Meaning of TOW in English


I. verb




Dozens of motorists faced fines of £100 to recover parked cars which were towed away .

The blue hatchback was briefly searched in the parking lot, and then towed away by authorities.

A feeble little hatchback in the Highlands deserves to be towed away .

A final decision will be made once the stricken destroyer is towed away .

Long queues had formed before the car was towed away by police.

Four cars damaged in the pile up have been towed away for forensic tests.

If they don't, they face having their caravans towed away .

A word of warning: be careful not to park illegally as your vehicle is liable to be towed away .



Read in studio A driver who towed another car at a hundred miles an hour on a motorway has admitted reckless driving.

This left only thirteen railcoaches in original condition, plus the ten trailer towing cars .


The damaged ship was towed to the nearest port.

The police had towed his car away because it was blocking the road.

What's the speed limit for cars towing trailers?


A final decision will be made once the stricken destroyer is towed away.

He often towed it to Lake Whitney, near Waco.

I towed her over to the muddy shore and flung her aboard Flupper.

Power surfers are towed behind a jet-ski into massive oceanic swells that move too fast to catch by paddling conventional surfboards.

The lifeguard boat offered to tow his board out through the pounding break.

Their target was a specific spot where, earlier, a towed temperature probe had measured a spike of warm water.

Their yacht was also towed in.

II. noun




Grabbing at the Zodiac's tow line , he held himself against the river for a moment, getting his breath back.

Having anchored your sledge you fix your tow line to the front hinge piece, using a karabiner.

Then the moment came when the tow line was released and they savoured the eerie feeling of riding the rising thermals.


The tow rope sprang taut, plucking the dinghy clear as the swell broke, thundering forward on to the waiting coral.

The boy Ezra was kneeling over the stern with the tow rope tangled in his hands.

Ozzie Griffiths, in the car behind, was being pulled by a thirteen foot long tow rope .

Loi was on the bow, keeping watch on the tow rope .

We would have the tow rope ready when the fishing boat went past us.

He felt the tug of the tow rope .

Nick and I laid out tow ropes to the bow of the raft, and cajoled bystanders to lend a hand.


The tow truck eventually arrived three hours later, but broke down on the way to her fiance's home near Norwich.

Or if you need help, they can dispatch a tow truck or whatever you need.



And at the end of the session we were taken for a tow round the harbour.


I seized the chance to ask for a tow , anything to get us clear of that suicidal place.

In April 1986 our 29-year-old son met a lorry coming from the opposite direction with a very heavy utility trailer in tow .

Many enjoy the festival so much that they return season after season, with spouses and children in tow .

Sometimes they came alone, sometimes with a man in tow - to foot the bill!

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