample of households at a particular point in time.

In order to test these theoretical assumptions, a factor analysis of the survey data was performed.

This will provide information on neighbourhood characteristics from the 1981 Census to analyse in combination with the individual survey data .

This process requires at least a bivariate analysis, if not a multivariate analysis of the survey data . 2.

The third generalization is drawn from survey data .

They deal mainly with the analysis of secondary data , rather than multi-country analysis of survey data.

Everyone else who was not engaged in either survey data collection or ship handling seemed to be doing the same.

In the corporate and financial environment, numerically presented financial and survey data was subjected to increasingly sophisticated statistical and econometric analysis.


The very questions used in public opinion surveys indicate the importance of the assumption.

Clinton enjoys a wide lead over Dole, according to the latest nationwide public opinion survey .

An opinion survey by the party's communications group showed women had significantly different political views from men.

Clinton remains far ahead of Republican rival Bob Dole, according to the latest public opinion surveys .

Wartime opinion surveys showed consistently, however, that unemployment remained a matter of concern.

But his problems extend far beyond Capitol Hill, as recent opinion surveys have shown.

The independent experts uniformly discounted the accuracy of earlier public opinion surveys awarding Clinton an enormous lead.

Public opinion surveys show voters have little interest, however.


Here one is dealing with social situations which are relatively unexplored and where sample surveys may be quite inappropriate.

In such cases the issue of representativeness is of less concern than in the sample survey .

It will use a sample survey and a life history approach.

The other is collection of information from consumers, using sample surveys .

This work arose out of a project in which a sample survey program was written specifically for use by developing countries.

It is concerned with both theoretical and applied aspects, the latter emphasising the use of sample survey data in policy analysis.

These in turn are based on sample surveys taken in various parts of the country.



In the case of criminals, much early research was based on surveys of those who had been caught and convicted.

But the study was based on surveys mailed to 517 clients a year after they completed the program.

That is the figure it has come up with, based on a survey of chief executives.

A First Call consensus estimate based on a survey of four analysts was 42 cents for the Columbus, Ohio, company.

This decision was based on a survey of 1991 visitors and exhibitors which also revealed attendance figures of 17,000.

The non-computer-\#based local surveys established this stereotype as one that is widely endorsed.

These in turn are based on sample surveys taken in various parts of the country.

The figures are based on a survey sample, although one with a very high response rate.


We carried out a survey to determine how buyers of conference facilities selected venues.

Had they already reached Saturn, carried out their survey , and gone into hibernation?

We will carry out a free survey of your electrical installations and visually check the condition of your wiring.

Nether Wyresdale Parish Council would like to express their appreciation of the effort that went into carrying out the survey .

Rowntree carried out his third survey of living standards in York in 1951.

We plan to carry out a borehole survey starting during hte week beginning 26 April 1993.

Councils will have to carry out an annual survey of customer satisfaction, published just before local election.


The team has completed a second survey recently.

As part of management training in the computer company, new managers were required to have their subordinates complete opinion surveys .

The third development, the Lanterns, built to a more conventional design, was being completed during the survey period.

After completing her survey she ensured that she left without the concrete socks.

Commissioned as consultant for the Newry canal, he completed his survey in 1736, later spending two years on site.

This arose partly from the ever present pressure from official sources to complete the survey of the country.

Among them, Cadw would be told to complete its survey in three years.


In fact, astronomers who conduct such surveys estimate that 95 percent of stars are less luminous than the Sun.

Finally, they conducted a customer survey of 1, 300 park users.

We continue to conduct dioxin surveys .

So Fox Valley also conducts detailed surveys of the community and of its own employees.

In conducting their pioneering survey , Abel-Smith, Zander and Brooke were faced with this problem.

Run a pilot project, conduct some surveys or select some employees for a focus group discussion.

At this very moment, other hoteliers no doubt are busy conducting surveys designed to pinpoint our newest whims.


The survey also found that the likeliest effect of downsizing is a slump in morale, which can reduce productivity and profits.

In fact, a Longevity magazine survey finds some things actually get better with age.

The Hollywood Reporter recently conducted a survey to find out who are the most bankable directors.

Female athletes, the survey found , received a little more than a third of the money spent on all athletic scholarships.

A Wildlife Trust survey has found the immigrants in ponds in south-west London.

One survey found that if the Bill of Rights were on the ballot today, most people would vote against it.

Fundamentally, the survey method finds out what people will say when they are being interviewed, or filling in a questionnaire.

And when I made extensive surveys I found them almost exclusively on sugar maples.


These details will not be included in the survey . 1 Which of the following cleaners do you own?

Approximately 24, 000 families were included in the survey .

These details will not be included in the survey .

If all cities were included , the survey says the loss would amount to billions of dollars.

Research methods will include interviews, a survey of relevant documents, a questionnaire and limited observation.

Whisky exports were not included in the survey because comprehensive statistics on Scotch whisky exports are obtainable from the Scotch Whisky Association.


The variation in prices is revealed in a survey published today.

But there are two dramatic weaknesses in the new model family as revealed by these surveys .

Particularly insidious is the unobtrusive process of grooming for partnership, as revealed in the survey .


In fact these groupings are shown by the survey as having fairly characteristic woodlands.


They can generally undertake big surveys involving large numbers of people and they provide statistics and interpretations of them.

In addition to the lectures, part 11 participants attend two days of conferences related to archaeology and undertake a short practical survey project.

Little public attention was paid to rural poverty before Rowntree undertook a survey in 1912.

Its main object is to undertake research into survey methods and problems.

These are students who have organised themselves to undertake surveys of buildings requiring modification for full public access.


a geological survey

A recent survey found that 36% of the women asked did not feel safe walking alone at night.

According to a survey of 606 city residents, garbage collection was the city service people liked most.

Many parents were surprised by the survey on teenage drug use.

The survey on consumer confidence was conducted in late December.


Clinton enjoys a wide lead over Dole, according to the latest nationwide public opinion survey .

References to be obtained by fax / e-mail within days, surveys within a week.

Results of surveys, inspections and investigations should be revealed to prospective purchasers.

Similarly inconclusive are studies that have attempted to evaluate the managerialist hypothesis through surveys of management attitudes based on questionnaires.

The survey answers have to be mailed in by this Saturday.

The survey did not go into reasons for the increase in acrimony.

The third development, the Lanterns, built to a more conventional design, was being completed during the survey period.

II. verb




William is seen surveying the scene with dad Harry, and quarry manager John Austin.

The policewoman, Song Anni, came up to survey the scene .

There are admirers of rugged grandeur who are content merely to survey the scene from easy points of vantage.

Then I would emerge to survey the scene .

I was able to survey the London art scene with detachment.


A large segment of the population that was surveyed was taking vitamin supplements.

Kramer quickly surveyed the competition and decided he had nothing to worry about.

Of the 1007 people surveyed, 74% supported the decision.

Researchers surveyed 10,000 customers about the quality of companies that they used.

Southwest Junior High is surveying parents about their children wearing uniforms.


Fenn had stopped the car and was surveying the panorama, allowing the information to assemble itself in his mind.

He said divers surveying the aftermath of the Braer tanker disaster found large numbers of razor shells contaminated with oil.

I stood under trees, surveying the stone walls and vines of the Villa Diodati.

My brain wandered off surveying the amorous absurdity of it.

Yet the world was still waiting on Flamsteed to finish surveying the stars.

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