Meaning of THAT in English

I. determiner


a report says/states (that)

The report said that it would cost another £250 million to repair the damage.

acutely aware/conscious (of/that)

Students are becoming acutely aware that they need more than just paper qualifications.

all that matters/the only thing that matters

All that matters is that you’re safe.

Money was the only thing that mattered to him.

all that matters/the only thing that matters

All that matters is that you’re safe.

Money was the only thing that mattered to him.

all that stuff

He’s talked to me about all that stuff too.

All that...left

All that was left was a pile of bones.

amid concern that/over sth (= because there is concern about something )

Shares fell slightly amid concern that the economy is slowing.

and all that malarkey

You don’t believe in ghosts and all that malarkey , do you?

at this/that point in time formal (= used especially in official speeches, announcements etc )

It would be wrong to comment at this point in time.

at this/that point

I’m not prepared at this point to make any decision.

at this/that stage

At this stage his wife did not realise he was missing.

be based on the belief that …

Our policies must be based on the belief that the planet’s resources are finite.

believe this/that nonsense

Don’t tell me you believe all this nonsense about ghosts!

bemoaning the fact that

He was bemoaning the fact that lawyers charge so much.

betrayed the fact that

The crumpled sheets betrayed the fact that someone had been sleeping there.

cling to the hope that (= keep hoping that something will happen, even though it seems unlikely )

They clung to the hope that one day a cure would be found.

cling to the hope/belief/idea etc (that)

He clung to the hope that she would be cured.

conceal the fact that

She tried to conceal the fact that she was pregnant.

confirm you in your belief/opinion/view etc (that) (= make you believe something more strongly )

The expression on his face confirmed me in my suspicions.

criticize sb/sth on the grounds that (= for the reason that )

The survey was criticized on the grounds that the sample was too small.

despite the fact (that)

She went to Spain despite the fact that her doctor had told her to rest.

disguise the fact (that)

There’s no disguising the fact that business is bad.

doubt (that)

I doubt we’ll ever see him again.

evidence/results/data/studies etc suggest(s) that

The evidence suggests that single fathers are more likely to work than single mothers.

find it...incredible that

I find it almost incredible that no one noticed these errors.

from that moment on (= after that time )

From that moment on I saw very little of Dean.

get it through to...that

How can I get it through to him that this is really important?

give/seek/receive an assurance (that)

He gave an assurance that the work would be completed by Wednesday.

He’ll never buy that

‘Let’s just say it was an accident.’ ‘ He’ll never buy that .’

history shows/tells (that)

History shows that the usual response to violent protests is repression.

How does that sound (= used to ask someone what they think of your suggestion )

I’ll come over to Richmond and take you out for dinner. How does that sound ?

I have a horrible feeling that

I have a horrible feeling that we’re going to miss the plane.

in spite of the fact that

Kelly loved her husband in spite of the fact that he drank too much.

in such a way/manner that/as to do sth

He lectured in such a way that many in the audience found him impossible to understand.

Is that so

‘It belongs to my father.’ ‘ Is that so ?’

It astonished...that

It astonished him that she had changed so little.

it can be seen that/we can see that

From this graph, it can be seen that some people are more susceptible to the disease.

it can be seen that/we can see that

From this graph, it can be seen that some people are more susceptible to the disease.

It chanced that

It chanced that we both went to Paris that year.

It could be argued that

It could be argued that a dam might actually increase the risk of flooding.

It dawned on...that

It dawned on me that Jo had been right all along.

It depresses me that

It depresses me that nobody seems to care.

It didn’t cross...mind that

It didn’t cross her mind that she might be doing something illegal.

it emerged that

Later it emerged that the judge had employed an illegal immigrant.

It figures that

It figures that she’d be mad at you, after what you did.

It had...slipped...mind that

It had completely slipped her mind that Dave still had a key to the house.

It has been suggested that

It has been suggested that the manager will resign if any more players are sold.

it hit...that

It’s impossible to pinpoint a moment when it hit me that I was ‘a success’.

It infuriated...that

It infuriated him that Beth was with another man.

it is a blessing (that)

It’s a blessing no one was badly hurt.

it is a coincidence that

It was a remarkable coincidence that two people with the same name were staying at the hotel.

It is an illusion that

It is an illusion that the Arctic is dark in winter.

It is anticipated that

It is anticipated that the research will have many different practical applications.

It is common knowledge that

It is common knowledge that travel broadens the mind.

It is conceivable that

It is conceivable that you may get full compensation, but it’s not likely.

It is desirable that

It is desirable that you should have some familiarity with computers.

It is disgraceful that

It is disgraceful that anyone should have to live in such conditions.

It is imperative that

It is imperative that politicians should be good communicators.

It is inconceivable that

It is inconceivable that a man in such a powerful position could act so unwisely.

It is intended that

It is intended that these meetings will become a regular event.

It is lamentable that

It is lamentable that the officer failed to deal with the situation.

it is my belief that

It is my belief that most teachers are doing a good job.

it is not a/no coincidence that (= it is deliberate )

It is no coincidence that the Government made the announcement today.

it is our fervent hope that formal (= used when saying that you hope very much that something will or will not happen )

It is our fervent hope that change is coming.

It is understandable that

It is understandable that parents are angry, and looking for someone to blame.

It is unthinkable that

It is unthinkable that a mistake like this could have happened.

it is worth mentioning that (= it is important enough to mention )

It is worth mentioning again that most accidents happen in the home.

it is/seems reasonable to assume (that)

It seems reasonable to assume that the book was written around 70 AD.

It may be that

It may be that Minoan ships were built and repaired here.

It may know that

It may interest you to know that a number of scholarships are available.

It niggles...that

It niggles me that we can’t go home yet and get warm.

it seems certain that …

It seemed certain that the other team would win.

it seems likely/unlikely/reasonable/clear (that)

It seems likely that he will miss Ireland’s next match.

it strikes sb as strange/odd etc that

It struck me as odd that the man didn’t introduce himself before he spoke.

it turned out that

To my surprise, it turned out that I was wrong.

it was announced that

At the end of their meeting, it was announced that an agreement had been reached.

It was noticeable that

It was noticeable that many of them avoided answering the question.

It was unbelievable that

It was unbelievable that we were expected to pay twice.

It was unlucky...that

It was unlucky for Stephen that the boss happened to walk in just at that moment.

it was...foreseeable that

The judge found that it was not foreseeable that the fuel would catch fire.

it won’t come to that (= that won’t be necessary )

We need to be prepared to fight, but hopefully it won’t come to that .

it worry...that

Doesn’t it worry you that Sarah spends so much time away from home?

it's no exaggeration to say that ... (= used to emphasize that something is really true )

It's no exaggeration to say that residents live in fear of the local gangs.

It...crossed...mind that

It never crossed my mind that Lisa might be lying.

It...dawn that

It began to dawn that something was wrong.

It...follow that

It doesn’t necessarily follow that you’re going to do well academically even if you’re highly intelligent.

It...peculiar that

It seems very peculiar that no one noticed Kay had gone.

it...recorded that

In 1892 it is recorded that the weather became so cold that the river froze over.

It’s a great pity that

It’s a great pity that none of his poems survive.

it’s a miracle (that)

It’s a miracle you weren’t killed

It’s a shame that

It’s a shame that you have to leave so soon.

It’s annoying that

It’s annoying that we didn’t know about this before.

It’s come out that

It’s come out that several ministers received payments from the company.

It’s curious that

It’s curious that she left without saying goodbye.

It’s extraordinary that

It’s extraordinary that he should make exactly the same mistake again.

it’s fair to say (that) (= used when you think what you are saying is correct or reasonable )

It’s fair to say that by then he had lost the support of his staff.

It’s incredible that

It’s incredible that he survived the fall.

It’s interesting that

It’s interesting that no one remembers seeing the car.

It’s ironic that

It’s ironic that her husband smoked for thirty years, and yet she’s the one who died of lung cancer.

it’s only fair (that)

You pay him $10 an hour – it’s only fair that I should get the same.

it’s only fair (that) (= used to say that it is right to do something )

It’s only fair that we tell him what’s happening.

it’s safe to say/assume (that)

I think it’s safe to say that the future is looking pretty good.

It’s shocking that

It’s shocking that hospitals can deny help to older people.

It’s strange that

It’s strange that we’ve never met before.

It’s unsurprising that

It’s unsurprising that the project failed.

It’s...important that

It’s vitally important that you understand the danger.

It’s...natural that

It’s only natural that he should be interested in what happens.

just this/that moment (= only a very short time ago )

I had just that moment arrived.

lamented the fact that

She lamented the fact that manufacturers did not produce small packs for single-person households.

later that day/morning/week etc

The baby died later that night.

lay money (that)

I’d lay money that he will go on to play for England.

leave it at that (= used to say that you will not do any more of something, because you have done enough )

Let’s leave it at that for today.

leave no/little doubt (that) (= make people sure or almost sure about something )

The evidence left no doubt that he was the murderer.

legend has it that (= says that )

Legend has it that Rhodes was home to the sun god Helios.

let it slip that

He let it slip that they were planning to get married.

let us/let’s assume (that) (= used when thinking about a possible event or situation and its possible results )

Let us assume for a moment that we could indeed fire her. Should we?

let’s hope (that)

Let’s hope he got your message in time.

lies in the fact that

The strength of the book lies in the fact that the material is from classroom experience.

make it appear that

He tried to make it appear that she had committed suicide.

make it clear that

The tone of her voice made it clear that she was very angry.

my guess is (that)

My guess is there won’t be many people there.

myth has it that ... (= there is a myth that )

Myth had it that Mrs Thatcher only needed four hours sleep a night.

not that I care (= I do not care )

Sarah has a new boyfriend – not that I care .

Not that it mattered (= it was not important )

She said very little during the meal. Not that it mattered .

not that it mattered (= it did not matter )

Janice had lost some weight, not that it mattered .

not that (= they are fairly expensive )

Most of the hotels are not that cheap .

not too/not very/not that keen on sth

She likes Biology, but she’s not too keen on Physics.

not unlike that of

The landscape is not unlike that of Scotland.

now (that) you mention it (= used for saying that you had not thought of something until someone else mentioned it )

I’ve never been to his house either, now that you mention it.

of this/that nature

I never trouble myself with questions of that nature.

on condition that formal (= only if a particular thing is agreed to )

The police released him on condition that he return the following week.

overhear sb say (that)

We overheard the teacher say there would be a pop quiz today.

overlook the fact that

Nobody could overlook the fact that box office sales were down.

put it to sb that

I put it to him that what we needed was some independent advice.

put sth like that/this

‘He's been completely irresponsible.’ ‘I wouldn’t put it quite like that.’

put sth this/that way

Let me put it this way - she's not as young as she was.

resented the fact that

Paul resented the fact that Carol didn’t trust him.

resigned to the fact that

Sam was resigned to the fact that he would never be promoted.

say sorry/say that you're sorry

It was probably too late to say sorry.

secure in the knowledge that

We huddled together, secure in the knowledge that the rescue helicopter was on its way.

see to it that

The hotel’s owners see to it that their guests are given every luxury.

shock sb to hear/learn/discover etc that

They had been shocked to hear that the hospital was closing down.

It shocked me to think how close we had come to being killed.

so tired (that)

I’m so tired I could sleep for a week.

sorry (that)

I’m sorry I’m late – the traffic was terrible.

stoop to sb’s/that level

Don’t stoop to her level.

stop it/that (= stop doing something annoying )

Come on, you two! Stop it!

stuff like that

He does mountain biking and skiing, and stuff like that .

take the view that ... (= have a particular view )

The Government took the view that the law did not need to be changed.

talking like that (= expressing things in a particular way )

Don’t let Dad hear you talking like that .

that kind of thing

He usually wears trainers and jeans, that kind of thing.

that reminds me (= used when something has just made you remember something you were going to say or do )

Oh, that reminds me, I saw Jenny in town today.

that's nonsense (= used to emphasize that something is not true )

That’s nonsense. I never said that at all.

that's not the point

We'd earn a lot of money, but that's not the point.

that...was a...doozy

I’ve heard lies before, but that one was a real doozy !

the best/greatest etc that/who ever lived (= the best, greatest etc who has been alive at any time )

He’s probably the best journalist who ever lived.

the catch is (that)

The catch is that you can’t enter the competition unless you’ve spent $100 in the store.

The fact remains that

The fact remains that racism is still a considerable problem.

the point is (that) ...

The point is that going by bus would be a lot cheaper.

the rule requires (that) ... formal (= it says that people must do something )

School rules required all girls to tie back their hair.

the rule stipulates that ... formal (= it says that something must be done )

The rules stipulate that clubs must field the strongest team available.

The story goes that

The story goes that my grandfather saved his captain’s life in battle.

the very fact that

The very fact that this is their second home means that they are well-off.

There is a distinct possibility that

There is a distinct possibility that this will eventually be needed.

there is a possibility that

There is a possibility that files could be lost if the system crashes.

there’s a fair chance (that)/of sth (= it is quite likely that something will happen )

There’s a fair chance we’ll be coming over to England this summer.

The...snag is that

It’s an interesting job. The only snag is that it’s not very well paid.

the/that very thing

How can he say that it's wrong, and then go and do that very thing himself?

the/that/this very moment

At that very moment, the doorbell rang.

this/that sort

We must ensure that this sort of thing does not happen again.

this/that type

He is not suited to this type of work.

this/that very reason

I want everyone to be able to cook my recipes, so for that very reason I chose inexperienced cooks to test them.

to such an extent that/to the extent that (= so much that )

He annoyed her to such an extent that she had to leave the room.

to such an extent that/to the extent that (= so much that )

He annoyed her to such an extent that she had to leave the room.

to such an extent/degree that

Her condition deteriorated to such an extent that a blood transfusion was considered necessary.

to that end (= with that aim or purpose )

Our first priority is safety, and the airline is working to that end.

vouch for that

‘Where were you on the night of the murder?’ ‘In bed with flu. My wife can vouch for that .’

was under no illusion that

She was under no illusion that he loved her.

what worries me is .../the (only) thing that worries me is ...

The only thing that worries me is the food. I don’t want to get food poisoning.

when you consider that

It’s not surprising when you consider that he only arrived six months ago.

where’s the harm in that? spoken (= used when you think that something seems reasonable, although other people may not )

Sure, he gets attention when he performs at a charity event, but where’s the harm in that?

won’t get that far (= won’t go as far as that place )

The lake is about 4 miles away, but we probably won’t get that far .

‘That will be a first

‘I think he’ll agree to it.’ ‘That will be a first .’


(it's) no/small/little wonder (that)

(just) that little bit better/easier etc

We have put together a few of the most popular itineraries to help make your choice that little bit easier.

(that's a) good idea/point/question

(that's a) good question!

"Does the program allow you to do that?" "That's a good question - I don't know."

(that's/it's) always the way!

Do you have a problem with that?

"You're going to wear that dress?" "Do you have a problem with that?"

England expects that every man will do his duty

God forbid (that)

God forbid (that)

I can only think/suppose/assume (that)

As for an Iguana Air, I can only assume it's a tropical airline.

Now if I can only think of their name.

I can't say (that)

I don't suppose (that)

I don't suppose the painting will ever be worth a thousand dollars.

I don't suppose you'd be willing to go get the napkins?

I don't suppose you have any idea where my address book is, do you?

I hope (that)

I am embarking on a number of projects which I hope to be of interest to fellow treasure hunters.

Like most artists, I hope to give shape to a reality that often seems wilfully chaotic.

Oh, dear, I hope he won't go off here!

One day soon, perhaps. I hope I get a chance to read it, says Blue.

So I hope that that lie will never be preached again.

I like that!

I never knew (that)

I never knew you played the guitar!

And I never knew he took my advice about Eliot so seriously.

As I once told you, I never knew where we were heading when I first drove out the Anacreonians.

But I never knew from one week to the next if there would be any money.

I sort of dabble my foot in it like it's a puddle. I never knew Marie was married.

I was brought up in a pit village near Bishop Auckland and I never knew my father.

Those men have to stand that over and over again. I never knew it was like that.

You and your father. I never knew two people more alike.

You said they stole your milk. I never knew what it was that messed him up.

I thought (that)

I thought the dishwasher was broken, did you get it fixed?

I thought we could go to the lake this weekend.

He has to be held accountable, just like everyone else. I thought something was going to happen.

I began throwing punches whenever I thought no one was looking.

I had an extremely mature view about these proceedings. I thought that Victoria Lum was a super wupo.

In fact, I thought living by a highway made me special.

Now that I was alone I thought bitterly of the people I lived with.

The drive is spectacular: gorges and tropical rain forests and waterfalls on every hand, but I thought only of Poppy.

When the band became serious, I thought this is a far more contemporary and interesting way to make an artistic statement.

I trust (that)

I trust that you will seriously consider my offer.

Because of my inexperience in the business, I trusted people to make decisions that I should have made.

Do I trust the Lord on this one?

Incidentally, I trust that the fretwire used is up to scratch.

Since I trust my own sense of fantasy, I find it no problem to ignore anything with the Disney logo.

You're thinking, can I trust Shih Karr?

I wish (that) sb would do sth

I wish he would go away.

I wish he would stop this.

I wish Masklin would come back.

I wish my friends would take that to heart.

I wish they would continue to play at the Forum.

I wished the Admiral would switch on the lights.

I thought I was gon na die and-I hate to admit it-sometimes I wished I would.

They are different from the views that he is saying are ours, and I wish that he would retract that.

I'd like to think/believe (that)

I'd like to believe that he's telling the truth.

I'd like to think I know a little about airplanes.

But I 'd like to think that gallantry isn't dead.

Dad and I clashed more than I 'd like to think about.

I 'd like to think Beardsley and Wright will get the nod and Graham doesn't get it wrong again.

I 'd like to think that it does have some meaning.

It is a novelty record in some respects, although I 'd like to think it's a lot deeper than that too.

Perhaps it wasn't very subtle, but I 'd like to think it was funny.

I'll drink to that!

I'll give you that

It's nice - I'll give you that - but I still wouldn't want to live there.

I 'll give you that much, you did.

It's quite a place, I 'll give it that.

Okay, I 'll give you that as well.

They were not incompetents, I 'll give them that.

Well, it's been your century, you guys, I 'll give you that.

I'll say this/that (much) for sb

And he's got guts, I 'll say that for him.

He was a demon wonder at finding food, I 'll say that for Vern.

I 'll say that for Lorne.

I'll say this/that much for sb/sth

I'll say this much for him, he was consistent until the end.

I'm sorry to say (that)

I've heard that one before

If I should die, think only this of me:/That there's some corner of a foreign field/That is forever England

add(ed) to that/this

In some patients, a course of steroids may be added to this drug.

Little new material about research in the field has been added to this new edition.

New words can not be added to this class - hence its name.

Of course, many details could be added to this simple description, but the account offered does capture the general idea.

Other dimensions could be added to this scheme.

Spend some time with Ariel and his magic if you want to add to this tale.

To add to that, he hated her for what he thought she was doing to his sister.

Today's sentence will be added to that.

advertise the fact (that)

The recruiting office should advertise the fact that it welcomes members of the public who wish to drop in.

This may be only too true, but if so, why advertise the fact?

To advertise the fact, they surround the pollen and the anthers that produce it with the vivid petals of a flower.

all's well that ends well

always assuming/supposing (that) sth

amen to that

and all that business

and all that jazz

Yeah, bring in the candy bars, the cookies, and all that jazz .

The cookies and all that jazz .

and that's flat!

anyone would think (that)

A woman like her ... To hear him talk, anyone would think she was some kind of Jezebel on the make.

Really, Tom, the way you're defending her, anyone would think I'd tortured the girl!

The way he went on anyone would think we were engaged in an exact science.

To hear you talk, anyone would think I was some kind of wanton, a man-stealer.

at that

She's pregnant and having twins at that!

Tess called him a liar and at that he stormed out of the room.

An intelligent computer-based agent will have determined that you will be on that flight at that time, in that seat.

It contained at that time 23 houses.

Lifeguards at that time reported that the whale appeared lethargic and did not attempt to swim away once freed from the kelp.

None of these four and five-year-olds could read at that stage.

Party managers arrived at that conclusion because that is the way they had treated their own party for the past eight years.

So personal growth at that time was in high leaps forward rather than in little trickles.

That would mean they've taken something like ten miles at that point.

This was not so easy at that time as the crewing arrangements were very much of a closed shop.

be not having any (of that)

As a result, they need to be used on a daily basis, even though you are not having any symptoms.

But she wasn't having any, and he really wasn't handling that.

But the bloke next to him wasn't having any of that.

But they weren't having any of it.

He'd come and visit, but I wasn't having any trouble with him and life was pleasanter.

I told her to bring Maggie up to the house to stay, but she wasn't having any of that.

Lizzy, though, was not having any of it.

She is not having any success.

be of the opinion (that)

The committee is of the opinion that Barnes was wrongfully dismissed.

I was of the opinion that such homage should be preserved for the National Anthem alone.

Jess is of the opinion that Red cares only about herself and not about the team.

Moreover, Uzzell said, companies are of the opinion that there are always more important things to be done.

She was of the opinion there was more to the girl than might reasonably be expected.

Some people were of the opinion that every time he fluttered his eyes he was fudging on the truth.

The Board of Trade were of the opinion that the Corporation's permission to lay double track was not necessary.

be that as it may

"Everyone knows it was your idea." "Be that as it may, we can present it together."

Be that as it may, all of us need order.

Be that as it may, blood-sharing in vampire bats seems to fit the Axelrod model well.

Be that as it may, Driesch concluded that Weismann was wrong, at least in part.

Be that as it may, his depiction was so convincingly done as to restore belief in the existence of centaurs!

Be that as it may, I shall attempt to explain the spiritual aspect in my own terms.

Be that as it may, terrible things clearly happened.

Be that as it may, the truth is plain: this is an exercise of arrogant power which stinks.

Be that as it may, Woolridge had his suspicions.

be that as it may

Be that as it may , all of us need order.

Be that as it may , blood-sharing in vampire bats seems to fit the Axelrod model well.

Be that as it may , Driesch concluded that Weismann was wrong, at least in part.

Be that as it may , his depiction was so convincingly done as to restore belief in the existence of centaurs!

Be that as it may , I shall attempt to explain the spiritual aspect in my own terms.

Be that as it may , terrible things clearly happened.

Be that as it may , the truth is plain: this is an exercise of arrogant power which stinks.

Be that as it may , Woolridge had his suspicions.

be under the impression (that)

I was under the impression that you couldn't get a parking ticket on private property.

The average American is under the mistaken impression that wildlife refuges have been set up to protect animals.

Because alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, many people are under the impression that it improves sleep.

Both Halle and Sethe were under the impression that they were hidden.

I was under the impression that people who rented council houses would have to pay the new council tax in addition to their rents.

I was under the impression that we shared certain things equally.

My own service was under the impression that it had the huntin' and shootin' rights in this country.

She must be under the impression it was him.

She seemed to be under the impression more guests were coming, but nobody else ever came.

They were under the impression that all strike offenses had to be violent or serious.

be understood (that)

From childhood, it was understood your parents would choose your husband.

As such they have to be understood with nuances of influence and control often benign but sometimes narrow in focus.

Briefly, as we shall devote a section to each below, these categories are understood in the following way.

He is understood to be on police bail after his arrest on Tuesday.

It is understood that a number of applications for advance clearance under s 707 for such arrangements have been refused.

The first meaning should be understood as the inspiration which has urged the choreographer to create.

The gifts will rather be understood from the point of view of the sinful self that seeks only self-gratification and status.

The less that was known about the political officer's activities, the less was understood about his responsibility for events.

The notion of transparent reporting which can be understood by the untutored layman is a chimera.

be/go on (the) record as saying (that)

been there, seen that, done that

bite the hand that feeds you

If I put my prices up, it's like biting the hand that feeds me - it's economic suicide.

It is hard to bite the hand that feeds you.

Somehow, without guidance and peer influence, cricketers are apt to bite the hand that feeds them.

They are not normally going to bite the hand that feeds them.

This appears to be a new version of biting the hand that feeds you.

blow/sod/bugger etc that for a lark

bollocks to you/that/it etc

but that's another story

I did not get home till 6:00 am on sunday after the spurs game!!! but that's another story .

It also causes lucrative publicity and a scapegoat, but that's another story .

Like Birdie Walker, I survived, but that's another story .

There's room for even more, but that's another story .

You could, of course, buy one of the super Chunky machines - but that's another story !

can you beat that/it?

All I can remember of her as a baby is how much she loved butter. Can you beat that?

Agricultural machinery, can you beat that?

But can they beat it consistently?

Can you beat that man, Senna?

can't say fairer than that

close/you're close/that's close

come to think of it/come to that

cross that bridge when you come to it

"What if they refuse?" "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

cut it/that out

Rusty, cut it out, I'm trying to study in here.

As for refined sugar - cut it out, as much as you can.

Come on, kid, cut that out.

I liked that picture so Marie let me cut it out and stick it on the wall.

My colleague saw it and cut it out for me.

My mom cut it out and gave it to me.

Once the design has been traced, you must then cut it out very carefully with a very sharp knife.

You got ta cut that out.

You shouldn't cut it out completely.

do you suppose (that) ... ?

do you think (that) ...?

don't give me that

don't give me that line

failing that/this

A few hours of oblivion probably, but failing that, Faber.

And failing that, have you ever thought of joining a club for single people?

Every failing that we pointed out has since proved to exist: those failings have emerged every year since its implementation.

I would prefer to go in the kop, but failing that I'd like to try the new East stand.

It's financial clout that counts or, failing that, kicking up a stink.

Look for lush foliage or, failing that, avoid wilted plants or plants with leaves that are starting to brown.

She is determined to make the girls hate losing, or failing that, hate the consequences of losing.

fancy!/fancy that!

for fear (that),

I became more and more of a recluse, avoiding our old haunts for fear of running into him.

Many blacks and other minorities decline, for fear of government intrusion, to respond to written forms.

She refuses to admit that she is the daughter for fear of disgracing her parents.

She saw no reason for fear , and said so repeatedly.

The exercise appears to be little more than an outlet for fear and prejudice.

The occupying forces generally stay within their heavily fortified garrisons for fear of attack.

Their happy marriage, their seeming perfection, was porcelain: they daren't raise their voices for fear of shattering it.

When your whole being was overflowing with loathing and hate there was no room for fear .

for that matter

All writers, and for that matter , all texts, have their individual qualities.

And a lot of other trees, too, for that matter .

And I said well I said for that matter we should really uh think about getting generators.

Given ongoing fitness, how long might either remain in county cricket for that matter ?

Nor, for that matter , do the local residents have any notion of this facility.

Nor, for that matter , is life and death.

Or raven-black hair, for that matter .

You know the potential problems with my wave-riding interpretation of Quantum Theoryor for that matter with any other I have yet heard?

from that/this day/time/moment etc forward

It was resolved that from this day forward they shall be called by the name of the Veterinary College, London.

give sb to understand (that)

A friend of your daughter's gave us to understand that you lived in Michigan.

Although I received no official indication, I was given to understand that I would be promoted within a year.

A parting sniff as she left the room gave the gentleman to understand that he had disappointed her.

Colonel Fergusson had long since given up trying to understand the business.

He gave me to understand that the bamboo beetle would soon be killed off by the sea air.

He gave up trying to understand it and vowed to harden himself more.

Sergeant Bramble and Constable Quince very quickly gave up trying to understand what it was that the experts were looking for.

She gave him to understand that her city was his as well as she herself.

have a vague idea/feeling/recollection etc (that)

I can remember nothing of them, but I have a vague feeling of having been well cared for.

have an idea (that)

But whenever I have an idea , I need to act on it as soon as possible.

I have an idea of her.

Now that we have an idea how hyperinflation gets started we can look at the causes of run-of-the-mill inflation.

Some have ideas for lyrical language.

This is because I have ideas .

We can have ideas of things we have not experienced.

We need to have an idea of what perceptions we are triggering. 141 selling Selling is one stage further than communication.

We write the first two chapters together so we have an idea of the characters.

have/get the feeling (that)

As I contemplate the process of separation / individuation I may have feelings and sensations that I can not articulate.

As soon as things are really good, I always have a feeling the rug is about to be pulled out from under me.

But I have feeling in my hand back.

Certainly, younger children show affection and have feelings of liking and disliking.

I have a feeling he will win.

I have a feeling that there is now more of my past life than my future.

I have a feeling we may be wrong about the taxes.

I have a feeling you won't need that radio.

having said that

Of course he deserves prison. Having said that, I don't think any good will come of locking him up forever.

Anyway, having said that Wilko would be nuts to buy another Midfielder of any sort.

But having said that, it's a sport that anybody can play.

But having said that, it was wonderful and I wouldn't have missed that trip for anything.

But having said that, there's nothing I particularly wanted to show or to hide.

But having said that, this is a big game for us.

But having said that, you have to close sites and obviously that does lead to hardship.

I was unhappy with myself for having said that.

Marx is oft-quoted as having said that people make history, but not under conditions of their own choosing.

how ... is that?

A flushed and jolly character raises his glass among friends and family - how real, how reliable is that evidence?

And on the evening of December 9, there is jazz in the museum courtyard. How cool is that?

But how often is that really the case?

I have said a tune is one meme, but what about a symphony: how many memes is that?

It makes her realize, she says, just how lucky she is that her son survived.

Knightley remarks how unfortunate it is that she has no piano at the Bateses' to practice on.

Some stocks even earn negative scores. How is that possible?

The present rendezvous had been riding high on my chart of dreads. How is that?

how about that!/how do you like that!

how's that for sth?

if you believe that, you'll believe anything

in order for/that

Clearly, in order for things to get done, it is necessary to strike out on a course quickly.

She believes that it was right to leave in order that somebody more deserving could receive her place.

So congratulations are in order for the Giants' effort to maintain the best broadcasting crew in baseball.

The latter tend to offer less favourable terms, in order that they may have a slice of the cake.

Their dead they buried at the summit in order that their souls find the path to heaven more easily.

They expected some one to drop a purse of gold in order for them to move, which is not going to happen.

They should be numbered on all drafts in order that revisions will be easily referred to in the writing process.

What percentage of graduates must pursue employment related to their training in order for companies to justify their investments?

in that

The new system is similar to the old one in that there is still a strong central government.

An organized raid could clean up in that room, right down to the rubies and diamonds in their noses.

For one week the company messaging sys-tem would provide an open forum for grievances and suggestions, not necessarily in that order.

How, in that case, could late 1960s progressive rock be specific to the counterculture?

I'd been welcome in that house for as long as you had-longer, because you were away and I just about lived there.

Mary's scream sounded particularly loud in that dark silence.

Perhaps one way is to return to ecology and base our morality in that.

The first step in that process would be self-education.

The Profitboss doesn't see selling in that way at all.

in that case

"I'll be home late tonight." "Well, in that case , I won't cook dinner."

A trial in that case is scheduled to begin in Houston on April 8.

And in that case the epistemological asymmetry which depends on it falls to the ground.

Before the appeal in that case came before your Lordships' House, the Conforama and Marchandise decisions were published.

But in that case why had he insisted that she come?

Even in that case , though, it is doubtful that Black could have obtained serious winning prospects.

Tizhe and his partners were arrested in that case last year.

Well, in that case , he told himself, there are ways of quieting kids down.

Well, in that case , there's no more to be said.

in this/that regard

Last quarter we stated the need for developing a new appraisal system. The department's efforts in this regard have been impressive.

And in this regard there is no doubt that the middle classes of the emerging world have an edge.

And we let him know we understood that and that we expected to receive a comparable benefit for ourselves in that regard .

Henry Fielding was one of those who was annoyed by the poor's presumption in this regard .

I know that in this regard my feeling will be echoed by my hon. Friends with responsibility for Bristol constituencies.

It is well within reason to expect help in this regard in exchange for further financial assistance.

My job with the City of New York was particularly rewarding in that regard .

The second guidance was in respect of roads, and much needed to be done in this regard .

There is no substitute for truly professional practice in this regard .

insomuch that

it burns sb that/how etc

it goes without saying (that)

And it goes without saying that Wild is a Lisztian of the finest order.

Concentrated, clear meat juice, must, it goes without saying, be added.

Despite these difficulties, it goes without saying that no book should be ordered unless the price is known.

Historically it goes without saying that we have used all kinds of nature, and especially animals, for human benefit.

I think it goes without saying that a rested person is a better person, more able to face life.

Non-fiction books, too, it goes without saying, are a good source.

Of course it goes without saying that the aquarium glass must always be perfectly clean for best results.

it is arguable that

Also, it is arguable that too much attention had been focused upon the spectacular and exciting youths.

And it is arguable that the mine closures were a blessing, not the disaster which Susanna Rance seems to suggest.

Indeed, it is arguable that the different speeds of financial liberalisation are a prime cause of world trade and savings imbalances.

Some tragedy consoles, after all, and it is arguable that some of its consolations are facile and false.

These were the critical years, but it is arguable that this was the critical place.

This is no semantic nicety; rather, it is arguable that the distinction reveals something of their political specificities.

Thus it is arguable that the traditions of the Comptroller's Department do not fit the task of examining commercial accounts.

it stands to reason (that)

But the important decisions ... well, it stands to reason that these would be the sole responsibility of the man.

Well, it stands to reason, doesn't it?

Well, it sounds a very obvious thing for us to say - but it stands to reason.

it transpires that

If it transpires that he is guilty, he will almost certainly lose everyone's support.

It now transpires that the prime minister knew about the deal all along.

If it transpires that the patient has not yet attended the general practitioner for this diabetic review one reminder prompt is sent.

On examination it transpires that he requested the retention of the original gilt brass depositum plates.

it's a good thing (that)

But it's a good thing it happened now...

I decide it's a good thing that I don't see Sean try to capture Ian's incandescent dance.

I think it's a good thing .

So it's a good thing to get one's mind off in one's spare time.

Still, it's a good thing from the hunt's point of view that new blood is coming along, surely?

it's a matter of fact (that)

it's a mercy (that)

it's a safe/sure/fair bet (that)

As soon as a board attempts to interfere with management tasks it's a fair bet that profits will decline.

He may not fancy it, but it's a safe bet that he would be the first man to do it.

Since they're not, it's a fair bet that they show something she doesn't want you to know.

it's a wonder (that)

It's a wonder no one got hurt.

But it's a wonder he doesn't.

Pretty deep there; it's a wonder it didn't slice the top of his head off.

She thought, as she spoke, it's a wonder that I have anything to report.

The way Max's biological clock is ticking, it's a wonder Emma didn't call out the bomb squad.

Though it's a wonder she did not spot the writing on the wall.

it's an ill wind (that blows nobody any good)

it's difficult/hard to believe (that)

Female speaker It's hard to believe it's happened.

It's hard to believe another child could do such a thing.

It's hard to believe just how dire it is.

It's hard to believe Marie's got a husband.

It's hard to believe now but I actually made do with hooks for a while!

It's hard to believe that he started painting in World War Two and is still painting today.

It's hard to believe , but we're fast approaching the dessert hour.

The ideological points are still there but it's hard to believe that totalitarian regimentation could be so tight.

it's just as well (that)

It's just as well I took the train today - I heard the traffic was really bad.

Perhaps it is just as well .

it's just that

He's not ugly or anything. It's just that he's too short for me.

Business or hatred, there's something that stays the same - it's just that person; just about him.

But I think it's just that the winter weather keeps the birds away.

I was not supposed to clean there, it's just that I love reading and sometimes I feel starved.

Maybe it's just that those who don't look don't survive to tell the tale.

Nothing drastic - it's just that his studio is taking on a more Tardis-like appearance than before.

Or maybe it's just that there is a course that teaches advertising and marketing, which is relatively new in itself.

Perhaps it's just that we don't have enough of those long, thin granite cracks.

She says it's because the water is pure from the mountain but she doesn't really believe it's just that.

it's nice to know (that)

Well, it's nice to know the ad is working.

I know four-wheel drive cars rarely go into the woods, but it's nice to know they can.

it's not every day (that)

It's not every day that a helicopter sits down in your backyard.

After all, it's not every day you win an arena referendum and a game against the defending champion Lakers.

It's not every day a young woman pulls a gun on a burglar.

Well, it's not every day , is it?

it's the thought that counts

it's/that's a thought!

it's/that's all right

it's/that's all very well, but ...

it's/that's easy for you to say

it's/that's just as well

it's/that's not my problem

It's not my problem if she won't listen to reason.

it/that depends

And one that depends on government policies.

At these outside shows it depends on the weather.

But second, it depends on what our selective-attention circuits select from all the sensations.

However, that depends on a future legal decision.

The arbitrator's decision is also meant to replace the reasons on which it depends .

Well, that depends whether you'd rather shield them from such things or prepare them for it.

Whether they make it depends on how long it takes them to realize and step back.

it/that is a load/weight off sb's mind

just like that

At home the bowl of the sky is just like that.

Certainly they impute to the accused a degree of mystical malevolence just like that implied in witchcraft charges.

Could he abandon everything now, just like that?

How many people came to this country and bought a house just like that?

I put my arm round him and gave him a hug just like that.

I was on tablets for two days and then taken off, just like that.

The pickup switching configuration is just like that of a Strat, but obviously with a fatter tone from the humbuckers.

They stopped, just like that.

kill the goose that lays the golden egg

High taxes kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

let it be known/make it known (that)

let me be the judge of that

let me remind you/may I remind you (that)

let's just say (that)

like the cat that got the cream

like this/that/so

Aye, some boys will be like that.

But it was not always like this.

Geniculate, at first glimpse, is something like that.

He was an associate of Neuhaus, and like that legendary figure imparted the richest sense of cultural and human ideals.

How typical of Iris to think of such a detail at a time like this.

It goes like this: 1.

Nothing even remotely like this had ever happened to her before, and she didn't like it.

look at that!

Wow, look at that! It's huge!

make it/that sth

many's the time/day etc (that/when)

never dreamed (that)

Abe Lincoln had probably never dreamed there would be colleges like this, for blacks, in the South.

He had never dreamed a person could be so powerless in his power.

She had a tremendous gift for making people see their own potential and do things they never dreamed possible.

That's because large events involve extra considerations you never dreamed of when doing a small conference.

They never dreamed of getting them back.

Wella's high quality, creamy formulations give you a look you never dreamed you could achieve at home.

With Chris he had known a joy he had never dreamed of.

no matter that

Yes, cooking, no matter that what I smelled cooking was scarcer by far than bread.

not all that

But not all that much more, not at the actual scene.

Charley is not all that enamored of Paris.

How they get almonds, then, is not all that marvellous a story.

I understand she was found not all that far from her parents' house?

In this she was not all that different from other people.

Most processes, at the frontline level, are not all that complicated.

My husband's not all that bothered one way or the other.

The geographical context is not all that matters, but it is the most significant.

not see that it matters

not that ...

Bringing past legends to life is not that easy but Simon Cadell is astonishingly successful as Coward.

Himself, and not Paul, and certainly not that kid out there.

It is not that such a fuel can not be produced, so much as the scale of production required.

It was the wealth of the new entrepreneurs, not that of their workmen, which was everywhere celebrated.

Moustaches were allowed, not that they did much for a few who grew them.

Stanford was a 28-22 loser at Arizona Stadium, and it was not that close.

We thought Charlie was not that close to the camp.

not that I know of

"Did anyone call for me?" "Not that I know of."

Answer, not that I know of.

on that account/on this account

on that score

You won't get any complaints from me on that score .

An odd coincidence-if you believe in coincidences-changed his thinking on that score .

At any rate Joan and I were having no problems on that score .

He knew far more on that score than I, and I could not help but respect him.

I was ever silent on that score , for it was the truth.

Leeds had to think again on that score .

No need to revise our predictions yet, on that score .

Not that I've any complaints on that score .

on the understanding that

We said he could stay with us on the understanding that it would just be temporary.

Darrel had mysteriously signed Littlecote over to Sir John in 1586 on the understanding that he would still be allowed to remain.

It was possible for a person to be given a legacy on the understanding that he would manumit a slave.

The reader who has bought your book has bought it on the understanding that this is what will happen.

The work would be carried out on the understanding that the resulting products would be returned to the country of origin.

They forget I took the job on the understanding that management of a national team can only be part-time employment.

They hanged the couple on the understanding that Combe would become part of Berkshire and remain so.

This expedition was sanctioned on the understanding that there was good money to be won at wrestling.

This reaction was based on the understanding that atomic bombs cause widespread death and destruction and extreme human suffering.

provide that

Current regulations provide that the value of a client's home should be ignored if the absence is temporary.

I am glad to say that I provide that.

Nevada law provides that school officials can impose any of the following sanctions on teachers who engage in a strike: 1.

R.2 also provides that a recognised body may only provide the professional services described above.

Science can not provide that kind of certainty.

Sometimes the contract provides that ownership will be transferred at some later date.

The Companies Act provides that companies must have directors but does not define their functions.

The law provides that they may administer indoor relief; they may not touch outdoor relief!

put/stick that in your pipe and smoke it

rest assured (that)

Lasorda can rest assured that his place in baseball history is secure.

And rest assured there will be times when there is simply no humor to be found.

And of course you can rest assured the product contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

I can tell my grandsons they can rest assured that this is not Bosnia.

If that sounds at all complicated, rest assured you do get full instructions and diagrams.

Please rest assured that nothing will get beyond the earliest stages of preparation without full consultation taking place.

Think more positively and rest assured, the sky will be doing the same, too!

This may sound complicated, but rest assured, that it is simplicity itself.

Whoever wins the title, rest assured of one thing: The national champion would lose the next day.

run away with the idea/impression (that)

But don't run away with the idea it was all Jerusalem the Golden.

run that by me again

safe in the knowledge that ...

Take these to your stylist, safe in the knowledge that your new look is going to suit you!

You simply roam around, safe in the knowledge that round each corner there will be something to please.

sb could have sworn (that) ...

All of which is very curious we could have sworn Colin Milburn went to good old Greencroft comprehensive.

Athelstan could have sworn he was acting as if there was some one else there.

Corbett could have sworn that momentarily he glimpsed another figure, shadow-like, but fled on.

He could have sworn the pile of letters had been deeper, that there had been many more.

No, he recalled other sightings, so real you could have sworn they were alive ... until they vanished.

She could have sworn the light had been yellow - pure yellow.

The friar could have sworn that Sir John was singing a hymn or a song under his breath.

The Myrcans looked on with what he could have sworn was approval.

sb tells me (that)

Debbie tells me you're looking for a new job.

He tells me calmly that he would like another bellini at the Hotel Excelsior on the Venice Lido.

He always tells me what to see, what to read.

He comes back and tells me his bus is forty two.

Hindsight tells me that I was looking for trouble, but-at the time I knew nothing about it.

Not in the violence, Tod tells me.

Rachel tells me not to go to a gay therapist.

She just calls me up and tells me how cool I am or whatever for an hour or something.

Something tells me I won't be seeing her for a while either.

sb/sth is not all that

I don't know why you keep chasing her around - she's not all that.

As you probably know, even the cleanest looking carpet is not all that it appears.

But language is not all that conventional and matter of fact.

But the ordinary ground of palpable reality and time-bound day-to-day existence is not all that firm anyhow.

Issue 100 is not all that far away.

Obviously enough, action is not all that is required for thought.

The geographical context is not all that matters, but it is the most significant.

The little secret no one lets out is that what one does after putting on the badge is not all that exciting.

The woe that is in marriage is not all that bad really.

sb/sth is the exception that proves the rule

Most people our age have finished school, and Mike is the exception that proves the rule.

so (that)

I'll move my car so you can get into the garage.

Prune the tree at a young age so that it will have a strong central trunk.

She's studying English at night school so that she can go to university.

Steps must be taken so that this kind of disaster never happens again.

The ropes got twisted, so I couldn't climb down again.

We've planned a variety of activities, so there'll be something for everyone.

sod it/that

something of the/that kind

Certainly Hannah Mitchell wished something of the kind had existed to give her advice on childrearing.

I still had five, and I had rather expected something of the kind might happen.

Rosa felt such shock, although she told herself she should have expected something of the kind .

The news provoked among Zuwaya an instant recognition of necessary truth: they had always suspected something of the kind .

When something of that kind comes on to the market it creates a storm.

sth that would make sb blush

Jones' political moves would even make a crooked politician blush .

She uses language that would make a construction worker blush .

suffice (it) to say (that)

Suffice it to say that prayer is an important activity in the Synagogue.

For the moment, suffice it to say that I take a skeptical view of the structural analyses offered.

It suffices to say we launched a host of programs to rectify the situation.

suppose/supposing (that)

I am supposed to say no.

It is supposed to save money and impose some market discipline on bureaucracy's natural tendency to swell.

It seems reasonable to suppose that they should be, if the contentious area of imaginative literature is ruled out.

Orientals are supposed to had a monopoly in the hands-modelling business, she says.

Other economic news from the federal government that was supposed to be released has been postponed.

So I was supposed to meet this bike trainer this afternoon in Brooklyn, right?

Well, we all are, I suppose .

Whom are we supposed to forgive?

take it as read (that)

Let us take it as read that Hawkwind started quite a few trends in their time.

take it for granted (that)

We just took it for granted that the $1000 was part of the normal fee for buying a house.

But I take it for granted .

He seemed to take it for granted that everyone would do what he told them.

He seemed to take it for granted that she was the one to talk to.

It was impossible to take it for granted .

Ludens was right in a way to complain that they were now all taking it for granted .

Now we took it for granted that seawater came swirling up around our feet whenever we left the cabin or cockpit baskets.

She had taken it for granted that they would spend the night in Denver.

Why do we take it for granted that education is a good to which everyone equally is entitled?

tell that to the Marines

that (about) sums it up

This was their task but that sums it up too simply.

that does it!

that figures/(it) figures

that is not to say

But that is not to say he does not feel afraid.

But that is not to say that Sierra Leone is not worth saving.

But that isn't to say that doing research is like breathing - you do it all the time without realising.

However, that isn't to say that male writers have it easy.

I have authorised his scheme, but that is not to say it will ever come about.

It does not exclude anything; but that is not to say that it can attain everything.

that is to say

She has always known as much, that is to say as little, as the supplier needed her to know.

that makes two of us

"I'd like to work in Hawaii." "That makes two of us."

Well, that makes two of us, Hilary thought with a little smile as she sat at the table.

that makes two of us

Well, that makes two of us, Hilary thought with a little smile as she sat at the table.

that should do it

Slosh on a bit of this, and that should do it.

that will do nicely

that would be telling

Well, that would be telling , as Barry Norman would say.

that would/will never do

Bless my best boots, that would never do at all.

Oh, no, that would never do, would it?

that'll be the day

``Bill says he'll wash the dishes tonight.'' ``That'll be the day !''

The day I call you Chief Rabbit, Hazel, that 'll be the day, that will!

that'll do!

that'll learn sb!

that'll teach you (to do sth)

that's (just) the way sth/sb is/that's (just) the way sth goes

And that's the way he is.

And that's the way it is again this year - everybody is happy with what I am doing.

But they think they can run everything from Detroit and that's the way the organisation is going to be restructured.

Even the best generals sometimes lose with this army just because that's the way it is.

For that's the way it is for the talented twosome.

He's always been a bit on his dignity, I suppose, but that's the way he is.

In the end Capirossi had to do the winning himself and that's the way 1991 is going to be.

The money we got to spend - well, that's the way it is.

that's (past/ancient) history

But that's history now the children are back in the classroom.

that's (quite) enough

Come now, that's enough .

He's in the fourth year of a six-year, $ 75 million contract, and that's enough for him.

I think McDunn at least believes me and that's enough for now.

So it gives pleasure, and that's enough really.

That's quite enough for one day at altitude, there and back.

Well that's enough of mechanical problems lets have some questions.

that's a good one

My car's on fire? Boy, that's a good one!

The idea of John getting sick, the idea of John coming down with something: that's a good one.

that's a laugh

that's about it/all

I've seen her around a few times, but that's about it.

There's some ham in the fridge, and that's about it.

Behaviour in a vacuum may be very interesting but that's about all.

I can tell the difference between a sparrow and a swan and that's about it.

Oh well, that's about it.

Soundblaster effects such as laser fire and explosions are terrific but that's about it.

That's about all I can tell you.

That's about it for this month.

They're very big, and they're very expensive, and that's about all you can say for them.

Unfortunately when it comes to originality that's about all the game has to offer.

that's about the size of it

that's all I need/that's just what I didn't need

that's all she wrote

that's better

Come on, give me a hug. There, that's better , isn't it?

Try keeping your arm straight when you hit the ball. That's better !

But that's better than none.

She had half drained her mug when she said, ` Ah, that's better !

So let's try: That's better . the pages now contain both words.

Surely that's better than fading away in a hospital bed somewhere?

That's better , the waist is accentuated now.

Well, that's better than finding half a worm!

that's good

"We're going to buy a house." "Oh, that's good !"

The stove's brand new? That's good .

But that's good because it keeps us out of trouble.

If it helps, then that's good .

She had half drained her mug when she said, ` Ah, that's better !

That's good because the letter could contain blackmail, be a love letter or anything.

That's good for them, because they stand to make a commission of hundreds of pounds.

That's good , but I want more.

The thing that's good is we've had seven takeaways already.

that's it

It rains till late February or early March, and that's it.

OK, that's it . If you're not going to try, I'm not going to help you.

Slowly...slowly... Yeah, that's it .

Clarence House has a reputation for giving half an hour and then that's it .

How many embalmers do you know who have 1 or 2 arterials, 1 cavity fluid and that's it .

Nothing more to do in here, Madeleine said: that's it , finished.

Once you doubt my word, that's it .

One blooming lamp post at the corner and that's it .

Power: that's it , I want power over my life.

Sullen but accurate, spiky but efficient: that's it .

We get a custody order, and that's it .

that's life

Oh well, that's life !

But I guess that's life !

But there you are, Mr. K. that's life .

The students shrug; that's life , they seem to say.

that's more like it/this is more like it

that's news to me!

The meeting's been canceled? That's news to me.

that's not saying much

Better than Alex O'Neal's offering, but that's not saying much.

that's not the whole story

that's quite all right

that's rich (coming from him/you etc)

that's right

That's right , Jim's been a friend of mine for years.

Yeah, that's right - it was based on a Raymond Chandler novel.

Amitha: In a way that's right .

And as Bethan found, it may also take some time to find a treatment that's right for you.

But she will not get that distance until she learns to - that's right - detach.

Do you think that's right ?

I don't think that's right .

Yes, that's right , it can be done, we can face history down.

Yes, that's right , the car maker.

that's sb all over

"That's Dora all over," interrupted Rose with a sniff. "Once she gets an idea into her head, nothing will stop her."

He was late, of course, but that's Tim all over.

that's something

And that's something many fans simply don't want.

And that's something technology alone, however sharp, could never do.

As for Winterreise itself, that's something else.

From his talks with players, that's something he discovered was missing in the Phillies clubhouse last season.

It's a manifestation of the marvellous relationship you had with your husband and that's something you should hand on to dearly.

Oh, good, that's something .

Okay, that's something a soldier has to accept, in an abstract sort of way.

You bought it as somewhere where you could keep me, and that's something quite different.

that's the idea

"You're going to meet them there?" "Yeah, that's the idea ."

Now push the button on the left to set the time. That's the idea !

And that's the idea behind Cotswold Garden tours, which organises holiday breaks in the region.

Grown-up amusements, that's the idea .

that's the spirit

that's the story of my life

that's the way

Now bring your foot gently off the clutch - that's the way .

And that's the way it is again this year - everybody is happy with what I am doing.

And that's the way Lynne likes it.

But then, that's the way the politicians in this town love to operate.

Even the best generals sometimes lose with this army just because that's the way it is.

I was lumbered with one hairstyle and that's the way it would stay.

Well, that's the way it looked from the back.

Well, that's the way it should be, but it isn't always the case.

that's the way the cookie crumbles

"Sorry you didn't get the job, Mike." "Yeah, thanks. I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles."

that's torn it!

that's what I mean

"You've got to think about later on in life, too." "That's what I mean . It's getting closer."

And that's what I mean about friends.

But that's what I meant about technology having caught you up.

I deny I get long holidays, that's what I mean .

I think that's what I mean .

that's what you/they etc think!

that's your/his etc problem

Anyway, that's your problem .

that's/it's all well and good

If that helps the government keep up with their debt repayments, that's all well and good.

that's/it's not good enough

Voice over John and Vicki Strong say that's not good enough.

that's/it's sb's lookout

that's/it's sb's loss

If they don't find me interesting that's their loss .

that's/there's an idea

that's/there's sb/sth for you!

the (only) problem is (that) ...

Do you know what the problem is?

For them, the problem is one of trust.

I know, the problem is money.

I think that the problem is even too great for remediation.

In both cases the problem is that concrete cultural processes, in particular historical locations, are reduced to abstract schemata.

In other words, it is to argue that the problem is a technical problem which admits of a technical solution.

It doesn't mean that the problem is solved, but there's a starting point to work from.

When the problem is studied and understood, it should explain a great many doubts and questions.

the fact (that)

He refused to help me despite the fact that I've done many things for him.

Associated with this, I feel, was the fact that he never suffered from jet-lag.

Bellends: I liked the fact that as both ends are the same you have four choices of entrance.

But the fact is that none of these are visions of what I recognize as life.

Even the fact that she suggested that they get married shows that she was living in a fantasy world.

He remembered those pot-bellied children in Nairobi and he wanted the facts .

It is due to the fact that they are six years old.

Surely, the fact that he was out here, calmly taking a holiday, might be an encouraging sign?

There are exceptions, but the fact that information is held in confidence is not as such a sufficient reason for exemption.

the hair of the dog (that bit you)

the instant (that)

The instant I saw the place, I knew it was the right house for us.

Each give the instant results essential to demonstrations.

He loved the instant of the discovery, that flash of astonishment.

I would reach for two mugs and two packets of the instant drink mix which was our evening ration.

It was a great advertisement for Test cricket, with the instant variety of the World Cup just around the corner.

Motion was conserved in the precise form in which it occurred at the instant of its preservation.

On the instant , a fearful commotion began on the farther side.

Perseus saw her and on the instant loved her.

Words like solid, experienced, respected and grown-up littered the instant Cheney profiles last week.

the minute (that) sb does sth

The minute I say something is cute, she'll hate it.

the moment (that) sb does sth

Been getting hold of a bit of meth, but it's fairly hard to come by at the moment .

Does it enable them to make the right choice in the heat of the moment ?

In the heat of the moment it does not usually look as if there is anything to be done about the heat.

the one that got away

Saucy Cecil Parkinson lets his fingers do the talking about the one that got away.

the one(s) who/that

But in that case Robert was the one who should have stayed.

He wanted to be the one who did the organizing and made the improvements.

I'd said the right thing and she'd buttoned me as the one who signed the cheques.

I was the one who had to take it to my tutor, not them.

Maggie had never been to the big barn before, the one that had looked so imposing from the air.

Of all the proposals, the one that you made is the silliest. 3.

Often, the one who brought it home had soon lost interest in his acquisition.

She's the one who ought to be got rid of.

the powers that be

The powers that be do not seem interested in solving the city's transportation problems.

The powers that be have decided that our lunch breaks should be reduced to 45 minutes.

Could the powers that be, or anyone else who knows, possibly get him on?

Inadvertently or not, the powers that be determined that so-so writers had only so-so intelligence.

It's just that the powers that be treat us teachers like dirt.

Maybe the powers that be have been only interested in cleaning up opponents.

Perhaps it is time for the powers that be to look again at the slalom rules that allow dipping and sideways presentations.

They were keeping on the right side of the powers that be.

Um, I still think that, that maybe the powers that be want it probably as a smoke screen.

Why should the powers that be want to ruin that?

the truth/fact of the matter is (that)

For the fact of the matter is, all the fight has been taken out of Blue.

there's no denying (that/sth)

Anna looks better, there's no denying it.

But he's neat and tidy there's no denying it.

Even if you are sceptical about meridians, there's no denying that the roller gives an enjoyable massage.

He denies it, but there's no denying the little girl does resemble Becker in a dress.

Now there's no denying that 1991 was not a good year for the advertising industry.

There's no denying it, if you don't spend a lot of cash, you go down.

think (that) the world revolves around you

think that the world owes you a living

this, that and the other

this/that leads (me) to sth

Anything less than that leads to what the theistic traditions frequently refer to as idolatry.

But the priority is to get off a path that leads to more and more isolation.

It is this that leads to the dependency culture predominant among deaf people in integrated education.

It was a straight road, the kind of road that leads to a temple or a sacred monument.

So that leads me to think that these sorts of events are not particularly uncommon.

Then the operatives are more likely to make mistakes when set-ups are constantly changing, and that leads to increased wastage.

This is the scene that leads to the Giza plateau.

Those same lessons apply to changing our attitude from one that leads to failure to one that leads to success.

this/that puppy

How do you shut this puppy off?

Use the lane and follow that puppy , that glove, up the road ta where it come from.

to think (that) ...!

to this/that/the effect

A proposal to this effect follows in Section 3.

Does his eagerness amount to setting up a trust to that effect ?

I made a little speech to the effect that we are overjoyed to be in Sydney.

It is a person's or animal's contribution to the effect .

She made a note to that effect .

The other factor which contributed to this effect was his decision to become a broadcaster.

This is because thick lithosphere will tend to be more resistant to the effects of heat conduction and penetrative magmatism.

We were ourselves considering whether we should introduce a Government Bill to this effect .

top that

I work 90 hours a week - top that!

But Pittsburgh drew 50, 000, and the game with the 49ers' is expected to top that.

Can the funds top that this month?

DIlAYdl n. A top that is used in a game played during the celebration of CHANike.

If the mixture is stirred vigorously, the tin particles form a froth on the top that can be scraped off.

It's the fleecy top that has really revolutionised outdoor gear.

It's what's up top that counts.

Obviously I couldn't wear tops that were short which would show where the belt was, so that summer was terrible.

tough!/that's tough!

two can play at that game

we'll see about that

"I want to go to Joshua's tonight." "Well, we'll have to see about that."

Kim wants to go to this party, huh? Well, we'll see about that!

what was all that about?

And what was all that about sending him your regards?

what's that supposed to mean?

"It sounds like things aren't going too well for you lately." "What's that supposed to mean?"

what's that when it's at home?

wherever that is/may be

who would have dreamt that ...?

with that

All with that Donahue sense of nice-guys-can-do-this attitude.

Be careful with that audio recording.

It has very little - nothing - to do with that.

Most of us live with that possibility because it is part of the human condition to know that disaster can strike.

Stick with that idea of hearing the lovely sounds of good golf.

There's nothing wrong with that, Miss Honey.

There is an aesthetic, if we can dignify it with that word, which distinguishes blood sports from each other.

Though an opponent of the more rigid scholastics, Weigel sought a reconciliation of modern philosophy with that of Aristotle.

work on the principle/assumption/basis etc that

Gamekeepers worked on the principle that any other animals that preyed on pheasants must be ruthlessly eliminated.

It works on the assumption that each side is willing to move from its starting point during the negotiations.

It works on the principle that the pursuer will not be able to change direction as efficiently as the prey.

Politicians seem to work on the assumption that the early bird catches the voter.

The therapy works on the principle that like cures like.

These devices work on the principle that the oscillating frequency of a crystal under an applied voltage changes with crystal mass.

They work on the principle that most people pay up if they're pestered for long enough.

When a crime is reported to the police they do not work on the assumption that anyone could have done it.

would that ...

But would that have been unfair?

But would that hold them off for long?

But what good would that do?

I have a sheet of 1 / 2-inch foam insulation; would that work?

Now, would that be wise?

Or would that be too flamboyant?

Or would that too do damage to future matrimonial prospects?

Where would that leave giant fullback Hendrik Truter you may ask?

you can say that again!

you can't say fairer than that

you will be delighted/pleased etc to know (that)

you would have thought (that)


That last test was a lot easier than this one.

He met Bobby Jones on Monday of that week.

I saw that woman again today.

Look at those men in that car. What on earth are they doing?

No, I wanted that one over there.

When are you going to give me that money you owe me?

II. conjunction


That he talked about it to reporters surprises me.

I can't believe that she told you.

I think Vic feels threatened by the fact that I'm smarter than he is.

Joe said that his girlfriend is coming to visit.

Oh, that Glenda were alive to see this.

We pray that he may recover soon.

III. adverb




You're too short and too plump - though your skin's not that bad .

The wounds themselves were not that bad .

Having a cigarette in the toilet doesn't sound that bad .

He's got a good job and mine ain't that bad .

But no, you're right, he's not that bad .

Just being out of work is not that bad .

I don't know why she wore it; my memory wasn't that bad .

Nobody with such an engaging confidence in his own good standing with the world could be all that bad .


Well, Eb and me wasn't that close .

My advice is don't choose one without first looking at the other, it's that close .

Sometimes they'd seen her, other times not, but it was always more exciting to be that close .


It can't be all that difficult .

I might well have got myself burned upon a stake, although in those days that wasn't all that difficult .


But while many rugs are advertised as machine washable, it isn't always that easy .

Empty, of course, but then he hadn't expected it to be that easy .

But it wasn't that easy .

However, things are not that easy .

Of course things were not that easy .

But this won't be the last straw; they won't get rid of me that easy .

It shouldn't have been that easy .

Exonerating Alex wasn't going to be that easy .


The process could never have gone that far .

Thankfully, it didn't get that far .

He thought she might be on the point of offering him a nip of whisky but she did not go that far .

She says she wouldn't like to be an expectant mum and have to travel that far .

She says she doesn't see why they should have to go that far .

I mean, there must be something behind it for the police to go that far .

But Branson was very reluctant to go that far .


Deep down, I don't think it's that funny .


To sum it all up, it's good but not that good.

My generation of football supporters have no idea at all if George Best or even Pele were that good.

He was good but not yet that good.

It's pretty good on petrol, but not that good.

These anglers would have been class acts in any era, yes, they were that good .

His exam results would not be all that good .


The stakes were that high; the pressure on her was that great .

The numbers are collapsed by same description types, since the absolute incidence of both in plural conditions is not that great .

Yet the distinctions, emphasised by regionalists searching for cultural backing, are not all that great .

The difference between the critic's activity and that of the good reader is not really all that great .


Well, it might be hard to see it as that important .

We both believed that a marriage certificate wasn't that important .

World records in marathons are not that important .

Still, it's probably not all that important .

As she showed the commentary isn't all that important .


Some observers then thought he might not even survive that long .

He hasn't been out that long .

If we can afford to wait that long .

Now the currency seems unlikely to last that long .

But would she have that long ?

I didn't really rate his chances of living that long .

I hadn't been in bed all that long .

Nor would the £1,500 I had borrowed last that long .


Had she really missed something that obvious ?


Yet things are evidently not that simple .

Unfortunately, however, things are not quite that simple .

But of course it wasn't that simple .

But it isn't quite that simple .

Life just isn't that simple .

It's that simple . let's go back to my hotel and fool around.



Suddenly it was all that mattered .

Morality was out of fashion in Washington: the power game was all that mattered .


But most existing transparent magnets - which are usually made of iron borate - are not actually all that magnetic.

In actual fact the two fish are not that alike.

They won't be in that early.

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