Meaning of UNFAIR in English




a fair/unfair comparison

A fair comparison between the two firms is extremely difficult.

an unfair advantage

Companies that receive government subsidies have an unfair advantage.

an unfair/undue burden

The new legislation put an unfair burden on employers.

underhand/unfair tactics (= actions which are not fair or honest )

I wouldn't stoop to such sneaky, underhand tactics.

unfair competition

This will protect the industry from unfair competition from abroad.

unfair dismissal

Wilson was claiming compensation for unfair dismissal .

unfair means

Anyone trying to use unfair means in an examination will be reported to the University.




The present leasehold system affects an estimated three million owners and has been widely condemned as unfair and archaic.

The either-or argument is of course as unfair as it is fallacious.

Capitalism may be perceived as unfair , and needing reform, but it is also perceived as incapable of fundamental transformation.

The market quickly comes to be seen as unfair , and political support for official privatization falls.

The drug companies condemn the imports as unfair because they alone must foot the registration costs.


In February 1977 Serfaty was finally put on trial in Kenitra, which Amnesty considered grossly unfair .

This is not only grossly unfair , it is an impediment to good lending.

That the Hammers should have been penalised for it, however, seems grossly unfair .

It is still appallingly ill thought out and it will be grossly unfair .

The impossibility of shaking them in cross-examination would make such a reform grossly unfair to the media.

It's grossly unfair for television to single out one player from one game and conduct a kangaroo court there and then.

This was, of course, dismissed by supporters of devolution as a grossly unfair caricature.

We live in a desperately and grossly unfair world.


Jean thought it most unfair to the organiser, in this case, Cecilia Taylor.

That would be most unfair and unfortunate, and I am sure would not be what my right hon. Friend wishes.

Sir Brian, you are most unfair .

It would be most unfair if he should suffer for the Kaiser's unpopularity.


It seemed so unfair but perhaps he was right.

That was the final truth: just so unfair .

He was being so unfair , so cruel!

Oh, it was so unfair !

Everything was so unfair , so bitterly frustrating.

You have been so unfair to me!

She didn't mean to, but it was so unfair .

It seemed so unfair , somehow.


This image might be totally unfair .

I regarded this as totally unfair since in my comments I had not picked on any particular individual.

It represents totally unfair competition, not only to Tennis World but also to Tennis Magazine.


Jenny was really being very unfair to him.

It was very unfair and for Alec Davidson it was torture.

All of which is very unfair .

Male speaker It's very unfair .

I banked over the let Anne see; the right-hand traffic rule is very unfair to passengers!

This is very unfair to other hon. Members.



Salary caps are imposed to prevent richer clubs gaining an unfair advantage over poorer rivals by offering players inflated salaries.

But if the absolute rise in eps is used, companies which begin with high eps have an unfair advantage .

The first is that in so far as people continue to believe the figures, the Government derives an unfair advantage .

After all, if they tried to play as women, they would be accused of stealing an unfair advantage .

But 20-20 hindsight is an unfair advantage .

The man had every possible unfair advantage .

Certainly it will not in any way help John Smith to any sort of unfair advantage .


Unfortunately, some policyholders were inadequately insured, thus imposing an unfair burden on all the others.

It would impose an unfair burden on the poor.

They say such a requirement would place an unfair burden on them.


Crompton offers several different case studies where charges of unfair competition are made by the commercial sector provider against the government agency.

It was felt by John Davis and others that the government was backing unfair competition with the commercial companies.

It's unfair competition and unfair to the customer as well.

This is successful marketing, not unfair competition .

Part of the growth of road transport reflected the political tolerance of what unions and rail pressure groups regarded as unfair competition .

It represents totally unfair competition , not only to Tennis World but also to Tennis Magazine.


As for Mr Gilbert, an industrial tribunal dismissed his claim of unfair discrimination .

But unfair discrimination can keep women from the opportunity to become a boss.


Compensation for unfair dismissal or redundancy may be available to you if you have lost your job and fulfil the qualifying requirements.

Anyone who believes they have been subject to unfair dismissal can complain to an industrial tribunal.

The Court of Appeal concluded that he ordinarily worked outside Great Britain and was therefore unable to pursue an unfair dismissal claim.

Dave, 30, of Bolton and Allan, 37, of Liverpool say no-one had complained and are claiming unfair dismissal .

They all made a complaint of unfair dismissal .

By contrast, industrial tribunals in the exercise of the unfair dismissal jurisdiction are concerned with disputes between employee and employer.

Such dismissals may lead to claims for unfair dismissal and/or redundancy payments.

The union withdrew its support; the women lost their case for unfair dismissal as a consequence.


The all-male strip troupe are being checked out by the Office of Fair Trading after a rival group complained about unfair practices .


As citizens we can oppose unfair trade and voice that opposition to our political leaders.

To hear the industry's lobbyists tell it, this hinges on political willingness to fight unfair trade .

Britain has been a loser country in a manifestly unfair trade environment.


Individual citizens and minority communities themselves need protection against the power of the state and against discrimination and unfair treatment .

Should Janice suffer in silence in the face of continued unfair treatment by her head?

But he will not in the end tolerate injustice and unfair treatment on either side.

Grossly unfair treatment could affect your physical and mental well-being, as well as that of members of your close family.

There were only a very few complaints about unfair treatment from staff, but many about antipathy from male students.


an unfair advantage

The press has been accused of unfair coverage of the recent elections.

There is nothing unfair about a story that is written from both points of view.

U.S. industries want to protect themselves from unfair foreign competition.


But would that have been unfair ?

He feels strongly that racially based scholarships are unfair .

However, it may be unfair to accuse the candidates of failing to attain the unattainable.

It seemed so unfair but perhaps he was right.

It was so deeply, wholly unfair .

No legal framework prevails to enable disabled people to counteract discrimination, unfair employment practices, problems of access, etc.

The unfair dismissal jurisdiction accounts for about three-quarters of the business of the tribunals.

The liberal press was said to be unjust, unfair and unpatriotic and deserved to be closed down.

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