Meaning of USER in English



a computer user

Technology now allows computer users to talk to each other over the Internet.

a drug user (= someone who takes drugs )

We set up a counselling service for drug users.

a library user

Library users have been protesting against plans to close the local library.

an Internet user

The number of Internet users is doubling every six months.

end user

graphical user interface

user fee

user group

user guide

Details of how to use the various programs are in the user guide .

user interface

user manual

a user manual

user name

Please enter your user name and password and click ‘OK’.

wheelchair users

special parking for wheelchair users




Use of the oral contraceptive pill was associated with a small increase in risk that was limited to current users .

Why are current city water users subsidizing this madness with higher water rates?

Several reference site visits and telephone enquiries to current users were then made.

Option 7.2.5 - View User Names provides a list of all current users .

A pseudo-variable controlling the starting address of the current user program area.

This relation was most apparent among never users of oral contraceptives, although similar trends were found among current and former users.

The study discards current Window 3.1 users in the intermediate term because it neither improves their speed nor enriches their functionality.


It offers a graphical user interface and uses a simplified data-flow diagramming technique to model the parallel interactions.

It uses a drag and drop-style graphical user interface based on OSF/Motif.

Although character-based at the moment, graphical user interfaces are to be available by the end of 1993 for version 6.0.

Its key components include a graphical user interface builder, database access, reusable application framework and cross-platform portability, it says.


It may be only when we no longer think of ourselves as internet users that the virtual age will truly have arrived.

During the holiday rush, Netcom experienced a crush of Internet users , many of them armed with newly bought personal computers.

Computer use is spreading into every home but more than 80 per cent of Internet users are male.

That takes the strain off a phone system designed to carry voice and provides higher throughput for Internet users and telecommuters.

For example, in some cases the bill would make it illegal for Internet users to access information not protected by copyright.

Many Internet users rely on separate mail programs like Eudora.


Richard Miles was a known user of cannabis, but police have no reason to believe his death was drugs-related.

This was then compared with the known user list for each township.

A total of 66 were identified as known users and 97 as hidden.

Talking to known users During the course of the research programme, a total of 125 heroin users were interviewed.


Previously the world's largest user of punch-cards, Lloyd's switched to an electronic network at the start of this year.

The competition brought together 36 large and small users of powder coatings for the two-day examination of their application skills.

Many recent developments have resulted from the demands of large users wanting more from their fryers.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Metals are also large users and makers of robots and other factory automation systems.

But only large users need apply.

It is also contemplating tie-ups with software houses or large user organisations abroad.

Many of the largest users have a significant investment already in software, both generic and bespoke.


Instead, the two have got together to work on a new service where users will pay for their downloads.

In order to see the nifty new designs, users downloaded copies of Netscape Navigator by the millions.

In creating new users a parent may grant subsets, up to the full set, of his own privileges to his descendants.

To get new users to stop, the best thing to do is tell them about the consequences.

An innovative product embodying new technology meets new user needs and sells on performance.

Selling the program and recruiting new users are important aspects of this information program.

If all the above conditions are met, the new user will be notified by way of a mail message.

The problems of speed and storage cast a shadow on almost every task the new Macintosh users performed.


The problems arise when their activities interfere with the freedom of other hill users .

It had its own permanent staff; hence user - staff interaction was significantly greater than in other user groups.

Signals are the means by which drivers warn other road users , including pedestrians and cyclists, of their intentions and presence.

Behind them, other intending users glared in contempt.

Paul and other wheelchair users want the Government to make sure disabled people have the same access as the able bodied.

He says they had no regard for other road users .

In talking to bureaux and other large users of fonts several other solutions emerged.

Residential respite care for people with learning disabilities, and possibly also for other user groups.


Such problems would inconvenience existing passengers and may deter potential users .

Mason, focused on convincing potential business users to consider Explorer as a starting point for connecting to the Internet.

We could assume that everyone in the population is a user or a potential user of the accounts of public sector organizations.

Microsoft is estimated to be targeting the 50 million or so potential users of the Windows operating system.

Software systems exist which can make the life of potential users a lot easier.

Has there been any investigation as to what the potential users want from the system? 4.

But clearly very many more potential users think that bank loans would be difficult.

Then they go out and look at potential users to study their expectations, their values, and their needs.



Any computer user soon discovers that sometimes hardware, and more often software, is extremely fallible.

For another, adept computer users can find a way to break the password or otherwise disable the parentalcontrol software.

It is capable of running entirely from floppy disks and so allows computer users without a hard drive to produce professional scores.

Farmington Hills, Michigan-based Compuware develops software products for mainframe computer users .

It is not always possible to keep things light: one in 10 computer users surveyed have ended a relationship by email.

But in the gray area of the Internet, activities that publishers call stealing are commonplace for many computer users .

Buller said he and his partner believe there are now enough home computer users to make their service a viable business.

But he was right about one thing, she says: There were no guide books specifically geared to female computer users .


Today the United States has about a million injecting drug users .

So too with the cost of mental health care and of rehabilitation programs for drug users and for alcoholics.

Many of these predisposing factors are observed more often among drug users than among homosexual men.

He says it's vital that drug users have access to supplies of clean syringes.

It was not attempted to correct the estimated prevalences for the under registration of ulcer drug users by probably 10%.

Most school drug users said they had been using cannabis.

Subjects and methods Participants of the follow up study among drug users in Amsterdam have been recruited since December 1985.

However, the lack of a similar system in prison meant that jailed drug users were still sharing illicit injecting equipment.


Further discussion of this is made in the chapter on school library user education .

There is some justification for treating user education in universities, polytechnics and the colleges of further and higher education separately.

However, as more libraries in more educational sectors become involved in user education , this becomes less manageable.

Has evaluation kept pace with the growing number of courses and programmes in user education ?

Their user education work therefore has a double focus - short-term and long-term library and information needs.

But these are exceptional, and traditional user education is largely the second concern.

Most user education programmes have so far been very much of a local nature with little attempt to communicate experience to others.


The company has developed open systems for resellers and end users since its formation in 1986.

Educating end users will not be easy.

This includes feedback from end users of a product or process.

Forms provide the means to collect and act on data entered by the end user .

The end user must have an Internet browser capable of accepting and playing the applet.

Both companies will distribute the unnamed product to OEMs, VARs, integrators and end users .

The other half came from end user applications.


We never used to pay user fees in the clinics and hospitals.

The debt is to be repaid through Pima County residents' user fees .

The user fees in education and health have been particularly difficult.

Bush also proposed raising $ 75 million with new user fees for hazardous material shippers and owners of pipelines and railroads.

Even user fees charged for private goods have some drawbacks.

Or rule on whether asset sales, user fees , mandates and flashes of congressional ingenuity yet undreamed of violate the Constitution?

Other user fees actually make public systems more progressive.


They also get membership of the InterWorks workstation users group .

The user group with an inherently greater potential for implementation is the more privileged section of the society.

They then persuaded user groups , voluntary bodies, and churches to take these services over.

This was attributed by staff to the unique organisation of the group when compared with other user groups.

Newsletters produced by computer user groups and societies also offer useful information on software.

It had its own permanent staff; hence user - staff interaction was significantly greater than in other user groups .

The Cheltenham Classification is a scheme for a specific user group .

This is a well recognized solution to the problem of the manageability of many user groups .


At a design level, the user interface determines the screen design and its functionality.

And its innovative user interface features reduce or eliminate the number of steps needed to perform standard spreadsheet operations.

BRS/Native Mode, a graphical toolkit for command level user interfaces; and BRS/Views, a character-based interface toolkit.

InConcert uses a graphical user interface and object-oriented user environment.

Ontos also plans to provide a set of dynamic link library APIs for third party graphical user interfaces .


When some one borrows a book, it is unavailable to other library users until it is returned.

A mitigating circumstance is the fact that few library users restrict themselves to one source alone for obtaining books.

Tidiane Ly and Johnnierenee Nelson are already well along the path Gates sees all library users following.

Indeed, the library user seeking monographic documents appears to be very flexible.

The library user who looks for books of art criticism is not necessarily going to have an easy task.

Further discussion of this is made in the chapter on school library user education.

She is highly computer-literate, and good at explaining the use of the system to other staff and to our Library users .


Repeat the request at a later time or repeat the request with a different start user name .

Hackers can use electronic eavesdropping to trap user names and unencrypted passwords sent over the network.

The user name can be up to 28 alphanumeric characters long including spaces.

The latter is the default and assumed to be the case wherever a user name mapping does not exist.

If there are more than 25 ascendants, enter the last displayed ascendant in the user name field to reveal the other ascendants.


Better public transport means fewer drivers on the road , less congestion and quicker journeys for professional road users .

If fitted it has got to work sufficiently well to warn other road users of its approach etc.

Traffic lights can be reprogrammed to give public transport instant priority over other road users .

The Treasury makes £36 billion every year out of road users , most of it through fuel taxes.

Signals are the means by which drivers warn other road users , including pedestrians and cyclists, of their intentions and presence.

The problem is that arrogance and aggression are often expressed at the expense of other road users .

He says they had no regard for other road users .


If it does not, all its claims to be the guardian of the citizen and service user fall to nothing.

Perhaps purchasers or providers elsewhere would not be prepared to devote the necessary resources to involving service users in this way.

He believes it is vital to be honest with service users .

I believe it is unrealistic to expect the community care reforms to transform services according to the wishes of service users .

Most often it is totally unconscious and goes unrecognized by staff and service users .

But there is a danger that the current reforms will leave untouched fundamental assumptions about the lives and needs of service users .


Today, wheelchair users are trying to raise awareness of how difficult it is to get around.

Despite her handicap Dorothy, of Chandlers' Ford, Hants, campaigns for improved access for wheelchair users .

The track can be used by horse riders. walkers, naturalists, birdwatchers, wheelchair users , cyclists and children.

Using a blueprint drawn up by student Kate Williams, the group are digging a pond with viewing platforms for wheelchair users .

Possibilities for wheelchair users wanting to enjoy more challenging routes do exist.

Trains operating on the TransPennine route have space for a wheelchair user , and specially designed toilet facilities.

So for wheelchair users it's definitely slower by rail.



Listings include helpful annotations, which allow the user to gain an idea of the nature of individual publications.

It will allow users to check out availability, pricing and book a room instantly.

Microsoft Mail allows users to read, compose, forward or reply to electronic mail messages.

But the software functions that allow users to browse the internet could possibly be kept with the Windows company.

This included the Fastport 3000, allowing users to connect shared serial or parallel printers directly on to a Unix TCP/IP network.

In the future, building dirt lots near the ranch house and allowing users to drive their vehicles in.

The traversal algorithm also allows users to specify link-type priorities.

These allow the user to delete and rename files or make a backup copy.


Instruction is concerned with enabling the user to learn in detail how to carry out computerized information retrieval.

The technology enables users with one telephone number to gain access to their desktop phone, cellular phone, fax and pager.

Option 7.3.1 - Install/Deinstall Process Models enables users with process model operations privilege to install and deinstall process models.

The software enables multiple users to manage the entire network from any point.

According to founder and president Jim Ready, Xpert enables users to monitor the behaviour of code as its being written.

AL/1 enables users to analyse and migrate mainframe-based Cobol data to personal computers.

The partitions are used to combat memory fragmentation and to enable users to configure the size of target systems memory pools.

It enables users to prototype specific hardware interfaces and also network systems.


The new ScaNet/RemotePC is designed to give ScaNet users remote access from personal computers via a modem.

This gives the user the opportunity to produce an index to a long document such as a report or a dissertation.

This gives users and applications transparent access to data, computation, and other resources across collections of multivendor, heterogeneous systems.

Note that Manager privilege gives the user the highest privileges on the system.

Each quiz gives the user a number of points.

In 1996, Internet service providers will help solve the problem, giving users number-free addresses based on their real names.&038;.

Cooperative claims Production System provides a higher level of security by giving every user a different profile.


It lets users make better user of the desktop, enabling them to group windows that work together into separate individual workspaces.

Kodak said the latest feature will let users continue to shoot and download pictures continuously.

It lets developers construct user interfaces, model system resources, create new objects and build communication hooks into other applications.

Yes, they let users do neat things, but at a cost.

In addition, Audio Editor lets users create, playback and mail audio files and annotate text files with audio playback.

PaperPort software creates a graphic image of the scanned item and lets the user edit, annotate and sort the result.

The SkyCorder stores information for up to 20 jumps; a display screen and buttons let users check information for previous jumps.


The major benefit of a word processing program is the flexibility it offers the user in amending documents.

The system offers users the ability to introduce both innovative designs and vibrant colors into plain, gray cement.

It offers a graphical user interface and uses a simplified data-flow diagramming technique to model the parallel interactions.

Some programs also offer users a limited ability to decide for themselves which sites to block.

In the light of this list of users , Anthony offers the following four users' needs: 1 Financial viability.

Another might trigger a dialog box, offering the user one of several command options.

Also planned for around that time is a version for Silicon Graphics Inc's system offering users three-dimensional graphics.

Indeed, some operating systems are geared to handling queues by offering the user a choice of queuing algorithm.


Unix now provides the user with access based upon the least privileges he or she requires to carry out their tasks.

Yes, the software provides the user with hundreds of images to move back and forth across 12 background choices.

When employed in the financial reports it provides external users with some measure of performance.

Such furnishings, they think, provide status for users of the systems and make them feel more at ease.

Remote access to the facility will be provided to users wishing to analyse large datasets.

Good documentation should be able to provide the potential user with a number of answers at a glance.

Barclays claims that the machines will provide data for 4,000 users .

These solutions have been successful in providing users with the ability to fire off queries to multiple databases.


It is empty and therefore requires the user to input data.

This is significant because it means that spontaneous private transactions can occur without requiring individual users to have an established public key.

First of all, no map can show all the attributes that may conceivably be required by a user .

To defend against loss or theft, the cards usually require the user to enter a personal identification number as well.

This type of firewall requires inside or outside users to connect to the trusted applications on the firewall machine before connecting further.

It is very thorough but requires the user to be prepared to look in depth at each technical area of painting.

Authentication in e-commerce basically requires the user to prove his or her identity for each requested service.


A new information service will soon be available to library users.

Computers are sold direct to end users as well as through dealers.

Drunken drivers are a menace to themselves and other road users.

one of the heaviest users of fossil fuels in the world

Part of the increase in price will be passed on to private users.

Software should be designed to be as accessible as possible to users.

There is a growing concern about the spread of AIDS among drug users.


According to founder and president Jim Ready, Xpert enables users to monitor the behaviour of code as its being written.

First, screening rules are difficult to specify, given the vastly diverse needs of users.

Some users however may experience temporary visual fatigue or have other concerns.

The user can now evaluate the package to its full.

These facilities are sure to impress expert spreadsheet users, especially those with experience of Lotus 123.

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