Meaning of TECHNICAL in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈtek-ni-kəl ]


Etymology: Greek technikos of art, skillful, from technē art, craft, skill; akin to Greek tektōn builder, carpenter, Latin texere to weave, Sanskrit takṣati he fashions

Date: 1617


a. : having special and usually practical knowledge especially of a mechanical or scientific subject

a technical consultant

b. : marked by or characteristic of specialization

technical language


a. : of or relating to a particular subject

b. : of or relating to a practical subject organized on scientific principles

a technical school

c. : technological 1


a. : based on or marked by a strict or legal interpretation

b. : legal 6

4. : of or relating to technique

5. : of, relating to, or produced by ordinary commercial processes without being subjected to special purification

technical sulfuric acid

6. : relating to or caused by the functioning of the market as a discrete mechanism not influenced by macroeconomic factors

a technical rally

technical analysis

• tech·ni·cal·ly -k(ə-)lē adverb

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate English vocabulary.      Энциклопедический словарь английского языка Merriam Webster.