Meaning of TECHNICAL in English


[] adj [Gk technikos of art, skillful, fr. techne art, craft, skill; akin to Gk tekton builder, carpenter, L texere to weave, Skt taksati he fashions] (1617) 1 a: having special and usu. practical knowledge esp. of a mechanical or scientific subject "a ~ consultant" b: marked by or characteristic of specialization "~ language"

2. a: of or relating to a particular subject b: of or relating to a practical subject organized on scientific principles "a ~ school" c: technological 1 3 a: based on or marked by a strict or legal interpretation b: legal 6

4: of or relating to technique

5: of, relating to, or produced by ordinary commercial processes without being subjected to special purification "~ sulfuric acid"

6: relating to or caused by the functioning of the market as a discrete mechanism not influenced by macroeconomic factors "~ rally" "~ analysis" -- adv

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