Meaning of TUBE in English


noun a telescope.

2. tube ·noun one of the siphons of a bivalve mollusk.

3. tube ·vt to furnish with a tube; as, to tube a well.

4. tube ·noun the narrow, hollow part of a gamopetalous corolla.

5. tube ·noun a priming tube, or friction primer. ·see under priming, and friction.

6. tube ·add. ·noun a tunnel for a tube railway; also (colloq.), a tube railway.

7. tube ·noun a vessel in animal bodies or plants, which conveys a fluid or other substance.

8. tube ·noun a hollow cylinder, of any material, used for the conveyance of fluids, and for various other purposes; a pipe.

9. tube ·noun a small pipe forming part of the boiler, containing water and surrounded by flame or hot gases, or else surrounded by water and forming a flue for the gases to pass through.

10. tube ·noun a more or less cylindrical, and often spiral, case secreted or constructed by many annelids, crustaceans, insects, and other animals, for protection or concealment. ·see ·illust. of tubeworm.

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