Meaning of SUSPENSION in English




a suspension bridge (= one that hangs from strong steel ropes )

A famous suspension bridge spans the estuary.

suspension bridge




Safrane's front and rear suspension are based on the MacPherson principle and benefit from programmed movement.

This innovation permits a longer arm and makes for better control of front suspension movement.

The 2001 R1150R also donates its new, lightweight Telelever front suspension to its touring sibling.

The front suspension is taken care of by a pair of upside-down forks.

By 1991, it was a leading light in outlandish front suspension concepts.


And it handles well on independent coil suspension with roll well controlled.


Back at the Glen, he qualified a lowly thirteenth and his rear suspension went on lap four.

Part of the credit must go to the 225/55 Dunlops, the remainder to the multi-link rear suspension .

Safrane's front and rear suspension are based on the MacPherson principle and benefit from programmed movement.

Renault engineers have also carefully developed the rear suspension on Safrane to provide predictable handling even when sideways cornering forces are involved.

A new 5-link rear suspension system stabilises the car, helping you to stay in control even in an emergency.

In addition, the rear suspension allows longitudinal rearward wheel travel in order to reduce tyre thump on poor road surfaces.

The bike is the first mass-produced bicycle to boast full front and rear suspension .

The rear suspension linkage on this race bike appears to operate a shock that lies horizontally under the engine.


The university gave no reason for the temporary suspension .

The operation continued Friday after a temporary suspension of flight activity.

The London Stock Exchange will not normally grant a temporary suspension for more than 48 hours.

The temporary suspension gives the exchange time to investigate any abnormalities in trading and cuts down market volatility, he said.

And it could also have the power to impose a temporary suspension of currency convertibility.



She had panicky thoughts about the Clifton suspension bridge and its alarming suicide rate, but Tavett did not mention Clifton.

Serrell was given a contract to build a highway suspension bridge over the Niagara between Lewiston and Queenston.

I got to the top and walked along a bit, and saw the suspension bridge flying away to my left.

Then in 1850, a wire suspension bridge twisted and crumpled under the tread of marching troops.

The Albert suspension bridge is all lit up and people cheer us.

That the suspension bridge was both graceful to look at and economical to build was undeniable.

Some days ago I saw pictures of the Baghdad suspension bridge being destroyed.

His drawings ran the gamut from the parabolic suspension bridge to the forms and color of various trees and individual flowers.


Equal volumes of bacterial and cell suspensions were mixed and shaken gently at room temperature for 30 minutes.

The resulting crude cell suspension is purified using a Ficoll-Hypaque gradient and resuspended in culture medium.

Five millilitres of cell free plasma were added to the cell suspension and centrifuged at 100 g for five minutes.

This cell suspension was the basis for all the experiments.

The animals were sacrificed 60min later and optic nerve cell suspensions were prepared as previously described.

Therefore platelets were not removed from mononuclear cell suspensions in the subsequent experiments as this process reduced cell yield.


They will have to sit out remaining match suspensions when the finals begin on June 8.

The Hereford team shows the return of Peter Heritage after a one match suspension .


A new 5-link rear suspension system stabilises the car, helping you to stay in control even in an emergency.

There is a fully independent, four-wheel-suspension system with McPherson struts and stabilizer bars, front and rear.

The optical paths are evacuated and the suspension systems are insulated against mechanical vibration by shock absorbers.

Main feature is a new pendulum single coil suspension system with shock absorbers.

Instead of merely reacting to differences in the road surface, as a conventional suspension system does, it anticipates bumps and bends.

The Discovery also shares the Range Rover's suspension system .

The suspension system consists of an orthopaedic footbed which locates the foot in a central position and prevents side to side slipping.

The C5's other selling point is its Hydractive 3 computerised suspension system .



It announced the suspension of all work on the grounds of lack of raw materials.


Mr Clarke's decision followed the suspension of 2,500 staff at 71 London stations for refusing to work normally.


Sarajevo Airport closed by fighting Violence in Sarajevo hit the airport leading to the suspension of relief flights temporarily.

One unexcused absence can lead to a ninety-day suspension of benefits; four unexcused absences can cause expulsion from welfare entirely.

It was this that suggested that there had been pricing errors which led to the suspension of the trusts.

Clinton also alluded to the intractable ideological divide that led to the suspension of top-level budget negotiations.

Already it has led to courts-martial and suspensions of dozens of drill sergeants and instructors.


Ronald Fogleman, Friday night ordered the flight suspension .


He received a two-week suspension after the game which Natal won 31-16.

Officer John Middleton barely avoided losing his badge, receiving a 240-hour suspension , the maximum penalty short of dismissal.

Officer Arnold Stallman received a 120-hour suspension .

Jeff Hynes received a 16-hour suspension .

It also found that 80 percent of the students who receive suspensions are black.

The most severe penalty he could receive would be a suspension of pay, reduction in rank or confinement to the barracks.


This more than made up for the Tramway Department's loss of revenue resulting from the suspension of the service!

Two positive tests could result in a suspension .

He has already been booked four times this season and two more cautions will result in automatic suspension .


Bradford striker Sean McCarthy is set to return after a three-match suspension .

Breacker returns from suspension and Rush is included.

The hooker Fabrice Landreau is also fit once again and the scrum-half Fabien Galthi returns after suspension .


Brown currently is serving a four-week suspension that started on Oct. 13.

Irvin served a five-game suspension this season after pleading no contest to felony cocaine possession.

The two will return to flight duty after they have served their suspensions , Hsu said.

Five coaches were fined $ 42, 500 and one served a one-game suspension .


Baker was given a two-week suspension for criticizing the coach.


As President, Özal refused to consider an immediate suspension of the constitutional ban on political parties.

But he knew that suspension was only a half way house towards complete termination.

Diego Maradona played in a charity exhibition on Wednesday in apparent defiance of his worldwide suspension for use of cocaine.

In this respect, animal cells are quite unlike those of bacteria, which grow happily in suspension .

It was this that suggested that there had been pricing errors which lead to the suspension of the trusts.

She was denied any opportunity to appear before councillors in order to appeal against her suspension .

The suspension will cost him nearly $ 43,500.

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