Meaning of VACUUM in English

I. noun


vacuum cleaner

vacuum flask

vacuum tube




Nevertheless the discretion is not to be exercised in a moral vacuum .

In sum, many of these kids are growing up in a moral and ethical vacuum .

In a moral and institutional vacuum , any strategy constitutes a shock therapy.

There is no satisfying solution to the moral vacuum that is created when one human being murders another.

In both cases the result of improvement is a dehumanized landscape and something like a moral vacuum .

Young people from welfare-dependent single-parent families just aren't artful dodgers ready to graduate into serious crime and a moral vacuum .


The result is a permanent war establishment run by a privately incorporated economy operating within a political vacuum .

In the post-Nehru political vacuum , this was simply a recipe for instability.


Isolation creates a social vacuum , an absence of intimacy which removes both comfort and knowledge.

Marita was being asked to write in a cognitive and social vacuum .

It is a phenomenon which occurs in a social and economic vacuum .

However, such an assumption is simply not tenable, for science and technology do not develop in a social vacuum .

Old people do not live in a social vacuum , pursuing their personal goals in ways which do not impinge on others.

He soon realises that he has lost all his friends, and is surrounded by a social vacuum .



One was its glass house-the vacuum chamber that shielded the chronometer from troubling changes of atmospheric pressure and humidity.


On the contrary - it uses up the time we've saved with the dishwasher and the vacuum cleaner .

No refrigerator, no radio, no telephone, no automatic laundry, no vacuum cleaner .

The Mini Vac is an attachment which can be used in conjunction with your household vacuum cleaner .

So, he also sold vacuum cleaners door to door.

How often do you use your vacuum cleaner , and what do you wear to do the cleaning?

But government orders have dried up and the factory is struggling now by making vacuum cleaners and coffee makers.

She switched on the vacuum cleaner .

A portable vacuum cleaner is most helpful for sand up the wazoo. 2.


Fairfax's steward has packed sandwiches for us and an ancient vacuum flask of tea.

What if we place Professor Summerlee upon the table, within the vacuum flask , in place of the cat?

What is it about vacuum flasks that makes every drink taste like there's a chunk of dead mouse at the bottom?

Keep the mixture in a vacuum flask for 6-8 hours.


Indeed, one of the key features of the Nottinghamshire initiative was that it occurred in somewhat of a policy vacuum .


To force the pace now was irresponsible, and could lead to a power vacuum .

In the power vacuum following the trials, Berlusconi became Prime Minister.

A power vacuum would probably destroy his hopes for a smooth transition of authority.

Pavlov had warned on Aug. 13 of a potential power vacuum , unless the centre retained sufficient economic leverage.

Mr Yeltsin insists simultaneous balloting could create a dangerous power vacuum .


The ideal atmosphere for the vacuum tube is no atmosphere at all, or a perfect vacuum.

Powered by vacuum tubes , those old radar units are now dinosaurs.

The breath samples, stored in special vacuum tubes , are sent to Meretek for lab analysis.

Just another snooty $ 3, 000 vacuum tube amplifier, I thought.

Here he makes such suggestions as imitating simple neuron functions by using telegraph relays or vacuum tubes .



The exclusion of air to create a vacuum .

Isolation creates a social vacuum , an absence of intimacy which removes both comfort and knowledge.

But from a moral point of view its decision has created a vacuum that needs to be filled.

The delay has also created a vacuum , which politics abhors.

But globalisation has created a vacuum of responsibility.

Buyers brought forward purchases in August to beat the deadline on stamp duty, creating a vacuum in the following month.

There was widespread acknowledgement that the absence of the Unionist parties had created a partial vacuum .


Forms of knowledge, even the most pure and theoretical, do not exist in a vacuum .

The judiciary does not and can not exist in a vacuum , immune to civic concerns and shifting realities.

Most agreed there existed a certain vacuum .

Organizations do not exist in a vacuum .

Equally, concepts, the stuff of rules, can not exist in a vacuum as mere semantic toys.

The social worker's client does not, after all, exist in a vacuum .

The interpretation is a valuable reminder that the crisis of 1483 did not exist in a vacuum .

Ideas do not exist in a vacuum , free-floating in outer space, waiting to be corralled.


Luis Rodriguez Zapatero will fill the vacuum created when Felipe Gonza lez was defeated as prime minister in 1996.

Al Capone and bootleggers filled the vacuum: bathtub spirits, peepholes in the door, Joe-sent-me.

No new politician has come to the fore, so others vie to fill the vacuum .

Unfortunately, good many of us in the United States have filled the hate vacuum by hating each other.

And Right-to-Life ideology has filled the vacuum .

The man and the congregation caught change on the wing, adapted and filled a vacuum created by forces not everyone understood.

Other cars screamed in to fill the sudden vacuum of our wake.


This leaves a vacuum at the centre of the nation: in a London where there are no native Londoners.

Destroying one pest leaves a vacuum that will be filled by something else.

He had taken with him more badness than goodness, leaving not a vacuum , but a breathing space.


The apparatus was operated remotely in a vacuum and in a temperature-controlled chamber.

The millwrights and other inventors who were making these technical developments were not operating in a vacuum .


He shook religion out of her mind, as it were, and into the vacuum rushed something rather disagreeable.

His adolescence and young manhood had occurred in a vacuum .

This made a partial vacuum , which kept the cardboard attached to the mouth of the glass.

II. verb


Have you vacuumed the carpets?


He vacuums a third time, for a few seconds longer.

His chair having to be replaced after vacuuming in exactly the same position as before.

I loved getting the housework done during the week and then playing on the weekend, all the vacuuming done.

I stay in, play Bach on the earphones and vacuum the broadloom.

Meanwhile, his receptionist can not vacuum fat, nor can she type as fast.

The inside has been vacuumed recently, too.

They sent him along to vacuum the carpets, but he wound up with his very own theatre to practice in.

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