Meaning of TWITCH in English


I. verb




The doctor was having trouble since the body was twitching and he was uttering curses about the lack of morphine.

There was a movement, a rustling of papers, then a glimpse of a wriggling brown body and some twitching whiskers.

The tramp had fallen forward on to his face, his body twitching madly, blood spreading out around his head.

Saunders' body was twitching violently as his blood leaked out in dying jets, slicking the walkway.


The tramp had fallen forward on to his face , his body twitching madly, blood spreading out around his head.

Then his face would begin to twitch .

As more time passed his face twitched slightly, his cheeks bulged and his face turned purplish-black.


The two greys snickered in reply, blowing out their lips and twitching their ears upon hearing their names.


None of the members of the bands mouths were even twitching , and I felt immensely deflated.

Melissa's arched eyebrows rose into her hairline and her mouth twitched suggestively.

From the way her mouth twitched , it was plain she was on the verge of breaking down.

The corner of Morris's mouth twitched up into his cheek and fell back.

Suddenly the corner of his mouth twitched .

She came back in, looked at Kath and her mouth twitched .


His jaw was set, and a muscle in his temple twitched .

The voluntary muscles begin to twitch uncontrollably and eventually die off.

He could feel a muscle twitching under his eye.

The muscles in his jaw twitched as he kicked the basketball, sending it airborne into the living room.

Amanda's legs were so thin ... A muscle in her neck twitched , twitched again.

His broken body, linked to an electronic muscle stimulator, twitched involuntarily.

Burden thought him a weak womanish fool, despising his red eyes and the muscle that twitched in his cheek.


A muscle on Yang's face twitched.

Greg's always twitching - it makes me nervous.

Mac was very nervous. A muscle on his face began to twitch .

My right eyelid wouldn't stop twitching.

Roberta's mouth twitched as she tried to stop herself laughing out loud.


Amanda's legs were so thin ... A muscle in her neck twitched, twitched again.

Hazel stared, twitching his nose.

He was quiet, and his eyes were twitching.

Her buttocks were twitching rhythmically to the music.

Limp and relaxed, my jaw was beginning to twitch .

The muscles of Artai's head and shoulders seemed to twitch .

The spiders reach the joining at the trunk and settle there, twitching.

II. noun




Constant activity can easily become an ineffectual nervous twitch .

He had a nervous twitch and a speech impediment.

He had a nervous twitch which jerked at a muscle at the corner of his thin-lipped mouth and a malevolent stare.


A twitch of anxiety crossed my father's face.

It's just a nervous twitch .

There was a twitch in my left cheek which I couldn't control.


Even before its last twitch they sprang forward, securing the room.

I laid it on soil; the shoulders managed a few slow twitches, pulled it an inch forward.

Some experiments on skeletal-muscle strips have demonstrated that caffeine increases contractions, which might seem to explain some of the twitch phenomena.

The muscles involved in such tremors and twitches are skeletal, as opposed to cardiac or smooth muscle.

The ratio of fast twitch to slow twitch fibres varies between individuals and is determined by heredity.

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