Meaning of UNIT in English



a family unit

the breakup of the traditional family unit

a film crew/unit (= a group of people working together to make a film )

The film crew are making a documentary about village life.

an army unit

The town was surrounded by army units.

bomb disposal experts/team/squad/unit

The device, which contained 400lbs of explosive, was made safe by army bomb disposal experts.

central processing unit

combat troops/soldiers/forces/units

US combat troops were in the streets of the capital yesterday.

motorized division/unit/battalion

rapid-response forces/team/unit etc

SI unit

unit price

unit trust

visual display unit




Its accessories enable the basic unit to use the cleaning and sterilising power of steam for cleaning, too.

In language the basic units are distinctive sounds and words.

The basic unit of bucket, up-pipe and pebbles with oxygenators in place makes a simple fountain on its own.

The AK-47 is the basic international unit of death.

In many species the basic unit is the harem, with one dominant male surrounding himself with a number of breeding females.

The change in price from the first to the second sale of each house is the basic unit measured.

The basic unit of trade will be the right to emit one ton of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

If cooperation and exchange are to continue to flourish in our most basic social unit , family members also need reliable contracts.


The multiprocessor version of the R4000 central processing unit is expected, finally, in November.

Choice of pagers A paging system consists of a central control unit together with a pager for each employee.

Staffing Additional labour costs in respect of the central production unit are estimated at £12,000 perannum.

Your call is free and goes to a central advisory unit rather than to your local Social Security office.

There are three restaurants, each on a different floor, all supplied by a central in-house production unit .

Workers at the industry's central research unit wanted to determine how high-voltage transmission lines and smoke from power stations affect trees.

The information may be text, numbers, colours and so on, or information for the computer central processor unit .

It now seems set to be pushed back at least three months, as the chosen central processing units are causing problems.


A neonatal intensive care unit is, on this view, a good example of special treatment.

There is a 16-bed intensive care unit and two operating rooms that can also be expanded.

I had seen two of them in the intensive care unit during my tour.

He is in stable condition in the intensive care unit at Kaiser Medical Center in Vallejo.

Mrs Carrington takes up the account from the time when her husband was admitted to the intensive care unit .

Following penicillin and cefotaxime administration he was transferred to the intensive care unit , where he made a complete recovery.

The second is, if there are to be intensive care units , what share of resources should they have?

John spent two weeks in hospital and 10 days in the intensive care unit after receiving internal burns.


The major factor leading to the growth of large business units is therefore modern technology.

Perched at the top level is one large unit .

Farms were mainly in the 10-40 hectare range although there were some larger units .

The large police unit was surprising also in the absence of even the mildest hint of trouble.

During the fluent phase, planning takes place over a larger unit than the clause.

For these reasons, Option 1, the largest unit , is preferable.

In addition there has been an increasing proportion of companies concerned with distribution, and with larger retail unit operations.

Recent research, however, has drawn our attention increasingly to the larger units in the landscape.


That effort produced only modest reductions in uniformed personnel and military units and preserved all major procurement programs.

The army preferred to keep order without the aid of unreliable military units .

In August the government ordered the dissolution of the military unit involved in the massacre.

S.-sponsored military unit would apply to Joe if Chennault wanted him in his command.

After all, he had managed to defeat the system and was in sole command of a small military unit .

Each figure represents one of the military units that fought in the Battle of Baltimore in September of 1814.

Initial reports indicated hundreds had been killed when a military unit had been stoned by a hungry and unruly mob.


The money will go towards the new unit that is to be built at the clinic.

Its second project was construction of 36 new units , which it sold to more public housing residents.

That was done quite simply by creating a new unit alongside the original.

In addition, the retailer formed a new unit to provide leadership to its stores in its top 10 markets.

This new unit also had responsibility for issues relating to race, gender, disability.

We see the councils as a new democratic unit in the community.

The new unit will offer services even where the customer has decided to install all non-IBM hardware.

In 1995 the number of new units was 532 and, it was 600 in 1996, said Herrera.


This single speaker unit is designed to add to an existing hi fi setup to provide a dramatic improvement in bass reproduction.

Previously, the machines were counted as single units , but now the state counts them as several machines.

The measure of conservation is the amount of energy required to produce a single unit of economic growth.

We have been speaking, so far, of the effects of context on the meaning of a single lexical unit .

Ligature letters which are joined together as a single unit of type such as oe and fi.

The first was the creation of a single chemotherapy in-patient unit .

The end panels were constructed as single units , with an 8in difference in height front to back for the roof.

A word or combination of letters set as a single unit .


More memory would allow the use of a smaller delay unit and hence finer control over exposure.

For others, syllable and character represent at most not a word but rather a morpheme, the smallest unit of meaning.

One involved a small unit in the form of a bedsit-type hostel with facilities for 14 residents.

Second, teaching teams across disciplines that work with students create smaller units within the school.

What looks like thinning in a major unit may turn out to be something much more complicated in the smaller constituent units.

In this preliminary study a small number of units were examined.

The MAC750 is a smaller unit than the 650 I tested, and is recommended for that more delicate carving.

Some 15,000 crofts, small family farm units that offer marginal incomes and mainly part-time employment, have survived.


It has a special family unit where whole families can be admitted.

A special unit will be set up to stop crooks beating the system.

This type of care is usually carried out in special units .

It may sometimes be worth forming a special unit to support the creation, implementation, maintenance and evaluation of the policy.

Such special units have their own procedures for dealing with these hazards.

They do this with training courses for managers or with special units that advise local branches on technical matters.

The link was adjacent to the neurological ward and special care baby unit .

But now he was Karr's man; part of his special services unit .



The responsibility for obtaining such information rests with the business units themselves and/or a central research and development department.

The company said it will combine its international commercial-industrial operations with its domestic commercial-industrial business unit .

The major factor leading to the growth of large business units is therefore modern technology.

Portland General will become one of five business units at Enron, which has 7, 000 employees worldwide.

A company reorganization has created 22 separate business units , making each accountable for its own profits and losses.

Companies ignore innovations because they do not fit into any of their existing business units .

Osaka remains general manager of the company's Commercial Systems Division, a separate business unit .


A neonatal intensive care unit is, on this view, a good example of special treatment.

Meant to be born in 1997, she spent her first Christmas in the neonatal intensive care unit with 16 other preemies.

I had seen two of them in the intensive care unit during my tour.

Her son remained in guarded condition Monday in an intensive care unit .

Mrs Carrington takes up the account from the time when her husband was admitted to the intensive care unit .

The girl remains in serious but stable condition in the intensive care unit at Broward General Medical Center.

Facilities will include an intensive care unit and an oiled bird cleaning facility.

Following penicillin and cefotaxime administration he was transferred to the intensive care unit , where he made a complete recovery.


Computers with control units implemented in this way are called microprogrammed computers.

The control unit , the motor and the electronic parts of the spindle were imported.

In practice we may find it difficult to separate the hardware of the data manipulation unit from that of the control unit.

The environmental control unit was a squat concrete abutment with metal slotted vents.

The control unit then enters the execute phase, to carry out the operation decoded in the fetch phase.

Several changes in the control unit were made in the 1960s but the technology remained expensive and had relatively little diffusion.

A waveform analyser processes the voltage signals and returns Position detector pulses to the control unit at the required Positions.

A remote control unit will offer an on-screen menu.


In addition, card readers and display units can be located at various point-of-sale positions such as bars and restaurants.

Once there it may appear on editor's data bank visual display unit as a single-line headline.

There are integrated visual display units attached. 3.

The contents of any message stored in the teleprinter's memory can be viewed on the visual display unit . 8.

It stood noticeably prominent amongst a room full of competitors' display units in all shapes and sizes.

A range of multi-tiered refrigerated display units has been launched by Grundy Oliver Toms.

Specialised lighting, racking systems and display units have all been installed.

They guide the driver through towns using a dash top display unit and an electronic voice.


Magnet's wide choice of kitchen units includes traditional and modern styles, and prices to fit any budget.

Take, for example, a small company producing fitted kitchen units .

There's a vast range of kitchen units available in a choice of materials.

Can be integrated into kitchen units .

It's also the same height as your kitchen units for a perfect fit.

A cooker and four kitchen units were destroyed, and the remainder of the flat badly smoke logged.

That's when Simon got the idea of making kitchen units , too.

The last words he had spoken to me on the subject of kitchen units had been really quite abusive.


They can buy life assurance companies, run unit trusts and take over or start stockbroking firms.

Sharemarket also operates a unit trust discount service for investors who have made up their own minds.

Smaller investors with £30,000 can use the bank's unit trust portfolio management service.

Life companies have until the end of 1991 to switch their unit trusts into the underlying shares without tax penalties.

The rate of growth of unit trusts has been erratic.

Fidelity is also at the forefront of the new style cash unit trusts .

Curiously, the unit trust industry - usually quick to hype its products - has been rather slow to attract children.

For investors with less, it offers a unit trust portfolio management service for a minimum of £25,000.



Fujitsu looks to sell 35,000 units of the new models over the next two years.

Wall Street had been clamoring for Kodak to sell the unit .

We know from Table 2.2 that the firm will be able to sell the entire 100,000 units at this price.

There were lines of people selling blood at mobile units , people who seemed hollow-bodied, so small, in such collapse.

But how much does it cost to sell the units ?

In more than one case entire housing subdivisions have been sold before the first unit was constructed.

Currently priced at £149, they have sold about 50,000 units in the year since it was first launched.

Kodak is exploring either selling its copier unit or setting a joint venture or strategic alliance.


counter-terrorist operation/team/unit etc

nursery education/unit/teacher etc

A nursery unit was built in 1977 and has two teachers.

Are these the partnership circumstances in which we want children to receive nursery education?

First, a nursery education for all three and four year olds whose parents wish by the year 2000.

He is always pleased to see his nursery teacher but is terrified that she will think he is a naughty boy.

In one instance a nursery teacher felt that she should praise a little boy every time he spoke to her.

Is he further aware that a problem exists in finding suitable financial resources for nursery education?

Keith Mitchell, director of education, has recommended consideration be given to the new nursery units at the meeting.

Must they wait until they are four, and then go into part-time nursery education?


A fathom is the unit of measurement used in calculating sea depth.

A new psychiatric unit will be added to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center.

Funding has been approved for a 40-bed unit for the elderly at Aberdare General Hospital.

Garrett is part of an elite military unit .

Hospital officials plan to use the donations to set up a new cardiac unit .

How many units do you need to graduate?

HSBC Futures Inc. is a unit of Hong Kong Shanghai Bank.

It takes your body about an hour to burn up one unit of alcohol, such as half a pint of beer.

Milk costs less per unit when purchased in gallon containers.

One of the policemen from the drug unit will be visiting local schools.

Some police units were stationed nearby.

The asteroids all lie between 2.2 and 3.3 astronomical units from the sun.

The basic social unit in ancient Germanic tribes was the clan.

The Presario 1410 monitor, a 14-inch unit , will sell for $399.

What's the unit of currency in India?


At unit head meetings, he had frequently felt as if he lived in a world far removed from the other directors.

Clients still have to pay for their vacations, which usually involve the use of unused timeshare units.

It was a heroic effort to try to evaluate business units using some notion of market valuation.

Many courts rubber stamp them and those children who like being in secure units may not press to leave.

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