Meaning of TECHNICAL in English




a legal/political/technical etc obstacle

Despite technical obstacles, scientists at NASA are considering the project.

a technical problem

The delay was caused by technical problems.

a technical term

‘Gender’ is a technical term in grammar.

an agricultural/secretarial/technical etc college

I wanted a job in farm management so I went to agricultural college.

an intellectual/physical/technical etc challenge

I love the physical challenge of climbing.

from a scientific/technical point of view

This book was the first to study language from a scientific point of view.

medical/academic/technical etc staff

We would like to thank all the medical staff at Broadgreen Hospital.

medical/scientific/technical expertise

How can an individual without medical expertise make such a decision?

scientific/technical knowledge

the practical application of scientific knowledge

technical assistance

Most of our time is spent providing technical assistance to companies.

technical college

technical difficulties

The flight was delayed due to technical difficulties.

technical help

I might need some technical help understanding the instructions.

technical know-how

No other company had the technical know-how to deal with the disaster.

technical limitations

This odd effect on the film results from technical limitations in the video equipment.

technical mastery

The technical mastery of the musicians is impressive.

technical personnel

800 technical personnel do the design and development of software.

technical skills

Good technical skills are not enough.

technical support

Maybe you’d better try calling tech support.

technical/legal/political barriers

Most of the technical barriers have been solved.

technical/linguistic/managerial etc competence

There are many careers that require a high degree of linguistic competence.

technical/scientific/legal/medical etc jargon

documents full of legal jargon

technical/slight/last-minute hitch

In spite of some technical hitches, the first program was a success.

technical/specialized vocabulary

The instructions were full of technical vocabulary.

the technical side

Gregory works on the technical side, liaising with the sound and lighting people.

the technical/practical/financial etc aspects

The technical aspects of the movie were incredible.




Eleven came through to the jump off, over a highly technical track that caught out both Milton and Werra.

When the National Security Agency trains its agents in the highly technical art of eavesdropping, they naturally need to practice.

The exclusion is therefore highly technical .

Our programs spanned the gamut of command and control systems, and were highly technical .

They kept details of programs in their heads, and always explained procedures in highly technical jargon.

This could apply to trade advertising, or business-to-business advertising as it is called now, particularly if this is highly technical .

In addition to a highly technical assessment document, there is a duty to produce a summary that the public can read.

In conclusion, remember that consumer credit is a highly technical subject.


This research will be discussed later, in the context of discussing Freud's more technical theoretical formulations.

They have returned, in more technical terms, to a serious concern with ontology.

The second mistake was more technical and more secret.

At some point, though, baseball becomes a more technical and complicated game.

Now we have to do more fine dusting and it's a lot more technical than it was all those years ago.

For managers of audiovisual, graphics, and other more technical activities, postsecondary technical school training is preferred.

He is assisted by two or more technical assessors also appointed by the Lord Chancellor.

For a more technical description contact Aegean at the number given.



It's always wise to follow the technical advice offered by paving manufacturers when preparing the foundations of your patio.

CompuServe is serious, a great place for financial information or technical advice about your computer.

The delay has been put down to the need for more technical advice on issues such as geographic tracking.

We also provided political consulting, technical advice , and volunteers.

The contents may vary from technical advice to general policy pronouncements.

The Department of the Environment and Ministry of Agriculture are providing technical advice for the project.

They received invaluable technical advice from architect Colin Humphrey.

Teesside operations put up £2,000 - half the cost of the special portable pump and generator - and provided technical advice .


Although we will not examine the technical aspects of these standards, it is important to identify briefly the most important initiatives.

Court of Appeals judges considered the bias issue and also raised concerns about technical aspects of Jackson's ruling.

An investigation of this kind requires knowledge and experience of the technical aspects and considerable organisational capability.

What is needed is a balanced measure incorporating the human, economic and technical aspects of the technology transfer process.

Both Ashton and MacMillan take the technical aspects of their choreography very seriously.

The company said it is expanding the description of certain technical aspects of the shareholderrights plan it adopted Jan. 4.

Likewise, economists have discussed at length technical aspects of economic policy, particularly macroeconomic policy.

Those technical aspects are reflected not only in the wins and losses, but the style of play.


In recent years, Western governments have increased their technical assistance through NGOs.

I played with a few of the new titles, with lots of technical assistance from some computer literati.

Today, the independent foundation provides technical assistance and support to more than 200 Academies across the country.

A full range of audio-visual equipment and technical assistance is available.

In California and Florida, state funding and technical assistance for career academies have greatly expanded the number of such programs statewide.

They form part of Britain's continuing provision of aid and technical assistance to developing countries.

Evans and Brown estimate that $ 20, 000 has been spent on materials for the mural and technical assistance .


Added to this, capital flows are important vectors of technical change .

Great technical changes , stimulated by wartime demand, led to increased production.

Reports on the Centre's work on the acceptability of technical change were completed in 1985.

It argued that work is continually de-skilled and degraded through the interaction of technical change and international patterns of capital accumulation.

Any of the following options would effectively reduce inappropriate use than would any technical change in legislation.

The consequences of technical change are influenced at least as much as by the objectives that managers seek to achieve in introducing change.

Turning away from forecasts and towards theories about the relationship between technical change and employment we find a number of conflicting views.


Some were from a local technical college and were taken for short periods.

He attended a technical college for engineering studies before moving to Los Angeles in 1982.

For most students education in the universities and professional and technical colleges promised access to a relatively privileged position in society.

Ohio has viewed the involvement of community and technical colleges in tech prep as critical.

By championing the program, the technical colleges have garnered political stature and marketability.

Determined not to re-enter blind institution life, I headed for the nearby technical college who wouldn't have me either.

I had two more children and taught higher national diploma courses in the evenings at the local technical college .


The traditional approach to the training and selection of headteachers has been on the basis of technical competence reinforced by practical experience.

Still, they had been promoted primarily for their technical competence , not their management or interpersonal skill.

There are certain opportunities that only occur to organisations with the necessary technical competence , market position or trading relationships.

The managers did come to see that acquiring managerial competence actually meant sacrificing some of their technical competence.

As a result of increasing specialisations and technical competence , delegation of authority has increased.

A lack of technical competence shouted from the report, asserted Cook.

Appointments are rarely made on the basis of professional or technical competence alone.


Buckland is wrong to dismiss technical details .

The flying test was followed by an intensive oral examination on technical details .

They did not have time to immerse themselves in technical detail .

Chapter 2 goes into all the technical details .

In it, he shows perfect ease with number, dimension, and technical detail .

His inventory provides further technical details of the art of glassmaking and also reveals the extent of his coal-mining interests.

As far as I know, he does nothing but act as adviser to the priesthood on technical details .


Other technical developments helped to change the pattern of interest in Nature.

The prototype was in the vanguard of technical development .

John Percivel, technical development director.

Ashton, like Stravinsky, took into account the technical developments which had taken place.

Will the Act remain effective in the face of technical development ?

Fortunately this is much easier than explaining the latest technical developments .

For some centuries the first reason seemed simple, though it has been greatly complicated by the most recent technical developments .

The millwrights and other inventors who were making these technical developments were not operating in a vacuum.


Then the runners arrive and the sustained technical difficulty takes over the interest.

There were a number of technical difficulties with the vote count.

Are there technical difficulties which would bother any members of the group - things like scrambling sections or exposed ridges?

The technical difficulty in bringing the changes to fruition says something about how dramatic they are.

We've had a few technical difficulties with the computer, or rather our printer has had trouble with it.

However, the interdependence of hardware and software poses formidable technical difficulties to running programs so transferred.

The failure of studies to show this clearly is probably related to the technical difficulties involved in measuring meal stimulated acid secretion.


He was subsequently appointed director , Reprocessing Engineering Division, and became technical director and also a main board member in 1984.

The technical director is the link between the control room and what goes out over the air.

The technical director feels there is a need for a special unit for total co-ordination and monitoring.

The technical director operates a switcher which looks like a control board with a panel of buttons, slides, and switches.

Patrick Head, the technical director at Williams, is not easily impressed.

Having switched to engineering, he became technical director of Blease Anaesthetics Equipment and two years later was appointed managing director.


Some authorities already provided technical education .

In my experience, most specialists see their strengths in terms of their technical education and expertise, not their managerial skills.

An enlivened understanding is needed of education's role in support of the economy, most especially in development of vocational and technical education .

After 1926 the accent was to lie on the development of technical education .

Apart from his interest in technology and technical education , he had an enduring love of the arts, especially music and painting.

Several decades of education , including technical education, have had an impact on productivity.

Mr. Stevens I congratulate my hon. Friend on the £25 million technology schools initiative to further technical education in schools.


This has opened up new areas of employment for actuaries, frequently involving communication skills as well as technical expertise .

It also identified a list of competencies that it said rivaled technical expertise in their importance.

They also require the technical expertise relevant to a particular branch of engineering.

Success in such positions requires more than technical expertise .

Ashton demonstrated Harlequin's technical expertise when he was transformed into Colas, a farmer, dancing with his shepherd's crook.

The former skills were more consistent with their notions of being sales leader; they were sharing their technical expertise with others.

Buyers have different backgrounds, technical expertise and intelligence levels.

Jim Wolf brings the technical expertise .


We look to authorities, the government and technical experts to provide answers through rules, laws, technical specifications, knowledge.


Bertelli is particularly good at citing the available technical information about the paintings.

And technical information central to the design of the mills proved fatally inaccurate.

Other ads deliver strictly technical information , without the sizzle.

These are just three examples from our menu of courses combining technical information and management strategy.

These groups were fault diagnosis, access to technical information , and maintenance planning and scheduling.

Bureaus will also be self-sufficient in respect of the technical information needed for industrial policy-making.

Bulletin Board Access technical information , utilities, templates, drives and other software via our Bulletin Board.


The Engineers School is responsible for many of the Empire's technical innovations over the past few centuries.

In the wake of a number of major technical innovations , acceptable limited of routine and stability were again established.

Invention is best treated as the subset of patentable technical innovations .

Secondly, technical innovation may occur directly in the factory or workshop without any prior research expenditure and possibly as pure serendipity.

Their attitudes are clearly a significant factor in whether the technical innovation is successful.

Traditional art history would include Bonnard for his technical innovations and largely marginalise Rodchenko for his politics and photography.

It is in this context that many of the early technical innovations in the textile industry developed.

Prior to the technical innovations by the Coal Board, miners had been used to working in small autonomous groups or teams.


Its aims are to promote awareness of X and provide a forum for the discussion of technical issues .

These are not the technical issues of psychotherapy or medical management; they are human ones.

Produced by the Corporate Communication Service, the quarterly publication focuses on key technical issues of significance to industry.

This workshop discussed the various economic and technical issues pertaining to the commercialization of the Internet.

But behind these technical issues there were profound policy differences which became steadily greater as Left-wing influence increased in the Labour Party.

Three technical issues have to be considered first: How reliable does the system have to be?

But it is exactly the complicated, technical issue that will make or break Kyoto.

To them this is not a technical issue .


They kept details of programs in their heads, and always explained procedures in highly technical jargon .

All they have to do is to hold out against substandard systems and apply pragmatic criteria in the face of technical jargon .

A major obstacle to understanding is the use of technical jargon which is unintelligible to the buyer.

There was more, but it was technical jargon about his physique, state of health, last known meal and so on.

The managers spoke in cryptic, allusive utterances, using technical jargon that was opaque to her.


They emphasized the technical knowledge and skills they had to impart to these people.

The course aims to develop the technical knowledge and ability to make decisions about appropriate methods and strategies for livestock development.

But in the modern workplace, we need people with high-level academic and technical knowledge .

Critics of the democratizing vision of the corporation contended that specialized technical knowledge would substantially enhance the power of management.

The best integrate high-level academic and technical knowledge and teach at least some content in context.

Vanessa Britton suggests some courses to improve your technical knowledge .

As they learned to delegate, their technical knowledge and ability grew obsolescent.


One person's jargon is another's technical language .

I write reams of dry prose with appropriately technical language and what my colleagues consider scientific consequence.

In more technical language , its position and momentum can both simultaneously be known.

You can use technical language for the expert which is not appropriate for the layperson.

The ambiguity of layman's oral language should not be lost in specialised technical language.

However, technical vocabulary is one thing and technical language is another.

When students come across it they assume it is some sort of technical language .

Includes functional, professional, social, technical language and situations, together with associated body language.


Those are wide-ranging and sometimes technical matters .

The department's wide expertise in technical matters can be drawn upon more easily.

In February the editor made four new criticisms on technical matters , which we dealt with in a third revision.

Although very weak, he was anxious to discuss technical matters , among which were possible revisions to Chapter 6.

The layout of roads was a technical matter for surveyors and engineers, though new highways had town-planning significance.

Wright, who lent him money that he never repaid, continued to consult him on technical matters after he left Derby.


Of the foreign technical personnel , about fifty percent are doctors.

Key resources are technical personnel and aircraft spare parts which account for the largest share of the maintenance budget.


It's certainly tougher than Bohème or Tosca from a technical point of view.

I put a technical point in baby language, and I forget these guys have been to more arbitrations than I have.

Entries will be judged not on technical points but on the use of colour, space and understanding of the environmental theme.

That may sound like a technical point .

One last technical point of serendipity.

First, there is a somewhat technical point .

Two further rather technical points of interpretation also need to be stressed.

Trust the Yanks, always covering the technical points .


He had also to tackle the technical problems of bringing two curriculum systems into one entity.

However, some technical problems exist.

Despite its first night technical problem , Les Miserables is expected to enjoy a successful run in Manchester.

But then it describes technical problems with both and offers little further guidance.

Design implies change and improvement, solving technical problems and meeting new needs.

At times it appears large numbers of these new or infrequent voters were confounded by technical problems in the ballot.

Tom Robb, a teacher of over 30 years, can lend advice on may technical problems .

I think about him a lot, though, when I am faced with technical problems .


Volunteers with technical qualifications were accepted for the Engineers, Ordnance and the Service Corps.

Because MI6 possessed no one with any technical qualifications to analyse the Oslo Report it was rejected as worthless and ignored.


For technical reasons it was not always possible to obtain good results for the three probes on tissue from the same patient.

But equally important are two other technical reasons for carefully outlining your proposed sample.

Some flights may stop at an airport enroute for technical reasons , e.g. refuelling.

When a site gets listed, you want to make sure it does so with good technical reasons .

There is, however, a need for a further continuation order, for entirely technical reasons .

The role ultimately defeats her for a technical reason .

There were sound technical reasons for keeping the regular cast no smaller than four.

There are social, economic and technical reasons for this.


The ideology of merit had elevated the grammar school above technical schools, technical schools above secondary moderns.

Besides, there are vocational and technical schools to deal with job training for kids not destined for college.

Courses and programs in cost estimating techniques and procedures are offered by many technical schools , junior colleges, and universities.

So girls in many areas had less chance of a grammar or technical school place than boys.

She found a technical school promising to get people into the travel business.

About 9 out of 10 were in educational services in elementary, secondary, and technical schools and colleges and universities.


A nationwide sales force and technical services support can help with any application.

Integrated business units have been established, each accountable for manufacturing, sales, technical service , profitability and cash flow.

In 1989, he was promoted to project engineer, and, in 1995, he was promoted to technical services engineer.

This will provide a world class source of environmental consultancy and technical services .

He was an employee of DynCorp, a technical services contractor based in Reston, Va.

He was eventually put in charge of the twenty people comprising the explosives technical services department and got his first taste of real management.

Some have led the way and have used the private sector to deliver a range of professional and technical services .


In future economic efficiency was likely to assume as much importance as the technical side .

On the technical side , remedial work is in many cases already on the way.

To produce such an all embracing package would obviously be a task of considerable magnitude from the technical side alone.

She explains how she started as an announcer, then turned to the technical side .

He writes exceptionally well about the technical side of filmmaking, something few journalists really understand.

The technical side is, at best, ropy.

Gregory works on the technical side , liaising with the sound and lighting people and drawing up set lists.

The film has some drawbacks on the technical side .


Worm-lions, however, also demonstrate another technical skill .

Sometimes technical skills are more important than investigative ones.

Gasifiers require considerable technical skills for operation and maintenance.

It would use new methods to teach traditional academic subjects and equip young people with technical skills .

The technical skill of the house martin enables it to construct gravity-defying mud nests beneath the eaves of houses.

Recruiters also are targeting community college graduates with technical skills .

Some of the finest examples of technical skill are to be found among birds.

And its technical skill , vast financial reserves and marketing savvy give it the potential to overcome any early disadvantage.


In the health service, job evaluation systems already cover ancillary, administrative and technical staff .

The preparation intensified earlier this month as singers and technical staff arrived and started rehearsals.

Annoying, too, for a company who have employed 40 additional technical staff in recent months.

Cherwell Scientific's technical staff supplies prompt and local expertise free to our customers.

Fine Craft Design staff are all practitioners of their various subjects; experienced technical staff support each discipline.

Nowadays his time is spent between his own project work and his team of eight technical staff .

He gathered about him a technical staff of diverse talents, whom he inspired with an enthusiasm to give of their best.


They expect other nations to set technical standards and to innovate new markets.

Determine offences and decide on compliance with technical standards .

This provides the Institute with a unique influence in the maintenance of technical standards .

In yet another report, Lord Hunt of Tamworth ignored the vital issue of technical standards for a future cabling system.

Now there is an open technical standard .

Subject to this constraint and the firm's other technical standards we must always act in the best interests of our client.


Unlike many other unmetered deals, the price also includes unlimited freephone technical support .

Programs which compensate farmers with new land on an equitable basis, with credit and technical support , must also be considered.

Steve Belkin, 32, is technical support manager for a City software house.

By and large the teams gave each other both moral and technical support .

The three will cover technical support , research and development; computerised information technology services; and rail advocacy.

Compaq Computer Corp. enjoys one of the best reputations for technical support in the computer business.

The technical support line was very helpful, though.

Verio supports FrontPage hosting customers with fast, reliable service, powerful servers, uninterruptible power and 24x7 technical support.


I now introduce another of Axelrod's evocative technical terms .

In purely technical terms , this is all but a truism.

Do not confuse your reader with technical terms or jargon.

I have purposely avoided the use of technical terms .

The credibility of your work will suffer severely if key words, such as technical terms or people's names, are misspelled.

This requires that the student understands the terms used, especially technical terms.

The technical term is one which concentrates on the fact that any form of ranking constitutes a hierarchy.

The second, more difficult problem is that of ensuring that your reader understands what your technical terms mean.


technical experts

technical training

a technical foul

As a quarterback, Elway has excellent technical skills.

Jurors must deal with many technical legal questions.

Many books on furniture making are too technical or require artistic skills.

No one here has the technical knowledge to fix the copier.


And Whitehurst suggested that, when technical instruments produced conflicting results, lab guidelines at times were unclear on how to proceed.

Both Ashton and MacMillan take the technical aspects of their choreography very seriously.

He is remembered there for his technical feats.

In some ways the job had been a good fit, since he was clearly the best technical problem-solver in the organization.

Other students were trapped between self-reliance and technical dependency.

The Government's position is that a tax-raising power in the technical sense inevitably means that taxes will be raised.

The next step is to make technical progress endogenous to the model.

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