Meaning of TREATMENT in English



a patient receives treatment/a drug

Twelve of these patients were receiving treatment with a new drug.

a patient responds to treatment (= starts recovering )

Some patients respond quickly and satisfactorily to treatment.

a treatment outcome (= what happens whan a particular medical treatment is used )

Funding is provided to collect and analyze data on treatment outcomes.

an effective treatment

Antibiotics are still the most effective treatment for this disease.

degrading treatment

the degrading treatment that the prisoners receive in jail

dental treatment/care

Dental care was free in the 60s.

emergency treatment (= medical treatment given to someone when they have been injured or become ill suddenly )

The driver is undergoing emergency treatment at Park Royal Hospital.

equal treatment

Everyone should get equal treatment under the law.

harsh criticism/treatment/punishment etc

His theory met with harsh criticism from colleagues.

the harsh measures taken against the protesters

hospital treatment/care

What do older people think of hospital care?

lifesaving surgery/treatment/drugs etc

The boy needs a life-saving transplant operation.

medical attention/treatment/care

The injury required urgent medical attention.


He received hospital treatment for a cut over his eye.

residential treatment facility

shock treatment

the government’s shock therapy economic programme

star treatment (= special treatment that a star gets )

Winners get star treatment from the media.

surgical equipment/instruments/treatment

scalpels and other surgical instruments

undergo treatment/surgery/an operation

The cyclist underwent emergency surgery yesterday after a collision with a car.

VIP treatment

We were given VIP treatment .




Products offered by service industries include hospital care, dental treatment , holiday arrangements and accountancy services, for example. 5.

Teeth Dental treatment is free during pregnancy because teeth can be troublesome.

In addition higher charges were made for all forms of dental treatment and new charges introduced for sight and dental checks.

In midst of massive dental treatment - it feels like the rebuilding of Windsor Castle in my jaw.

Nor was there any notice explaining how to get dental treatment on the National Health Service.

The Community Dental Service is required to provide clinical dental care for those patients refused dental treatment by a general dental practitioner.

Those who spend time as a hospital in-patient for dental or maxilla-facial treatment get £50 a day.


Whenever possible buy the yarn by length rather than by weight as different fibres and treatments can vary the weight of yarns a great deal.

Thus, depending on the type of problem presented, different treatment goals and methods should be considered.

The point may be illustrated by the different treatments of violent death in art and entertainment.

Depending on which label sticks, very different kinds of treatments will be suggested for him.

Neither the classical variables nor the different treatments influenced survival in high grade lymphoma.

In the high grade group, none of the variables or different modes of treatment influenced mortality.

Measuring the quality of the hospital service is obviously difficult, especially given the diversity of different forms of treatment .

Watercolour papers undergo different sizing treatments at various stages of the papermaking process - applied internally or externally.


In four of them, the elemental diet was as effective as steroid treatment in achieving short term remission.

Without effective treatment , many patients, like this lawyer, wind up homeless or incarcerated.

The most effective treatment before 1960 for severe and disabling depression was electro-convulsion therapy.

Indomethacin is also very effective in the treatment of gout and may be associated with less prominent side effects.

But the immature brain cells were the most effective treatment in the rats, says Sandberg.

In economic terms, sclerotherapy was clearly the most cost effective treatment .

A corneal transplant is usually the only effective form of treatment .

But an effective treatment may be near at hand.


The courts and tribunals were made responsible for ensuring the smooth running of electoral campaigns and equal treatment of candidates.

However, it was clear from the way she spread the toes of her other foot that it desired equal treatment .

Questions about equal access to services and equal rights to treatment also raise important issues about the value of particular interventions.

In any event, the needs of humans warrant full and equal treatment to those of owls and snail darters.

It is particularly concerned to ensure fair and equal treatment for all shareholders.

Maybe blacks will start getting equal treatment in the justice system.

They would still not have equal treatment with Falklands war widows, who receive about £124 a week.

We are firmly committed to equal treatment for men and women in pensions.


Furthermore, the harsh treatment of slaves was fully supported by the legal system.

In the civil case, the plaintiffs sought to shield him from such harsh treatment by limiting the scope of his testimony.

Ending in harsh treatment and pain, and a lingering scar.

Yet the trend towards harsher treatment for young offenders continues.

Those persecuted for their religious beliefs were singled out for particularly harsh treatment .

When let out to private contractors, corruption and harsh treatment of the paupers was too often added to failure.

They prefer not to break the beast's spirit with harsh treatment .

There a barren woman is a potential witch and punished with low status and harsh treatment .


It's at this stage that they receive some of the worst treatment .

Perhaps the worst treatment Graham had to endure was an experiment with ultra-violet rays, carried out at the local hospital.

It soon shows ill treatment , as well as responding to conditioning and care.

She'd suffered worse treatment from punters in the past.

Any acts of ill treatment , harm or abuse must be detected quickly and properly punished.

Britain can not get the best performance from our employees by giving them the worst treatment .

The Minister will be aware that, in 1989 and 1990, 726 complaints of ill treatment were made.

Such guardianship was seen as a way of protecting vulnerable people from exploitation, ill treatment , or neglect.


Some medical treatments , such as partial gastrectomy, may also lead to osteoporosis.

Many young people are struggling with a depressive illness that requires medical treatment .

Unfortunately, none of the published randomised trials have shown that medical treatment improves fertility.

Furthermore, there was no appreciable research under way that promised better medical treatment in the future.

For medical treatment after the assault.

But, analytically, a right to die is not dissimilar from a right to hasten death by terminating life-sustaining medical treatment .

The special needs of a mentally disordered person are for specific medical and psychological treatments and procedures.

Considerable degeneration of the endometriosis occurs after two months of medical treatment , and symptoms should therefore diminish.


Their finding could lead to new treatments for muscle wasting in humans, or ways to conserve muscle tissue during space flight.

She will try a new treatment , if they suggest it.

There's a new treatment programme that could be the answer you are looking for.

In addition, some promising new treatments are now available.

You will let me know of course if you think it better to discontinue this when I start the new treatment .

Any claim of a new treatment for dyslexia is certain to be controversial, in part because the stakes are so high.

The research and clinical communities are scrambling to learn more, try new ideas, and explore new treatments .

We are seeing more people survive with very, very profound injuries because of new emergency treatment .


Carey Lohrenz received preferential treatment and inflated grades during flight training.

It is not as though regular blood donors receive preferential treatment when they come to need a transfusion.

In cases of race and gender bias, such decrees often have produced quotas and preferential treatment for the aggrieved party.

Does he agree that that will lead to preferential treatment for private patients and creeping privatisation?

Employees and contractors have been given preferential treatment and get the total amount applied for.

Perhaps you are ignoring your existing pet, and giving preferential treatment to the newcomer?

It was made clear that trade would be at international prices, with no subsidies or preferential treatment .


The introduction to the first five steps of the Anonymous Fellowships while in a residential treatment centre is only an introduction.

Further residential treatment after hospitalization may be indicated.

Do family members ever require residential treatment ?

However, community care -- from outpatient medicine refills to short-term residential treatment -- was voluntary.

I propose a limit of three months' free residential treatment .

But the wait for residential treatment averages 60 days, Katz said.

Cost-cutters were warning that foster care and residential treatment were becoming budget-busters.


A neonatal intensive care unit is, on this view, a good example of special treatment .

That would raise eyebrows, as well as suspicions of special treatment .

It is hoped she will help and advise patients who need special treatment .

But Forbes would lose special tax treatment for his farm in New Jersey.

It can single out for special treatment the special aggravating features of a crime.

But as San Francisco characters, the Mitchell brothers always got special treatment from the press.

Five-foot sash cramps sort out the main frame; the brackets need special treatment .

Pensioners and the disabled would be singled out for special treatment , whether they paid rates or not.


The most extreme example of this was in the surgical treatment sometimes meted out to women.

Controversy exists over the influence of medical or surgical treatment of gastro-oesophageal reflux on Barrett's oesophagus.

Successful surgical and medical treatments are both followed by an appreciable rate of recurrence.

Before the availability of endoscopic bile duct intervention surgical treatment was the usual approach to management.

A change in management was recorded if manometry changed either medical or surgical treatment .

Restorative proctocolectomy is the procedure of choice for most patients who require surgical treatment for ulcerative colitis.

Urgent surgical treatment by direct suture ligation is the treatment of choice, but the prognosis for most patients is extremely poor.

The authors draw attention to what seems to be a large regional variation between rates of surgical treatment for glue ear.



But when drug treatment is given, the protein pumps the drugs back out, so they have little effect.

Moreover, few patients, if any, have their cholesterol decreased to very low levels with drug treatment .

Evaluation of the cost effectiveness of drug treatment is in its infancy, and health economics can inform the debate.

A law to give counties funds to develop drug treatment on demand.

The total duration of maintenance drug treatment was comparable in the two groups.

At first, the doctors try drug treatment .

By contrast, the report lists a range of drug treatments for allergies.

The therapists and the interviewers who assessed treatment effect were blinded to the drug treatment the patients were receiving.


Water treatment facilities are non-existent in the area, with chemicals such as chlorine unobtainable to stop the outbreak.

Llanos came to Washington, apparently to enter a psychiatric treatment facility for priests in Maryland.

There might be, he concedes, a few problems with small firms with inadequate or non-existent treatment facilities on site.

Likewise, growing population placed increasing demands on electric generation and water treatment facilities .

We have heat treatment facilities here that nobody else can replicate.

But unless the city met the requirement, it would have to build a $ 135 million treatment facility .

The new treatment facilities should be commissioned in late 1993.

The first priority is to provide sewage treatment facilities .


There was no significant difference in the severity of the colonic inflammation between the treatment groups .

Dutton has for years run treatment groups for abusers, most of whom arrive under court mandate.

Visual analysis of the data showed that the growth rates of the treatment groups were parallel until day 19 and then diverged.

All treatment groups did better than controls on drinking measures and legal problems.

An essential ingredient of this is the ability to categorise each patient by disease type or treatment group .

After residents had been without therapy for nearly a month, treatment groups were formed for processing the incident, records state.

Differences between treatment groups were taken to be significant if the type I error was less than 0 05.

There were no significant differences in the serum lactate, pyruvate, or alkaline phosphatase concentrations between the treatment groups .


More than 20 officers needed hospital treatment .

One victim was stabbed; others required hospital treatment as a result of the attacks.

Their victim needed hospital treatment for cuts and bruises.

That night, scores of people were beaten badly enough to require hospital treatment , including twenty newsmen.

It was time for the Essex Ambulance Service to be called into action as a player from each side needed hospital treatment .

The protester needed hospital treatment and months of physiotherapy after being run down.

There were 56353 hospital treatment periods because of pancreatitis.


Substantial investment programmes in information technology and new effluent treatment plant to meet the latest regulatory requirements were also initiated.

Since incorporating in 1988, the city has connected fewer than half its residents and other users to its wastewater treatment plant .

But at the moment only a few treatment plants in Britain have the equipment to do this.

Example: Diamond is supposed to provide the sewer lines and a treatment plant .

The mechanical and water-treatment plant is contained in the basement.

The cost of a new sewer treatment plant ?

Nothing is maintained, sewer networks, water pipes, or treatment plants , so health hazards have flourished.


Those beaches which benefit from improved sewage treatment systems, such as Hunstanton in Norfolk, are praised for their water quality.

It consists of stripping these compounds out at sewage treatment works.

Demonstrating the cleaning powers of modern sewage treatment plants is something of an obsession for those who work there.

Translated into reality, it means a self-contained sewage treatment garden plant and a haven for Britain's natural flora.

Nearly half its people live without public services such as a sewage treatment system.

The owner says the problem is caused by a Severn trent sewage treatment plant half a mile upstream.

It cooed about sewage treatment , environmental improvements and coastal waters.


This is particularly useful for small communities and in developing countries, where special water treatment is not available or prohibitively expensive.

Activities i. Evaluate technologic aspects of food processing and water treatment that may promote infectious disease emergence.

Water &038; Ventilation Keith Morgan has been promoted to sales manager north for the water treatment section of the division.

Likewise, growing population placed increasing demands on electric generation and water treatment facilities.

We have a monthly cooling tower water treatment with your company, the service consultant is John Norris.

Grace has the same time line for selling its Dearborn water treatment business and its Agracetus biotechnology plant business.

Landfarming is similar to composting systems for destroying organic or biological sludges from municipal and industrial waste water treatment systems.



Horse behaviour is the latest subject to be given the Desmond Morris treatment .

He was given the silent treatment during the wagon ride home.

I come off, like, but they didn't give you no treatment or anything.

They are hard to kill, given reasonable treatment .

We give more detailed treatment to these developments in Chapter 7.

Most give the matter glancing treatment , if that.

Its contract is to guarantee that the doctors consulted by members of the public are properly qualified and will give competent treatment .

Wing Commander Tim Woods says they will help transport casualties and give immediate treatment if needed to any injured troops.


Jim Brydon, deputy unit manager, said the ophthalmology department was concentrating on reducing waiting times for patients needing inpatient treatment .

Another jockey needs treatment for substance abuse.

So it was back to adult medicine, and the odd casualty who needed treatment .

Five years in a row for those needing medical treatment or social services.

He has a bullet lodged behind his eye and needs treatment quickly or he will be blinded.

Patients need information regarding the treatment plan, its timescale and any alternative options should the side-effects become too severe to continue.

And the others? ... Well, yes - a few show some reluctance at the calling-back Need some - further treatment .

It is hoped she will help and advise patients who need special treatment .


De Klerk insisted that such a system would not provide for preferential treatment for any group at the expense of any other.

Not when our doctors may be subjected to an official stoning for providing that treatment .

Built in the 1950s the Netheridge works provides basic treatment to sewage from homes and industry from a large part of Gloucester.

The programs are: Breaking Cycles, a program that provides substance abuse treatment for juveniles who have been arrested.

Supervised clinical training is provided in cytotoxic drug treatment and radiation therapy.

In general, dementia can not yet be treated, though research may provide some form of treatment before long.

The health service has genuinely noble ideals: it provides excellent treatment irrespective of income.

The first priority is to provide sewage treatment facilities.


She was advised that she could not receive homoeopathic treatment because the fund-holding practice had no appropriate contract.

Gingrich and the Democratic leaders who are now under the ethics microscope are unlikely to receive such kindly treatment .

They later had to receive medical treatment at the hospital following the assaults.

If these patients are also receiving diuretics as treatment for their underlying disease, the diluting sites may be poisoned.

After a few weeks, he was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital, where he received physiotherapy treatment .

For those receiving treatment and training, the requirement begins after 2 1 / 2 years of aid.

Yates had a history of drug abuse for which she received treatment .

Carey Lohrenz received preferential treatment and inflated grades during flight training.


Gore was schizoid, suffering from a psychopathic disorder, requiring treatment for many years to come.

Many young people are struggling with a depressive illness that requires medical treatment .

Bacterial meningitis is quite a rare disease but it can be very serious and requires urgent treatment with antibiotics.

Some severe cases require psychiatric treatment and / or referral to a pain center.

Wounds inflicted by a leopard's normally retractile claws require instant treatment .

Stanton, 69, suffered minor injuries to his face and head but did not require hospital treatment .

Under the relevant sections it states that the patient's informed consent is required before certain designated treatments can be carried out.

When it does occur, it may be a sign of a lung disease that requires treatment .


Some ragged wild Angels responded well to herbal treatment .

Sea World veterinarian Jim McBain said the calf is gaining strength and responding to treatment .

He contracted a lung infection which did not respond to treatment .

Cerebellar tremors do not respond well to drug treatment .

But they weren't aware of a dressing-room drama as John Muldoon failed to respond to treatment for a hamstring injury.

Fish which respond to herbal treatment are not doing so because they think they should get better.

Paul Bodin is responding well to treatment and should be fit.

Those patients who did not respond to dilatation treatment were advised to have surgery.


Significantly, almost 66 % of the patients reported previously seeking treatment from other physicians for their erectile dysfunction.

In the past, women with these symptoms rarely sought treatment , and women with severe cases were hospitalized.

By appealing, Lloyd's is seeking to achieve equitable treatment for all Names with personal stop-loss recoveries.

Not until she moved to San Diego in 1988 did she seek equal treatment for herself.

In contrast, Type 11 systems, by allowing patients to seek treatment anywhere, in theory avoid this form of inequality.

Absenteeism soared, with employees taking their full allotment of sick days and seeking treatment for stress-related ailments.

Finally, illness behaviour will determine whether or not the individual regards himself as ill and seeks professional treatment .

A few years earlier, the man had sought treatment at the drug rehabilitation center where Ruiz volunteers.


Some time ago I received a frantic telephone call from Carol, who had undergone successful hypnotic treatment about two years earlier.

Not all cancer patients prefer to continue working while undergoing treatment .

The couple are still undergoing intensive treatment for injuries caused by the attempt on their lives.

Pain-Free Progesterone: Women undergoing infertility treatment are sometimes required to undergo daily injections to deliver the hormone progesterone.

Rather than increasing the sentence, three appeal court judges substituted a three-year probation order requiring him to undergo treatment or counselling.

Mobutu, undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, has been operating largely from his villa in nearby RoquebruneCap-Martin.

Simon has now cut right down on the amount of time he spend playing and has also undergone treatment from his doctor.


holistic medicine/treatment/healing etc

Finding a therapist to help you Many complementary therapies exist which are concerned with holistic healing.

Herbalism: a holistic treatment involving the use of herbal remedies specifically chosen and blended for different conditions.

In the centre, we record part of my daily routine for self-help holistic medicine which includes pectoral muscle exercises.

It is usually called holistic medicine or holistic health.

Paracelsus's influence on homoeopathy and holistic medicine is genuine, but the paracelsian legacy is much wider.

She sent him books on holistic medicine and nutrition.

The concepts of self-defense and self-repair are central contributions of holistic medicine.

The second axiom of holistic medicine is that each person is unique and each program must be individualized.

roll out the red carpet/give sb the red carpet treatment


a course of treatment which should lead to an improvement in the patient's condition

Although I was the boss's daughter, I didn't get preferential treatment .

Doctors are trying out a new treatment for depression.

Harper described the treatment he had received in prison.

He's receiving treatment for cancer.

Many historians were stunned by the book's inaccurate treatment of the battle.

Natural poisons such as snake venom are now being used in the treatment of human nervous disorders.

the treatment of polluted rivers

They received medical treatment at the hospital after the assault.

We're shocked by the government's treatment of young homeless people.


In treatment centers, the individual nature of the disease became clear.

In some countries it is sold for the treatment of insomnia or anxiety, but it is illegal in the United States.

Previously, Famvir was approved only for the treatment of outbreaks.

Radiation is released during the handling and treatment of radioactive materials and as they are transported to and from nuclear sites.

The specific treatment of hypertonicity depends upon the inciting cause.

There is where the contemporary social treatment of legitimate power rests.

With the exception of patients withdrawn due to deterioration, there were no apparent differences in response to treatment .

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