Meaning of UNIT in English


I. ˈyünə̇t, usu -ə̇d.+V noun

( -s )

Etymology: back-formation from unity



(1) : the first natural number : a number that is the least whole number and is expressed by the numeral 1

(2) : a single thing (as a magnitude or number) that constitutes an undivided whole

b. : a number that divides every element of a set of numbers

c. : a determinate quantity (as of length, time, heat, value, or housing) adopted as a standard of measurement for other quantities of the same kind: as

(1) : a fractional part of the width of a printing character (as 1/18 of ordinary roman capital M) used in measuring the set of a piece of type and being of the same width for all type of the same point size and proportionally wider or narrower for larger or smaller point sizes

(2) : an amount of work (as 120 hours of classroom work in a completed course of a secondary school) used in education in calculating student credits (as for graduation or college entrance)

(3) : an amount of a biologically active agent (as a drug, serum, vitamin, or antigen) required to produce a specific result under strictly controlled conditions — compare bioassay , rat unit

(4) : one percent per ton of a fertilizing ingredient

a fertilizer containing 5 percent of nitrogen, 10 percent of phosphoric acid, and 10 percent of potash includes 25 fertilizer units


a. : a single thing or person or group that is a constituent and isolable member of some more inclusive whole : a member of an aggregate that is the least part to have clearly definable separate existence and that normally forms a basic element of organization within the aggregate

the township in the usual unit of government

the family as a basic unit of society

b. : one of the commonly more or less repetitive sections combined in assembling a manufactured article (as a bookcase or kitchen cabinet)

c. : a part of a military establishment that has a prescribed organization (as of personnel and materiel)

in the army units vary in size and complexity from the squad to the army

d. : a piece or complex of apparatus serving to perform one particular function

a train drawn by two diesel units

a power station with one unit out of order

e. : a combination of two or more securities offered at a single price

a unit of one share of preferred stock and two shares of common offered at $110

f. : a course or part of a course in an elementary or secondary school focusing on a central theme and making use of resources from numerous subject areas and the pupils' own experience

g. : bargaining unit

h. : a fraction of an annual pension or a retirement income benefit earned as a result of each year's service prior to retirement

i. : a subdivision of a Girl Scout camp comprised of girls and counselors who live together and plan their own activities in a manner comparable to a Girl Scout troop

j. : a molecule or portion of a molecule especially as combined in a larger molecule : residue

repeating units in a polymer

II. adjective


a. : of, relating to, forming, or involving some unit

unit sales

studies of unit distribution

b. : existing or occurring per unit

the unit weight of cement

a unit increment

calculating the unit rise or vertical change per running foot

2. : having independent existence : individual

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.