Meaning of TASK in English

I. noun


an impossible job/task

He faced the impossible task of paying back huge debts.

an urgent task/job

I’ve got some urgent tasks to finish before I leave tonight.

arduous task/work

the arduous task of loading all the boxes into the van

assign sb a task/role

I’ve been assigned the task of looking after the new students.

carry out a task/job

He was unable to carry out simple tasks.

carry out a task/job

He was unable to carry out simple tasks.

daunting task

He’s got the daunting task of following in Ferguson’s footsteps.

do a job/task

On Saturdays I usually do a few jobs around the house.

domestic tasks (= small jobs at home such as cleaning and washing )

How many hours do you spend on domestic tasks each week?

face the task of doing sth

He faced the task of preparing a three-course meal for 50 people.

formidable task/challenge

the formidable task of local government reorganization

hopeless task

Getting your work published often seems a hopeless task .

keep your mind on the job/task in/at hand

Making notes is the best way of keeping your mind on the task at hand.

laborious process/task/business etc

Collecting the raw materials proved a long and laborious task.

the laborious business of drying the crops

onerous task

an onerous task

perform a task/job/duty etc

What skills do you need to perform this task?

repetitive work/tasks/jobs

repetitive tasks like washing and ironing

straightforward matter/task/process etc

For someone who can’t read, shopping is by no means a straightforward matter.

task force

a task force on health care reform

thankless task/job/chore etc

Cooking every day is a thankless task.

undertake a task/project

Every task he undertook was tackled with great determination.

unenviable task/job etc (of doing sth)

the unenviable task of informing the victim’s relations




The arduous task of legging through a long tunnel like that under Castle Hill at Dudley could take over 3 hours.

They've already begun the arduous task of carrying their plants half a mile across town to their new home.

You have a self-disciplined and energetic approach to life now that should help you get even the most arduous and onerous tasks done.

We asked her why she has given herself such an arduous task .


This is a complex task in the midst of implementing other aspects of the national curriculum.

Mixing development and washes is a complex task .&038;.

These systems are going to become more and more simple, to accomplish more and more complex tasks .

With their hierarchical authority and functional specialization, they made possible the efficient undertaking of large, complex tasks .

It is nowhere near as good as OS/2 at managing complex tasks , like getting computers to co-operate across a network.

While performing more complex tasks , however, they make fewer mistakes and are less likely to dose off.

Given the nature of the building, the provision of ducts is a very complex task .

They discovered just how complex an analytic task they faced when they began to recognize how diverse their subordinates were.


This proved a difficult task as the story was completely false.

In some ways the managers were faced with an especially difficult supervisory task .

Interpreting the new rules could prove a very difficult task in a political culture where the limits of secrecy are never defined.

In tackling this difficult task , some governments have been trapped in their own demagogic schemes.

Managing paperwork One of the most difficult tasks is to manage paperwork.

In theory it ought not to be too difficult a task .

It is a difficult task that may be impossible.


However as she grows older, and perhaps re-enters the labour market, domestic tasks are shared more equitably.

When that was too much like work there were all the domestic tasks to catch up on.

Even this minor domestic task was apparently beyond his powers.

It is not uncommon to hear of old women who are cross when asked to perform domestic tasks in residential care!

Some residents enjoy being useful and helping out with domestic tasks , and a good Home encourages this.

Similarly, the husband is playing a greater part in domestic tasks associated with the house and children.

Freeing teachers from time consuming domestic tasks such as tidying, cleaning and repairing equipment?

The effect of women's work on the distribution of domestic tasks within households will be a further important focus on research.


A distillation of the riches of the existing law would be a most formidable task .

The new managers obviously had their work cut out for them: learning how to be a manager was a formidable task .

As with care within the household, the provision of care from outside can be a formidable task .

How to tantalize our lower-middle-class students was a formidable task .

Making money and turning out literate graduates are themselves formidable tasks , made none the easier when burdened with idealistic moral baggage.


The Division has a particularly important task in promoting training courses for industry and commerce.

Audio focuses the senses on sound and voice intonation, important for subtle tasks like detecting lying.

It is important that the tasks agreed upon are absolutely clear.

An important task , in the realm's defence.

The guardian is given the important task of assessing whether this degree of understanding has been achieved.

Don't go when there are important tasks which only you can do.

Proper financial reward should go to those who undertake this important task .


But was that really her fault - or was I presenting her with an impossible task ?

The market permits people to make decisions and to act without going through the impossible task of collecting all the relevant information.

However, the new minister on arrival soon found that he was faced with a seemingly impossible task .

An impossible task , the priests told him.

But that, as they suggest, is a well-nigh impossible task at this distance in time.

Under the block-grant funding system, this was an almost impossible task .

It is of course an impossible task to examine the record of Marxism in such a short space as I have available.

Dropping a combined 76 tons in a city the size of Philadelphia is hardly an impossible task .


These objectives and a brief summary of the main tasks are given below.

Having said that, the main task up to 200 remains a gathering task.

His main task was tastefully to accommodate as many wedding presents into their new homes as was practicable.

Make a list of main tasks .

It is the main task of the trade union movement to create this unity.

Still much to do, but main task done.

He highlighted the reduction of inflation and the stimulation of economic growth as its two main tasks .

Yet its main task was to comprehend and destroy daemons.


Automatic equipment meant that many of the relatively routine tasks could be done more quickly and more accurately.

When the first tourists of the morning arrive, he joins other workers below for the routine tasks of the day.

I have little patience with routine tasks such as washing up, filling in forms, etc. 2.

At the same time, routine legal tasks have become increasingly computerized, allowing companies to substitute paralegals for actual lawyers.

A good forward planner, he delegates detailed and routine tasks .

He had to devote all his attention to the routine task of driving, finally pulling over to recover.

Driving instructors say most of the time they spend in cars with students is occupied by routine tasks .


You find yourself doing the strangest things that can only be because you are no longer capable of doing the simplest tasks .

There is good evidence for that as part of a simple learning task in sea slugs.

They may become apathetic, unable to do even the simplest task .

Where keeping house and cooking were not female chores but simple tasks of pleasure and survival.

In his opinion, while the Smalltalk syntax is very simple , its simplicity obscures simple programming tasks .

It was no simple task to complete; one workman, thrown into the raging rapids below almost lost his life.

Voeller could not believe his luck and had the simple task of tapping the ball into an empty goal.

Moving a carrier from one coast to another is no simple task , Roulstone said.


Having given Tam and Richie some very specific tasks I went off the following morning in search of a joiner.

A typical pin might be the result of many individual workers, each with a specific task to do.

The specific tasks allotted to each chapter, and the material included, also lead to different approaches.

One is identification of the specific tasks confronting each of the four learners.

This chapter reviews the considerations that must be taken into account when selecting a parser for a specific task .

The two team leaders will decide on how the specific tasks will be divided between the two subgroups.

A great deal of time was spent haggling over prices for specific tasks .

Homework tasks may centre around the client achieving specific behavioural tasks.


The Prague impresario Guardasoni was given the unenviable task of getting one together.

And we have a new secretary, Kirsty Rawlings, who has the unenviable task of organising me!

The doctor and Chief Superintendent Coffin stood aside as the photographer moved in to start his unenviable task of recording the remains.

Policing this activity to ensure submission of the reports is an unenviable and thankless task .

Richard of Gloucester has a difficult task - an unenviable task, some might say.

This man has the unenviable task of telling hungry women and children queueing for food that they're waiting in vain.

The residential staff are presented with an unenviable task .

They already have the unenviable task of supervising some of the most dangerous prisoners in the country.



In particular, they provide means for accomplishing certain tasks .

There is no reason why a robot equipped with multiple cameras and manipulators could not accomplish the tasks Alvin can do.

You have what you need to accomplish your given task .

The Army attempted to accomplish contradictory tasks with camps and perimeters of all sizes.

The promise is that evaluation, particularly self-evaluation, can accomplish these tasks .

Rather, the two skiing miles have been accomplished , a task done.

Your Manager will probably also want to comment on how you prepare for, accomplish and present completed tasks .

You can create similar macros to accomplish any task performed by a sequence of keystrokes.


Each member was assigned a task which would draw on their skills.

Restoring faith in government requires assigning tasks to the right village.

The computer is not used as a genius assigned moronic tasks of accumulating data for the sheer electronic thrill of it.

In the next we assign each task a number.

Other men assigned the task suffered similar fates.

Some are assigned different tasks , partly to prevent the work from becoming monotonous.

So, why not have the princess assign Simpleton his tasks ?


As Chapter 4 showed, the need to complete a task within a set period may produce a negative attitude towards it.

After completing the first task , the roles will switch and the group will work with Card 2 and then Card 3.

When he refused he was sent home, with lavish presents, to complete his task .

Again and again, Ishmael is faced with the impossibility of successfully completing his task .

Hdtest takes a long time to complete its task .

If you congratulate a subordinate for completing a task on schedule, you may generate a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

There are over 7,200 drawings extant and it has taken Claudie Judrin ten years to complete the task .

Now, the United States has a chance to complete its task .


Analysts said Mr Muawad faced the task of uniting militia leaders who have been fighting each other for 14 years.

On Worldwide Plaza the team faced design tasks beyond the construction of the building.

It sees government as faced with the same task of managing and controlling spending as any large business.

Meanwhile, Giap faced the task of forming guerrilla bands, which would ultimately become the core of an army.

They are therefore faced with the task of overcoming it.

This time, Republicans may face a tougher task in the House than in the Senate because of substantial turnover.

Meditation for those facing odious tasks Dear Lord, History in the making is often clear only in retrospect.

Hunting still faces an uphill task but, backed by a yield of 7.6 p.c., the shares are worth staying with.


Of course people are paid to perform a particular task .

One involves focus groups, where a representative customer is selected and asked to perform a task by following the enclosed directions.

It is not uncommon to hear of old women who are cross when asked to perform domestic tasks in residential care!

In other States, specially trained counselors perform this task .

Strangely enough, people were able to perform this bizarre task without difficulty.

Broadly speaking, as in a State today, performing all the tasks of administration and justice.

They assumed the state would know how to perform this task .

However, Sean performed poorly on tasks that required him to use a pencil or pen to perform copying assignments.


With this setting , Jeremiah's task would prove difficult, dangerous and often an unrewarding one.

So the league set up a second task force, to examine the quality issue.

Warnie was a natural historian, and he set himself the task of putting all these documents into chronological order.

Using the pen he had bought from the deaf mute, he set about his task with diligence.

The Government has set up a task force to survey mental health services over the next two years.

We first see him as a gentle jolly fellow set against the perilous task of killing whales from a small oar-manned boat.

They set themselves the task of creating a full-scale replica of it using the original Roman techniques.

They set themselves the difficult task of disentangling this cosmic dust from the earthly sort.


As I walked around that charming town, I undertook the task of solving the puzzle she had set for me.

All I could say was, with what special materials does he propose to undertake this great task ?

I do not mean to suggest that Tillyard or Olivier simply undertook their tasks as part of some officially orchestrated propaganda.

Alternatively, they may employ an independent third party, such as a relocation company, to undertake this task .

If the subordinate has to be so elaborately controlled the supervisor might just as well undertake the task .

As a consequence of the suggestion Laureen Williamson was approached and readily agreed to undertake the daunting task .

Proper financial reward should go to those who undertake this important task .

Members of these units are legal combatants and undertake legitimate military tasks .


an uphill struggle/battle/task etc

However, each parlor faces an uphill battle because the city hired a financial consulting firm to review the applications.

It proved to be an uphill struggle, and was far from successful.

Kopp said he faced an uphill battle in winning approval for the bill.

Rehabilitation will be an uphill struggle.

Smith said gay-rights advocates still believe they are fighting an uphill battle in opposing the bill.

Unless you have a goal your learning will be an uphill struggle.

Voice over Police are hoping to trace original owners but admit it's an uphill task.

While critics of his decision gained momentum Thursday, the record shows they face an uphill battle.

be unequal to the task/job etc

The country is in such disorder that a successor may be unequal to the task of putting it right.

have no stomach for a fight/task etc

They proved to have no stomach for a fight with only Steve Regeling showing any semblance of spirit.

no mean feat/achievement/task etc

But that was no mean achievement.

For an immigrant boy this marital alliance was no mean achievement.

Given that there are some 20,000 such fastenings in a boat of this size, this is no mean feat.

In particular the notion that nurse training is for the young and for women only must be dispelled; no mean task.

In this case it was no mean task.

On Tuesday Invergordon Distillers reported a marginal improvement in underlying profits, no mean feat given the difficulties facing the whisky sector.

This is no mean feat as the statute has 108 sections divided into 12 separate parts, together with 15 schedules.

This is no mean task, especially if they have not been doing any recruitment for the past few months.

no small degree/achievement/task etc

A large body of theory and no small degree of controversy exist relative to the treatment of uncertainty.

The idea suggests alignment of individual goals and group purposes, no small achievement.


By 2001, we had begun the task of collecting the materials and information needed for the study.

Many older people need help with daily tasks like dressing and eating.

Most of the workers did not have the skills required to perform the most basic tasks.

One of the first tasks Eva set herself was learning the local language.

Our main task is to improve the economy.

Recovery crews continued the grim task of retrieving bodies from the wreckage.

The massacre was never fully investigated because the police were incapable of carrying out the task .

The UN Peacekeeping Force faces an almost impossible task .

This is one of the most difficult and complex tasks we face.

We knew what had to be done, but it wasn't an easy task .

Who on earth would volunteer for such a thankless task ?


A skill description relates to how a task is performed and what is achieved rather than what actions are taken.

Each task should be identified and its position in the overall project established.

Few people are more suited to the task .

The Division has a particularly important task in promoting training courses for industry and commerce.

This question helps us identify the ideal person for the task from an attitudinal perspective.

Tony Gauci explained that the overhaul of engines of this age was a very specialised task .

II. verb


Ad hoc task forces will be put together to solve tough problems.

But to take us to task generally makes no sense.

However, his flip dismissal of a child is far more damaging and something he should be taken to task over.

Meanwhile, the Derechos Humanos Coalition is taking the police to task for the Gallegos shooting.

Recognizing and controlling the feelings that produce the negative behavior is a long, hard task .

The executives who participated in the Iberian Motors task forces, for example, may or may not have soured on change.

Why, then, should lawyers be called to task for protecting the rights of the accused under the Constitution?

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