Meaning of TREATMENT in English

treat ‧ ment S2 W1 /ˈtriːtmənt/ BrE AmE noun

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ treat , ↑ treatment , ↑ mistreatment ; verb : ↑ treat , ↑ mistreat ; adjective : ↑ untreated , ↑ treatable ]

1 . MEDICAL [uncountable and countable] something that is done to cure someone who is injured or ill ⇨ treat

treatment of/for

There have been great advances in the treatment of cancer.

The best treatment for a cold is to rest and drink lots of fluids.

2 . BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS SOMEBODY [uncountable] a particular way of behaving towards someone or of dealing with them ⇨ treat

treatment of

Civil rights groups have complained about the harsh treatment of prisoners.

special/preferential treatment (=when one person is treated better than another)

The two young princes were not singled out for special treatment at school.

Just lately, Kyra has been giving me the silent treatment (=refusing to speak to me because she is angry with me) .

3 . OF A SUBJECT [uncountable and countable] a particular way of dealing with or talking about a subject ⇨ treat :

I didn’t think the film gave the issue serious treatment.

4 . CLEAN/PROTECT [uncountable and countable] a process by which something is cleaned, protected etc ⇨ treat

treatment of

the treatment of polluted rivers

• • •


■ verbs

▪ give somebody treatment

He was given treatment at a local hospital.

▪ provide/administer treatment (=give someone treatment)

Paramedics are trained to administer on-the-spot treatment to patients.

▪ get/have/receive treatment

Two boys received treatment for gunshot wounds.

▪ undergo treatment (=have it)

A few years earlier she'd undergone fertility treatment.

▪ need/require treatment

All three were beaten so badly that they needed hospital treatment.

▪ respond to treatment (=become better when given treatment)

He contracted a lung infection which did not respond to treatment.

■ ADJECTIVES/NOUN + treatment

▪ effective

The drug may prove to be an effective treatment for brain tumours.

▪ medical treatment

Every patient has a right to refuse medical treatment.

▪ hospital treatment

Several people needed hospital treatment for burns.

▪ emergency treatment

The driver needed emergency treatment.

▪ dental treatment

You may be entitled to free dental treatment.

▪ cancer treatment

She began to investigate alternative cancer treatments.

▪ fertility/infertility treatment (=treatment to help someone who is unable to have children)

Mrs Smith received fertility treatment using donor eggs.

▪ psychiatric treatment

He underwent psychiatric treatment after an episode of severe depression.

▪ laser treatment (=treatment done with a laser)

Laser treatment can be technically difficult.

▪ alternative treatments (=treatments that are not part of normal scientific medicine)

She found out all she could about alternative cancer treatments.

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