Meaning of SYNTHETIC in English



cotton/silk/synthetic etc fabric

printed cotton fabric

natural/synthetic/man-made etc fibre

Nylon is a man-made fibre.

synthetic chemicals (= made by mixing artificial substances )

A synthetic chemical is, in theory, identical to that found in nature.




More than 75,000 synthetic chemicals are now on the market, with a thousand new ones coming on board every year.

Many of the compounds in question are members of a group of estrogen-like synthetic chemicals that are widespread in the environment.

The arrival of synthetic chemicals revolutionized postwar agriculture.

Why are some people apparently made ill by everyday synthetic chemicals ?

Any synthetic chemical will carry with it a small percentage of undesirable substances which are not found in the essential oil.

But above all, a synthetic chemical lacks the life-force found only in nature.

When tested by a doctor with various synthetic chemicals , Sheila's symptoms reappeared.

In the case of synthetic chemicals apparently causing asthma, the effect may be due to irritation rather than an allergic reaction.


The synthetic drugs reigned supreme, carrying their subliminal toll of side effects.

One of the early ones was dinitrophenol, the first synthetic drug used for weight reduction.

A chemical or synthetic drug may contain a single, therefore an unbalanced, but very powerful active principle.


Use fine thread; silk thread with silk fabrics , and synthetic thread with synthetic fabrics.

All synthetic fabrics , plastics, chipboard, plywood, foam rubber and other man-made materials are excluded from the oasis.

Viscose: A synthetic fabric normally made from wood fibres.


A synthetic fibre with a foam or waffle backing is best.

The extra strength of synthetic fibre allows Evergreen to spin finer yarns with efficiency.


Among the synthetic fibres used in furnishing fabrics are nylon, polyester and acrylic.

Notes accompanying the disc offer facts about synthetic fibres , hydrocarbons, and plastics together with true or false quizzes.

The two scientists have also developed similar treatments for synthetic fibres made from polyester and polyamide.

New materials for modem society - plastics and synthetic fibres .

Generally, clothes made from natural fibres such as wool or cotton will keep you warmer than clothes made from synthetic fibres.

But there are now synthetic fibres on the market which are specially designed to be light yet very warm.

It is an extremely versatile commodity in that it provides petrol, fuel oil, chemicals and synthetic fibres , etc.

Most people cover their bodies with layers of synthetic fibres that trap air and hinder the skin's natural metabolism.


They use synthetic materials in ways which suggest a genetics of the non-natural world, as if they have already written nature off.

Then we learned to extract raw materials from her biosphere to create our own new synthetic materials.

It can not be used on suede or synthetic materials .

It also is useful to wrap this synthetic material around shrubs that are prone to freeze damage.

So the choice comes down to twist or braid, and the synthetic material from which it is made.

Fillings used include natural fibres such as cashmere, lamb's wool, horsehair and felt and synthetic materials like polyester.

Materials Oriental rugs always use natural fibres, and any rug containing synthetic material will invariably have been machine made.

It is not immediately obvious that using polymers for contact lenses represents an example of the biomedical application of synthetic materials .


This simple consideration dictates the design of the synthetic oligonucleotides .

The second strand was sequenced using appropriate synthetic oligonucleotides as primers.

In differential helical phasing experiments, synthetic oligonucleotides are prepared in which the distance of specific structural elements is systematically varied.


synthetic rubber

Many old herbal remedies have disappeared and been replaced by synthetic drugs.

The jacket is made of synthetic materials.

The rug is made from a mixture of wool and synthetic fibres.


A synthetic form of melatonin can be bought over-the-counter at health food stores and many pharmacies.

An interesting and ambitious solution to the oil import bill problem is to substitute synthetic petrol made from natural gas.

I thought it was pretty synthetic .

It also is useful to wrap this synthetic material around shrubs that are prone to freeze damage.

The lightweight upper is made from synthetic suede and nylon and the support is given by the thermoplastic heel counter.

Until recently Gomez had to feed the fish and invertebrates dwelling on the synthetic reef with supplemental food.

Use detergent when washing synthetic bags, as soap can destroy the crimping and cause the bag to lose its loft.

Why are some people apparently made ill by everyday synthetic chemicals?

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