Meaning of TRIP in English


I. noun


30 mile/360 kilometre/2 hour etc round trip

A coachload of supporters made the 700-mile round trip to South Devon.

a boat trip

You can take a boat trip to the islands nearby.

a bus ride/journey/trip

It's a 20-minute bus ride into town.

a coach trip

The two-night coach trip to Paris will cost £149.

a nightmare journey/trip (= an extremely unpleasant journey )

Commuters are facing a nightmare journey to work due to the tube drivers strike.

a nostalgia trip informal (= a situation or experience that reminds you of events in the past )

Walking around campus was a great nostalgia trip for both of us.

a shopping expedition/trip

His shopping trip with Uncle Billy had been a thorough success.

book a trip

I booked the whole trip on the Internet.

day trip

My grandparents took me on a day trip to Blackpool.

ego trip

Their singer’s on a real ego trip.

field trip

a geography field trip

go on a trip/tour/cruise etc

My parents are going on a cruise.

pack trip

road trip

slip/stumble/trip etc and fall

He slipped and fell on the ice.

trip hop

worth a trip/visit etc

The local museum is worth a visit.




Another backbencher was told his place on a Foreign Office organised trip would be withdrawn if he defied the Government.

In his first foreign trip as president, Bush went to Tokyo for the funeral.

And that Azul knew the full story but he was leaving on a foreign trip ... well, this afternoon.

But last night the Governemnt urged a crackdown on foreign trips for young offenders.

Gifts lavished on David Currie, the former head of civil engineering, included foreign trips and expensive meals.

I also made a number of foreign trips .


Price includes everything - equipment, food, hotel or tent and, on longer trips , an escort vehicle.

It was a long trip , he said, an effort.

I made the long trip with my boys but the unit told me I should not be there.

The week long trip took in Dublin, Barlaston and Waterford.

She twisted her ankle while getting off the lift and had made the long trip down in pain.

Billie was fast asleep; it had been a long and boring trip for some one crammed in the back.


On a recent trip to Moscow trip in search of funds and support for his election campaign, he was received coolly.

On a recent trip to London, I took the Zagat survey for a road test.

He showed pictures of a recent trip he had made along the Cumbrian Way.

Jed-Forest confirmed last night that they had suspended a player until next season because of misbehaviour on a recent trip to Twickenham.

Bruggeman said researchers on a recent trip hiked 19 miles into the wilderness.

Each year group described a recent trip and showed photos and work they had done.

Comite accompanied Koop on a recent trip to Phoenix.


Despite Morley Street's shock defeat by Chirkpar in that race last year, Jackson is tempted to make the return trip .

Zubrin proposes burning methane with liquid oxygen for the return trip to Earth.

Those last would not be required again until they reached the last mile of the return trip .

It's a return trip in this category for co-winner Les Freres Taix.

Some 250 passengers were booked on the return trip to Hamburg via Lisbon.

He hoped he might encounter the girl in the Lotus Elan making the return trip .

Another, on his first bus journey, noted down the name of a shop as a landmark for the return trip .

Now, on the return trip to Lymington, he could see at least 200 white sails.


Duncan charged £5-a-head for the 200-mile round trip to the new brewery.

The boatmen who brought trade goods up the Missouri as far as the Yellowstone made $ 220 for the round trip .

Distributors would travel perhaps a 1,500-kilometre round trip to collect stocks of vehicle accessories.

However, it has scheduled three extra round trips between Phoenix and Las Vegas on Sunday, to accommodate people staying there.

The round trip of some twelve miles is one of the finest of mountain expeditions.

Half-way through their round trips , they are both directly opposite their starting point.

You can explore part of the Thurgau in a round trip starting and finishing at Kreuzlingen.

In Engineering, the choice which Bill Larnach did make, that paradoxically meant Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a 30-mile round trip every day.


And as soon as his own net duties were over on Tuesday and yesterday, Ian made the short trip to Derby to spectate.

The pain of the short trip brought tears to my eyes.

I didn't really wake up until we made the short boat trip to Ellis Island.

The bottle goes around again, a shorter trip as they are standing closer, shoulder to shoulder.

He and took me on a short sight-seeing trip to the Qutab Minar.

On a short trip , the North Island provides plenty to do and see.

Leaders Sunderland made the short trip to Seaham and things looked close at half time as they nosed in front 19-14.

As a result, few visitors make the short trip from the capital.



And red-breasted merganser headed purposefully out to sea - as our four-hour boat trip came to an end.

The equity department was planning a boat trip to become further acquainted with the trainees on its short list.

Take a boat trip upstream along the Swan River through vineyards, stopping off to visit wineries.

A two-hour boat trip will take you to Lundy Island, once famous for its pirates and now for its puffins.

A festival, a boat trip , climbing to the top of a hill.

Glass-bottom boat trips are also available.

I didn't really wake up until we made the short boat trip to Ellis Island.


We stayed at Dassia, six miles and a 45p bus trip from town.

Jesse Ventura may tour flood damaged areas during his bus trip next week to northwestern Minnesota.

But the school budget is too tight to afford a lot of bus trips .

He took a six-hour bus trip to Oneonta for the funeral.


He was on a business trip to California.

With her father frequently away on business trips , the motherless Frankie turns to Berenice for guidance.

We're over here on a business trip .

Scheduled an out-of-town business trip .

As no doubt he would dismiss this evening - part of a planned relaxation programme during a hectic business trip .

One afternoon I got home from a business trip , and the first thing I did was check my voice mail.

The letter would reach him on his business trip .

Eugene had brought the map back after a business trip , and Wyatt had promptly memorized many of the stops.


It would entail a coach trip of about two and a half hours each way.

We also have a two-night coach trip which costs just £149.

She was one of the more cautious volunteers, yet she took the coach trip .

Looe Bindown golf course is 4 miles away, boat and coach trips can be arranged.


Now millions of visitors come every year for day trips and holidays.

From there will be wine tasting and a day trip to Luxembourg.

Behind one souvenir from a day trip to Brighton was a crumpled 100-franc note.

Most of the tourists in the forest are on day trips .

The full day trip this year was to Whitby, stopping enroute at Malton and Laughton.

It used to be a day trip: the island has shrunk, since my childhood.

Home early from London, home early from a day trip .

Take a day trip to Edinburgh, 45 miles away.


My aggressive five-year ego trip along the path of separatism was over.

Atlanta is on a massive ego trip , mixed with a congenital inferiority complex that makes Atlantans overly eager to impress others.

To possess power is the ultimate ego trip for many people.

The chance of an ego trip , to add to all the ones I've already made?


A few field trips are also arranged.

Those schools have taken field trips to their local missions.

The rest went on books, equipment, stationery and field trips .

They are completely without inhibition, a bus fall of preteens on a field trip .

He shows her a text message sent by Emily asking how the field trip is going.

Students can now see a field trip , the descriptions and the student reports.

Most of my companions on this field trip to the mines are from the Third World.

During a field trip to Pioneer Park in Mesa, a 4-year-old girl was left behind by the day-care staff.


The Bucks concluded a four-game road trip with a 1-3 record.

Maybe it has taken the girls this long to fully recover from the demoralizing Arizona road trip .

For example, what year was the road trip ?

They are on their own until Sunday, when they fly to New York for the beginning of a three-game road trip .

She has a short ruse anyway; road trips make it shorter.

He also did not accompany the team when it left for Pittsburgh last night for a five-day, two-game road trip .

Cal and Stanford so far have tried, and failed, to sweep the Washington road trip .


She went on a school trip to Tuscany and saw many of the pictures she had known for so long.

We went in a school trip .

My first visit to Cornwall was on a school trip .

Dalgliesh found himself wondering if it had been brought back from a school trip to the capital.

If only all school trips had been like this.

So there at Janet's Foss was my first school trip of the season.

These were Roman kids back from a school trip , with critical mass.

Mum with the tea ready - she even makes Cal's sandwiches for a school trip .


The man who'd followed us on our shopping trip .

Sainsbury's encourage this by refunding 1p for each bag reused during your shopping trip .

An ordinary shopping trip will leave you weary.

D' you feel like a shopping trip to New York?

Take kids for last shopping trip but still can not remember which essential of life we have run out of.

For this shopping trip is partially inspired by a letter I received today, outlining just what an economic Titan I am.

Just the usual talk about the weather and her occasional shopping trip to Fort William.



Fraser's considerate gesture enabled them to lengthen the visit to include a two-week trip to New Zealand.

Activities will include a field trip , sports, arts and crafts, games and more.

Rail ramble: Richmondshire Ramblers' next outing will include a trip on the Settle-Carlisle railway.

Part of the fun includes a trip to make-up.

Secondary functions include trip and distance logs of up to 9,999 miles, a clock, stopwatch and variable depth alarm.


I made the long trip with my boys but the unit told me I should not be there.

He could make many trips from the beaches to the transports.

Piaf had persuaded him to make the trip .

Before the week is over, she will make several more shopping trips to put food on the dinner table.

And as soon as his own net duties were over on Tuesday and yesterday, Ian made the short trip to Derby to spectate.

Radio signals from Laurel to Mathilde and back will need 36 minutes to make the round trip .

The Rocky Mountaineer will continue to make one round trip a week in summer from Vancouver to Calgary.


It seems a sponsor to pay for the trip couldn't be found.

Dole is expected to tap resources of the national and state Republican parties to pay for his trips .

Two-thirds of this goes to charity; the rest pays for your trip .

I took money from my parents to pay for my trip .

But in East Anglia, 64 per cent wouldn't mind paying extra for a trip into Norwich or Ipswich.

By Nov. 18, band members delivered to the travel agent about $ 100, 000 to pay for the trip .

As it's a private nursing home, they paid for the trip .

Flynn told investigators that he did not know how Fisher had arranged to pay for the trip , the source said.


I was not planning a trip to Alice Springs, I pointed out.

The equity department was planning a boat trip to become further acquainted with the trainees on its short list.

We planned a three-day trip following the North Kaibab Trail to the Colorado river.

Federal employees we know describe colleagues who spend their days reading magazines, planning sailing trips , or buying and selling stocks.

He is planning another trip into the countryside to demonstrate his solar cells as well as a new solar cooker.

But in late 1987 there were other reasons to plan such a trip .

A word of warning, if you are planning a trip to Hackwood, arrive early to get a good view.

Got to plan my next trip .


Pizza is how we make a shopping trip special when the purchases will not be for them.

Each shopping trip is a wild goose chase.

Before the week is over, she will make several more shopping trips to put food on the dinner table.

Christmas was over, so we could hardly announce that she had gone on another shopping trip .

She used to really like those shopping trips to Nordstrom.

Planning begins even before you venture out for the weekly shopping trip , readers say.

It meets the need for quick shopping between trips to the supermarket and for emergency shopping.


Moving this took 15 trips in my ancient Renault, which struggled under loads that threatened to dent its roof bars.

Those schools have taken field trips to their local missions.

Dave's verdict: an ideal tent for two people to take on backpacking trips , and for use on static camps.

They took trips together, went to dinners together.

The very houses seemed disposed to pack up and take trips .

He took me fishing with him, shared books with me, took me on camping trips .


a walk/trip down memory lane

So if anyone wants company for a walk down Memory Lane, I will gladly go with them.

The doctor calls it a panic attack, I call it a trip down memory lane for big bro.

This will be a trip down memory lane for the right hon. Gentleman.

be on a guilt trip

fact-finding trip/visit/mission etc

At that stage, I did not make any connection between my irritability and my fact-finding missions.

My older brother, who had a crush on my friend, often accompanied me on these fact-finding missions.

Some pass the evening chatting to a Member of Parliament on a fact-finding mission.

There is always a Member of Parliament on a fact-finding mission.

There will also be in-depth discussion on Northern Ireland and the Mr Clinton's plan to send a fact-finding mission.

There will be no fact-finding missions to any of the countries in question.

This in turn means swotting up on the subject, going on fact-finding missions and meeting politicians and organisers.

When on the fact-finding mission, my approach was a lot like yours, matter-of-fact.

fence-mending measures/talks/trips etc

lay a guilt trip on sb

power trip

Most of them seem to get a power trip from their ritualistic behaviour.

trip/roll off the tongue

A name which trips off the tongue .

Most have spent all their sentient life as paid-up devotees, and the glib phrases soon roll off the tongue .

wasted journey/trip/effort etc

As processes improve, it cuts out much of the wasted effort and rework, thus enhancing productivity.

By providing clear goals and objectives, it minimises frustration and wasted effort. 4.

If no-one answered soon he would have to chalk it up as a wasted trip, and Montgomery would not be amused.

It could save you a lot of wasted effort and money.

Not a wasted journey, after all, but she was anxious to carry on.

Not that it was a completely wasted trip, what with the hardware store right next door.

Pembrooke had a wasted journey to Downpatrick yesterday.

What a ridiculously wasted effort this was, Bill.

whistle-stop tour/trip

In twenty-four hours she has been on a whistle-stop tour of three countries.

No more whistle-stop tours of the newest shopping centre in Nuneaton to look forward to.


Every year Peter goes on a fishing trip with all his old friends.

How was your trip ?

It's only a three-hour trip by plane to Seattle.

It's such a nice day - how about going on a boat trip ?

My dad and I used to go on a camping trip alone together every summer.

My friend and I took several road trips to New York City.

My husband's away on a business trip in China.

The trip to the coast took longer than we expected.

They decided to take a trip to Paris.

They went on a trip to Australia and loved it.

This year we're going to Colorado on a five-day skiing trip .

We had a fantastic trip - the flight was fine and the hotel was perfect.

We have enough money saved to take a trip to Cancun.

You're a trip .


Hotelier Dermot Walsh organised the trip .

I had Mrs Abadie and Mrs Jackson, whose husbands had not returned from inspection trips.

I was not planning a trip to Alice Springs, I pointed out.

It was the Pioneers' fourth trip to the championship game in seven years, all coming during even-numbered years.

Piaf had persuaded him to make the trip .

The trip has been hurriedly arranged by a group of pub locals.

Your space trip cost $ 5 but gave you at least $ 100 of pleasure.

II. verb




Creed tripped over something lying in the grass and even his head-over-heels tumble seemed lazy and unreal.

In front, Ramsay's own mount tripped over a fallen beast and rider and all but threw its own, but recovered.

She tripped over a case and landed full on top of the larger of the two men.

I trip over a log and fall but don't hurt myself.

Instead of tripping over their shoes while doing quick changes, each chair had pockets where they could thrust them out of the way.

One policeman tripped over a litter-bin and sat down heavily in the gutter.

He claims he keeps tripping over something on the ground.

He was forced to back away, almost tripping over bodies and becoming enmeshed in other fights.


The pensioner was so angry, he tripped up the mugger with his walking stick and grabbed the book back.

The city wisely legalized home-based businesses but tripped up on regulation.

Newcastle, though, need others to trip up .

Usually she is careful, at least whilst she's down here, but once she and one of her beaux tripped up .

First, pregnancy is always likely to trip up the unwary anaesthetist.

He almost tripped up over his own drunk feet, but Isay supported him.

He trips up quite a bit anyway when he's walking along.



Names trip off his tongue with an ease bred through familiarity.

A name which trips off the tongue .

For a nasty moment I thought she'd tripped over her tongue and hurt herself.


Gretzky was tripped by O'Donnell near the goal.

Her medical problems began when she tripped on a rug and broke her hip.

I tripped as I got out of the car.

I didn't push him - he tripped.

One boy tripped and fell into the water.

One man tripped me up and the other one grabbed my handbag.

One of the runners claimed she had been tripped.

Pick up that box -- someone might trip over it.

She'd had quite a lot to drink and kept tripping over.


A moment later she trips and slides down the hill.

He stumbled forward, and tripped, and fell.

Once the beast can walk on a flat smooth floor without tripping, other behaviors can be added to improve the walk.

She trips and falls down on to the pallet.

The pensioner was so angry, he tripped up the mugger with his walking stick and grabbed the book back.

The stammering policeman spun around, tripped on the rusty pot, and all but crashed to the ground.

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