Meaning of TRIP in English


n. 1 stumble, slip, blunder, false step, misstep, fall He sprained his ankle in that trip on the stair 2 stumble, slip, blunder, false step, misstep, faux pas, error, mistake, indiscretion, lapse, slip of the tongue, lapsus linguae, erratum, oversight; Freudian slip; Slang Brit boob If it hadn't been for that one trip, we would have had a perfect score 3 tour, journey, excursion, outing, expedition, voyage, trek, peregrination, jaunt, junket, drive We took a short side-trip to visit Khios

v. 4 dance, caper, skip, cavort, gambol, frisk, hop, spring Joanne came tripping gaily down the Champs lysées 5 stumble, slip, blunder, misstep, fall (down), tumble, topple, dive, plunge, sprawl, lurch, flounder, stagger, falter I tripped on the doorstep and went head over heels 6 Often, trip up. trap, trick, catch out, unsettle, throw off, disconcert She has been trying to trip me up and confess to something I didn't do 7 journey, travel, voyage, visit, tour, trek, sightsee, cruise; Colloq globe-trot They have been tripping all over Europe this summer 8 detonate, set off, trigger, operate, release, explode, spark off When he touched the wire, he tripped the charge 9 Often, trip out. hallucinate, Slang freak out, turn on There's no talking to him when he's tripping out on coke

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