Meaning of TWIST in English

I. verb


an ironic twist

In an ironic twist , the most trustworthy character in the film turned out to be the thief.

break/twist/sprain your ankle

Janet slipped on the stairs and twisted her ankle.

mangled/tangled/twisted wreckage

Recovery teams continue to clear the tangled wreckage.

sb's face is twisted/contorted with rage

Mike's usually calm face was contorted with rage.

sb’s mouth twists written (= moves into an unhappy or angry expression )

His mouth twisted in a sneer.




As he fell, he twisted his ankle .

Underfoot, ice forms sharp peaks and treacherous crevices for slipping, tripping and twisting ankles .

If I had twisted my ankle , would people be making such a big deal of it?

She twisted her ankle while getting off the lift and had made the long trip down in pain.

One morning as she was rushing back to the changing rooms one of the models slipped and twisted her ankle .

A broken heart is not the same as a twisted ankle .

Unfortunately he added to his list of injuries by twisting an ankle on landing.

This helps to avoid twisting an ankle when stalking these animals on the rocky terrain they favour.


After last-minute arm-twisting by Dole, Lott wound up winning by just one vote.

I've had my arms twisted .

The townspeople pulled at his arms and legs, twisting , kicking, punching.


And she put him inside and their bodies gasped flexed twisted , joined.

She never reached normal stature, and her body was left twisted .


Her face was twisted into a distorted grimace and her muscles all over her body had gone rigid.

Panic-stricken parents, their faces twisted in fear, ran to the school and frantically searched for their sons or daughters.

The placard was swaying in the air, his lean face was twisted in excitement.

Her face is all twisted up like a snarl.

Ma Katz's face , twisted by hatred, was that of her son.

He was a tall man with a craggy, rubbery face which twisted and turned, often into a sardonic grin.

Christina backed away from Michael, whose handsome face was twisted and distorted by hatred.


Usquebaugh Deft, practised, eager, Your fingers twist the metal cap.

Holly strained with his fingers to twist the coin under the lip of the bolt.


Ever since I was a teenager, I have had the bad habit of pulling and twisting my hair .

She could hardly wait to get home, take off her clothes and twist her hair off her neck.

Leave it in and twist small sections of hair together to achieve better curl formation.

Kate tried to turn her head away, but he held her head steady with one hand twisted lightly in her hair .

The lean wind grips him, twisting and pulling his hair .


When she came downstairs, Nicholas was waiting in the hall, his hands twisting together.

Behind her back, her hands intertwined and twisted feverishly upon each other.

Kate tried to turn her head away, but he held her head steady with one hand twisted lightly in her hair.


The head twists out as if the skin is wearing an old fashioned collar that's too tight for comfort.

My head twisted around to watch her as I walked.

Its head twisted this way and that as it tried to reach my fingers with its chopping teeth.

His head snapped violently and twisted to follow it, as though it had tethered him, looped around his neck.

She let her head twist around the room.


Twice in the morning he left the field, limping and in pain after twisting his knee .

Givens said he will not play today because of a twisted knee suffered in practice several days ago.


And every day of those five weeks has been a knife slowly twisting in a wound.


Silver-edged lips twisted slightly, and opened.

Rosie said with that upper lip twisting in scorn.


As her tears continued to fall unheeded to mingle with the rain, her mouth twisted bitterly.

She had even felt her mouth begin to twist itself into a grin ....

At the moment his mouth was twisted with anger, and that made it easier, Hilary thought.

They went down to the water's edge and Gran poked with her stick, mouth twisting in on itself.


A girl born with the umbilical cord twisted round her neck may feel that she always gets herself tied up in things.

He says the talking drivers twist their necks as they talk and so lose sight of their road horizon.

He had a blanket over him, twisted up round his neck .

And then another crow flew at him, and the Scarecrow twisted its neck also.

Powerful, calloused, sunburnt, they could have twisted the white swan neck of Lady Eleanor as easily as a twig.

I thought she was just standing there twisting the neck of this duck.

Holly had filled the plastic bag with oil and twisted the neck tight and fastened it with a snip of wire.


White twisted round in his seat to start opening the hatch.

I twisted around in my seat so that I could watch the Trowbridge house out of sight.

I was twisted around in my seat , watching them load, directing Reacher through the intercom.

Some of my dormitory mates made dancing motions and twisted in their seats .


They were two arrogant, powerful men, both supremely gifted and both twisted out of shape by abusive childhoods.

They twist you out of shape .

He used to make the bullets too, little strips of iron that he heated, twisted , battered into shape .

This wasn't any alien habitat, where even geometry might be twisted out of shape .


Southworth closed the accounts book, a smile of satisfaction twisting his lips.

You could tell something was badly wrong by the way the woman's smile twisted and her body sagged.


Despite many bridges, viaducts, embankments, cuttings and tunnels the lines twist and turn in detours around the hills.

They seem to have neither fins nor limbs, and they twist and turn through the water like snakes.


I twisted one way and then another.

Our city is not governed by a mob which twists this way and that, but by one man.

Things twisted this way and that in her mind.

Martin put a couple of slick fakes on cornerback Larry Brown, turning and twisting him every which way .

Its head twisted this way and that as it tried to reach my fingers with its chopping teeth.

Banners burnt, and tatters twisted , in every way .


John twisted soft iron wire around some thick dowelling, whittled to a taper, to make candleholders.

The wiry Estrada flashes a partially capped smile as she gratefully recalls her first maquila job twisting electrical wires with latex-tipped fingers.

He'd spent a long time twisting bits of wire together and finding a safe way to steal electricity from the fusebox.

Why not make the rope out of twisted wire ?

The muscles in her neck felt as hard and twisted as wire rope.


My hands needed to stay still, with my wrists twisting up and down after each stroke to flatten out the oars.

He hesitated, then grabbed her wrist and twisted it so that she screamed again and the knife dropped.

I grabbed his wrist , twisting the hand away from my face.


(don't) get your knickers in a twist

twist/turn the knife (in the wound)

Saints twisted the knife with a glorious try from Tony Sullivan, set up by Gary Connolly.

The tragedy is that you have to twist the knife in your own gray matter to make this defense work.

twist/wrap/wind sb around your little finger


"I can't get the top off." "Try twisting it the other way."

A dry stream bed twisted through thick tree roots.

Every time I try to talk to him about it, he just twists everything I say.

He's always trying to twist my words and make me look bad.

Her long blonde hair was twisted into a knot on the back of her head.

Laura twisted the handkerchief in her hands nervously.

Max twisted around to see who had entered the room.

The lawyers twisted everything I said to make it look as if I was guilty.

The path twisted back and forth up the side of the mountain.

The road twisted back and forth up the side of the mountain.

The streets are narrow and twist and turn and it is not advisable to take a car up them.

We twisted a wire coathanger and used it to open the car door.

We twisted and tugged to get the mussels loose from their shells.

We approached Assisi via the dusty road that twists its way up Monte Subasio.

Wrap the paper around the candy and twist the ends shut.

Write very clearly so that no one can twist your meaning.


Able to twist them, direct them, fill them with ecstasy, or torment them.

First the highway twists low, plunging me into Glenwood Canyon.

She was fiddling self-consciously with her wedding ring, twisting it around below her knuckle.

The hangman then twisted the ladder away, turning off the victim.

The quote was recorded six months before Dall was shoved aside by Ranieri to be left twisting in the wind by Gutfreund.

Then in 1850, a wire suspension bridge twisted and crumpled under the tread of marching troops.

II. noun




It was such a bizarre twist that we couldn't see how anyone would find a way around it.

Was this a bizarre new twist of the plot?

In a bizarre twist , the continuing rise in fuel taxes could force the petrol companies themselves to hike prices further.


These accounts portray life behind bars as a cruel twist on the Hobbesian description of life: nasty, brutish and long.


And the ending is slightly unsatisfactory, arguably deficient in the final twist or flourish.

The final twist lifts the story a bit, but hardly enough to care.

It is the final twist in the story of this chapter.

Now it's time for the kill, and the final twists are as clever as they are gripping.

The final twist to the whole presentation graphics story must be the current upsurge in interest in Desktop Video.

But now comes the final twist to the story: the crucial change of emphasis.

There was, however, one final twist .


A further twist to the uncertainty of fossil fuel supplies was provided by the growing militancy of Britain's miners.

There is a further twist to the labour supply consideration.


The comedy of reassurance, still, but with a self-conscious, ironic twist that Bruce Forsyth would never have dreamed of.

And in an ironic twist , the Author is played by the same actor as the old farmer.

I know the Story of her Life - each ironic twist .

While all of the separates bore the requisite logos, they also had a sense of humor or ironic twists .

In an ironic twist , this time humans will tackle an 8K run or 2-mile walk.


The latest twist in a deteriorating relationship between police and loyalist activists was contained in a statement issued to Sunday Life yesterday.

The latest twist is provided by the identification of an alternative candidate gene.

The denial of the Holocaust is the latest twist in this tale of conspiracy and deception.

It's the latest twist in the saga involving council official Tommy Sheppard.


Cream overflowed the edges of the shallow dish, another little twist of frightening confusion.

I pinched his nose and gave it a little twist .

You may be lucky and that necessary little twist may be given to you by the workings of intuition.

By a simple trick of the intelligence, a deft little twist of naming, he felt incomparably lighter and freer.

She was half-smiling, with a little twist to her mouth.


Was this a bizarre new twist of the plot?

Then, in a new twist , the Raiders actually reached the end zone.

And a new twist is given to the urge to be a Napoleon.

Arts for All is putting the children's literature favorite on stage, with some new twists .

This merely a selection of the biggest: The Net has added a raft of new twists on the bidding game.

They continued to study and advocate diets, but they did so with some new twists .

Here was a new twist to the Hsu Fu story.


Only he has this strange twist of plunging straight into what matters.

Full of strange twists and amusing coincidences.

And in some strange , cosmic twist , the name seemed to fit.


This could create all kinds of unexpected twists in the answers that computers generate.

The abortion debate provided an unexpected twist Thursday.



This 1919 film is notable for its stunning expressionist sets and super plot twist at the end.

And yet another plot twist was aired in court Wednesday.

And so it's no surprise that at this point there's a plot twist to introduce the villains of the hour.

But anyone seeking a fresh characterization or clever plot twist ought not to buy a ride on this Murphy vehicle.

Small children in the audience could be heard objecting rather strenuously to this plot twist .



This is not to say that Shadwell does not add some twists of his own.

Jackson has tried to accommodate him by adding an offensive twist in which Rodman plays in the low post.

Readership duplication and the extremes of circulation size add a surprising twist to these class divisions.

The Microsoft browser incorporates many of the features created by Netscape and adds some twists of its own in a slick package.

The image of the Supercontinent Cycle adds yet another twist to this age-old theory.

Here the story takes on an added twist .

C., adds a new twist .

My friend Penny Lehrman adds an interesting twist to this research project.


In every chord there is some foreign element, some contradiction which gives an odd twist to the harmony.

I pinched his nose and gave it a little twist .

And then in darkness with a shout that gives a fierce twist to his jaw - we're in it.

The head gave a sudden twist and Jack fired two more bullets into it.

Voice over Clare takes conventional subjects and gives them a twist , physically and artistically.

There is nothing trendy, no attempt to take something old and it give it a new twist .

In the United States, the emergence of bureaucratic government was given a particular twist by its turn-of-the-century setting.


The 28-year-old mechanical engineer's fortunes took a dramatic twist midway through last season when his career hit rock bottom.

Her coming must have taken a ferocious twist .

Here the story takes on an added twist .

Just when you think you're getting to grips with greenwashing, it takes another twist .

And this week the case took a dramatic twist with the high-seas arrest of Roderick, the dead couple's 26-year-old son.

But minutes later, this carjacking took a deadly new twist .


Although today began with a cool, misty, autumnal twist , it turned out gloriously fine and bright.

The movie plods along with predictable twists and turns you can see coming for miles.

Nomatterhow many twists and turns that vehicle made, I was able to keep track.

Pros: Lots of pyrotechnics and effects, plenty of twists and turns that keep you hanging on.


a martini with a twist

Lorna wears her hair in a twist .

The diamond sparkled with each twist of the chain.

The path has a lot of twists and turns.


And the sporty model, with its bigger tires, felt better in highway twists and turns than its richer sibling.

Do as many twists as you can.

Installing the twist anchors and screwing down the decking should prevent a problem with twisting.

It has enough twists and fakes, double-crosses and sneak attacks to keep your mind spinning.

She takes her hair down from a twist to pose.

Styling gel was applied to the ends which were then finished with a twist .

The authorities have set a limit of one twist per customer per week, which is no way to handle the problem.

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