Meaning of TUBE in English



a tube of paint

There was a painting on one of the easels and a table with his brushes and tubes of paint.

a tube/underground train (= one that runs under London )

The condition of many tube trains is a disgrace.

boob tube

bronchial tube

cathode ray tube

fallopian tube

inner tube

roll sth into a ball/tube

Roll the dough into small balls.

test tube

tube sock

tube top

vacuum tube




As a medical procedure it was first used for women who could not become pregnant because of blocked or missing fallopian tubes .

The journey of the sperm to the Fallopian tube is of necessity longer.

For the female this means cutting or tying her fallopian tubes .

As this happens, the fertilised egg is carried down the fallopian tube into the uterus.

It was when I was lord of the womb, king of the fallopian tubes .

She had asked for a test-tube baby because her fallopian tubes were irreversibly blocked.

Light microscopical studies of smooth muscle of the fallopian tubes showed no histological abnormalities.

The womb, cervix, fallopian tubes and ovaries are all left in place.


Fit two fluorescent tubes in tank length, together with two high-polish clip-on aluminium reflectors.

Some linoleum tile, maybe some plywood, maybe the buzz of the fluorescent tube light.

So a single fluorescent tube will be adequate, and if you have used floating plants, so much the better.

I wanted to increase the efficiency of my fluorescent tubes .

A huge fluorescent butterfly-shaped tube of rotating yellow and orange lights beams from an adjacent wall.

Table 3 compares the effect of various switching cycles on the life of a typical fluorescent tube .

Such a cabinet may contain a battery of fluorescent tubes , and samples should be held about one foot away from it.

Clips for a fluorescent tube are fitted.


There we hoped to buy fruit, meat, sugar, sand-ladders and inner tubes .

Biscuits are big, fat inner tubes pulled by speedboats.

Cut a 5/8in wide band of bicycle inner tube .

The seats of their stools are woven rubber inner tubes .

The inner tube is negatively charged and the outer tube is made positive.

The street waited for me the way a mako shark awaits limbs hanging from inner tubes .

The mix is pumped gently down the inner tube , out through the bottom and up the outer tube.

The inner glass tube contains a known mass of solvent.


Adjustment was carried out from above water level by means of long driving tubes , operating down the centres of the columns.

Stuck into the shavings were half a dozen long , slender tubes of bamboo.

A long fluid-filled tube runs beneath the skin along the middle of each side of their body.

Crimson plumes bloom atop long white tubes that emerge from cracks in glossy black lava.

I don't brood on this too long because this isn't a long tube journey.

A long plastic tube containing a tasty morsel of food in the middle was placed in their cage.

The two long fluorescent tubes suspended from the ceiling blinked, then glimmered, then glowed into steady light.

The long rubber stomach tube , the wooden gag with its leather straps to buckle behind the horns.


Activated charcoal with sorbitol was administered by nasogastric tube .

His nasogastric tube has from time to time to be removed or re-inserted.

He can not feed himself and at present is fed by a nasogastric tube .

A nasogastric tube had been passed.

To aspirate the nasogastric tubes hourly.

A nasogastric tube was inserted and maintained until 24 hours after treatment.

A nasogastric tube and a urinary catheter were also passed.

As he was thought to have abused an hallucinogenic drug, he was given activated charcoal and sorbitol by nasogastric tube .


It has been possible to measure directly the forces that the cells generate during the formation of the neural tube .

Neural crest cells are a group that arise at the site where the folds of the neural tube fuse.

Folate deficiency causes anaemia, but occasionally is associated with neural tube defects such as spina bifida.

Even if vitamin supplementation did not prevent neural tube defects, what specific harm would result?

The extent of cell death varied between embryos and between the two sides of the neural tube in individual embryos.

The fortification of staple foods with folic acid to prevent neural tube defects may be unwisely delayed on this account.

The estimated annual number of births affected with a neural tube defect is about 400,000 world wide.

We will follow the later development of the brain and neural tube in Chapter 8.



The inner glass tube contains a known mass of solvent.

The glass tube shattering in a Thermos bottle?

Tinbergen put each fish in a glass tube .


He slipped out of the pony harness, withdrew the slim plastic tube and emptied the sticky gerbils back into their cage.

The distal end of the intestinal segment was connected via a plastic tube to a basin on the plate.

A long plastic tube containing a tasty morsel of food in the middle was placed in their cage.

Firstly, we have to realise the full potential for growth and profitability of our plastic tube technology.


Indeed, much development work is required before cathode ray tube performance can be attained.

The company manufactures chemicals that absorb gasses in vacuum containers such as cathode-#ray tubes used in televisions and stereos.


Meanwhile, he shuffled off towards the tube station and Chancery Lane.

If she could get to Tottenham Court Road tube station , she could get home almost on automatic pilot.

Moore's drawing of Londoners sheltering from the blitz in tube stations are now celebrated.

I arrived up in Camden Town and asked in the tube station for directions to the shelter.

Casey is twenty yards from Balham tube station .

Yacoubou officially opened the Saturday bookshop which the branch runs in the Hammersmith tube station .

He remembered an old tramp he used to watch down by the tube station near where he lived.


The device incorporates a high tensile steel tube which clamps to the steering wheel and an integral alarm.

The fuselage was of welded steel tube , faired to an oval section, with spruce formers, and fabric covered.

Or you might want to think of a steel tube .

The tall surfaces were of steel tube , fabric covered.

The trees are anchored by 20 metre polyurethane roots, formed by injecting liquid chemicals down a steel tube .


The test tube was then put in an ultrasound bath for 5 minutes.

The father was a test tube baby.

Unknown to the teacher he had taken with him a test tube of the acid to test its reaction with lavatory paper.

Well, Watson, suppose now that I make up a test tube containing say ten grams of some strange new substance.

Bunsen burners, Petri dishes, retorts and test tube holders winked enticingly.

When introduced in test tubes , resistant enterococci read ily transfer their mutated genes for vancomycin resistance to staph bugs.

This problem is also seen with embryos produced by other technologies that require embryos to be cultured in test tubes before implantation.

In an invasive procedure, a doctor could extract one of her eggs and try to fertilize it in a test tube .


But it was still a tube train , grubby and battered.

A woman was travelling in a tube train one day during the rush hour.

He thought about the incident in the tube train , but this almost induced total decline.

He was in a tube train .

For these include the London tube train , the steam engine, and the Southern Rail electric.


The ideal atmosphere for the vacuum tube is no atmosphere at all, or a perfect vacuum.

Powered by vacuum tubes , those old radar units are now dinosaurs.

The breath samples, stored in special vacuum tubes , are sent to Meretek for lab analysis.

Just another snooty $ 3, 000 vacuum tube amplifier, I thought.

Here he makes such suggestions as imitating simple neuron functions by using telegraph relays or vacuum tubes .



One evening, tired, hungry and frazzled, I caught the tube home from Central London.

Her life splits in two as she alternately catches or misses the tube home.

Quietly, competently, she shut up her flat before making her way to the Underground to catch the tube to Heathrow.


The analgesia is fed through a tube and topped up when necessary.

Her feeding tube delivers formula 20 hours a day and must be kept clean to prevent infection.

He can not feed himself and at present is fed by a nasogastric tube .

The signal is converted back into an analogue waveform just before it is fed to the picture tube and loudspeakers.

At the moment, Gemma Swann can only be fed by a tube through her nose.

His lawyers argue that Ashworth has no legal right to force-#feed him by tube .

He has largely to be fed by a nasogastric tube .


Removing the nasal pack and inserting a nasopharyngeal tube did not improve matters.

He was later transferred to Middlesbrough General, where he underwent a 2 7hour operation to insert a tube into his windpipe.


the boob tube

What's on the boob tube?


Fallopian tubes


Additionally, when a horizontal-head centrifuge stops. the tubes fall from the horizontal to the vertical position.

Briefly, a vertical tube turned a blank glass eye on him and Ezra and the glass eye contemplated each other.

Casey is twenty yards from Balham tube station.

In the female this tube is broader than in the male.

Sedimenting particles in the horizontal-head centrifuge must travel the entire length of the liquid in the tube .

The mere presence of tubes turned the MITerminator 3 cables to a brittle mess.

The wave spiralled forwards into a flawless but bone-crushing tube .

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