Meaning of TEN in English



a height of six feet/ten metres etc

Sunflowers can grow to a height of 15 feet.

a one in three/four/ten etc chance (= used to say how likely something is )

People in their 30s have a one in 3,000 chance of getting the disease.

an extra ten minutes/three metres etc

I asked for an extra two weeks to finish the work.

be two/ten etc years sb’s elder

Janet’s sister was eight years her elder.

every few feet/ten yards etc

There were traffic lights every ten yards.

every few seconds/ten days etc

Re-apply your sunscreen every two hours.

five miles/ten feet etc away

Geneva is about 20 miles away.

five-year-old girl/girl of ten etc

The patient was a girl of 12.

last an hour/ten minutes etc

Each lesson lasts an hour.

The ceasefire didn’t last long.

lead by ten points/two goals etc

Nadal was leading by two sets.

nine out of ten/three out of four etc

Nine out of ten students pass the test first time.

Number Ten

six feet/ten metres etc in height

None of these sculptures was less than three metres in height.

spare sb ten minutes/an hour etc

Could you possibly spare me a few moments in private used to ask someone if they have time to quickly talk to you ?

stay for a year/ten minutes/a week etc

Isabel stayed for a year in Paris to study.

ten days’/three months’/five minutes’ etc notice

His contract said he must give three months’ notice if he decides to leave the job.

ten feet/five metres etc across

The river is 2 kilometres across.

ten minutes/five minutes etc slow

The clock is about five minutes slow.

ten minutes/two hours etc late

The bus came ten minutes late.

ten minutes/two hours etc late

You’re half an hour late.

ten pence/50-cent etc piece

Have you change for a 50-cent piece?

ten to five/twenty to one etc (= ten minutes, twenty minutes etc before a particular hour )

three score years and ten old use (= 70 years, a person’s expected length of life )

wait two hours/ten minutes etc

William waited an hour for his sister to arrive.

win by 10 points/ten metres etc

We won by 23 points.


a good three miles/ten years etc

anywhere between one and ten/anywhere from one to ten etc

at ten thirty/2 o'clock etc sharp

be two/five/ten etc years sb's junior

His wife's name was Sarah; she was five years his junior , and she predeceased him by ten months.

The 42-year-old princess married Commander Tim Laurence, who is five years her junior , just before Christmas.

be two/five/ten etc years sb's senior

be two/ten a penny

Anyway, they would fall in love with these Counts who were ten a penny and even pay for their drinks.

Dallams were ten a penny in the backstreets of Frizingley.

Moreover, although titles were two a penny in Cannes, Lord Westbourne was different.

Now they are two a penny - or rather they were until 1990.

Teachers of history are ten a penny , and out-of-work teachers of history are twenty a penny.

There, residential and nursing homes are two a penny .

These rings are ten a penny .

Uncritical testimonials to the postmodern's attractions are ten a penny , and conservative denunciations thereof not much scarcer.

by a factor of five/ten etc

Other watches of the time sped up or slowed down by a factor of ten seconds for every one-degree change in temperature.

So look at your friends, see what they are a little vain about and then multiply by a factor of ten.

five-spot/ten-spot etc

five/ten/many etc times ...

Besides being one of Henry III's most frequent ambassadors to Rome, Alexander served many times as papal judge delegate.

I am feeling much better, though there are many times when I feel a dull ache.

Now, as many times before, the City is missing a chance to put the system right.

The amount of metal needed is ten times what we used on Mars.

The males adapt to their new and relaxed home by evolving at ten times the rate of their consorts.

The prince visited many times more.

The real frequency of worldwide maternal mortality may be as much as three to five times higher than this ratio.

Tours leave five times a day.

nine times out of ten

Nine times out of ten I just skip breakfast and have a coffee.

Nine times out of ten we can beat them, but last night they creamed us.

Nine times out of ten, jobs that become vacant are filled from inside the organization.

nine times out of ten/99 times out of 100 etc

ten days hence/five months hence etc

ten minutes' worth/a week's worth etc of sth

ten pounds' worth/$500 worth etc of sth

three minutes/ten seconds etc flat

within two feet/ten years etc either way

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