Meaning of SUSPENSION in English


sus ‧ pen ‧ sion AC /səˈspenʃ ə n/ BrE AmE noun

[ Word Family: verb : ↑ suspend ; noun : ↑ suspension ]

1 . STOPPING SOMETHING [uncountable] when something is officially stopped for a period of time

suspension of

Both sides are now working towards a suspension of hostilities.

2 . MAKING SOMEBODY LEAVE [countable] when someone is not allowed to go to school, do their job, or take part in an activity for a period of time as a punishment:

He received a six-month suspension for unprofessional behaviour.

suspension from

The fight led to his suspension from school.

3 . PART OF A VEHICLE [uncountable] a part attached to the wheels of a vehicle that makes it more comfortable on roads that are not smooth:

a car with an excellent suspension system

4 . LIQUID [countable] technical a liquid mixture in which very small pieces of solid material are contained but have not combined with it

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