Meaning of UNFAIR in English


/ ˌʌnˈfeə(r); NAmE -ˈfer/ adjective

unfair (on / to sb) not right or fair according to a set of rules or principles; not treating people equally

SYN unjust :

unfair criticism

It seems unfair on him to make him pay for everything.

It would be unfair not to let you have a choice.

They had been given an unfair advantage .

unfair dismissal (= a situation in which sb is illegally dismissed from their job)

measures to prevent unfair competition between member countries

Life seems so unfair sometimes.

It's so unfair!

OPP fair

►  un·fair·ly adverb :

She claims to have been unfairly dismissed.

The tests discriminate unfairly against older people.

►  un·fair·ness noun [ U ]



Old English unfæger not beautiful (from un- and the adjective fair ).

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